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Question: Would you agree with 57:00-62:10 in how your life changed? https://unmistakablecreative.com/podcast/unlearning-everything-you-know-about-business-with-david-heinemeier-hansson [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 29 2015, 6:41pm
Reply on July 30 2015, 10:11pm:
    Pretty much. If you're working a job that you find interesting and you have enough money to make your rent, it doesn't get much better. Just don't have kids.

Question: In most DAWs, when you hit the MIDI keyboard the sound - from a VI - comes virtually at the same time. Enables for great playing. But not so in Reaper, where the latency delay is horribly noticable. It's the only thing that makes me shun Reaper. Will Reaper ever get that functionality? And if so, within an overseeable timeframe? [permalink]
Asked by Music-Moose (83.209.99.x) on July 29 2015, 6:05pm
Reply on July 30 2015, 9:59pm:
    This sounds as though you have something misconfigured. What audio device, and audio device mode are you using?

Question: Probably best ask Pete about it (I don't know personally), but looks like MS is going C# for ease of development. I venture in due time win32 will become antiquated. Gotta keep up with the times. [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (141.138.32.x) on July 26 2015, 6:19pm
Reply on July 30 2015, 9:59pm:
    Yeah, that's often easier said than done though.

Question: (merge please) Here's the new MIDI API demo from Pete: tinyurl.com/o7kuqvn Also, MS is working tightly with DAW and hardware vendors, they intend to bring pro audio to a whole new level with W10 (that's why hw vendors are intent on supporting the new API too). You better be part of it ;) [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (85.17.24.x) on July 24 2015, 10:22pm
Reply on July 26 2015, 5:07pm:
    Do they have a C/C++ example?

Question: IMPORTANT REAPER QUESTION: Products for your beard, ever used them? If so, which ones? [permalink]
Asked by Graham (207.6.166.x) on July 23 2015, 3:03am
Reply on July 24 2015, 8:31pm:
    Just an electric trimmer.

Question: Re W10, take a bit of time and watch this vid: tinyurl.com/p79m6ry ;) I feel W10 might completely outdo CoreAudio, and then some. [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.106.x) on July 22 2015, 8:57pm
Reply on July 24 2015, 8:32pm (edited at July 24 2015, 8:44pm):
    Multi-device MIDI access will be nice. Hopefully the APIs aren't terrible. WASAPI sucks. Actually, most modern MS APIs really suck. :/ Would be nice if they just said "hey we've improved the classic win32 APIs" rather than "here's a new API".

    ...watching more: too much "opt-in". Sure, audio core isolation sounds great, but you'll need *all* of your drivers to opt-in. So in practice it will be tricky, I'd imagine.

Question: Any thoughts on Windows 10's new audio optimizations/features? Has anything improved from a DAW development standpoint? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (65.188.190.x) on July 22 2015, 1:22am
Reply on July 22 2015, 3:55pm:
    I know nothing of Windows 10 :)

Question: Did you and Brennan have discussions on the direction WA3 was gonna go, or did you hand over the reigns and trust him to use his judgment? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 16 2015, 3:39pm
Reply on July 20 2015, 7:08pm:
    Yeah, there were lots of discussions with lots of people, I think. And I went AWOL at times too.

Question: Open Office or Libre Office? [permalink]
Asked by mEMUA (75.134.128.x) on July 16 2015, 1:02am
Reply on July 20 2015, 7:07pm:
    *blushes* still have an ancient office2000 install here.

Question: Would it be a cool idea to add an API to create mixer track plugins with custom graphics so an fx chain can have a user custom made gui interface? Im primarily thinking of making your own channel strip using favorite plugins. [permalink]
Asked by ReapingBenefits (88.16.17.x) on July 13 2015, 11:10pm
Reply on July 20 2015, 7:07pm:
    Yeah that would be cool!

Question: I'd like to be able to drag and drop an audio item within another audio item and reaper while mixing them in realtime, presents me with two envelope to adjust the volume of the background and foreground mixed items and gives me the real time visual feedback of the post-waveform, something like crossfades for overlapping items but this time for mixing items, [permalink]
Asked by mountainape (107.167.113.x) on July 12 2015, 5:38am
Reply on July 20 2015, 7:07pm:
    A plug-in that does crossfading would probably do what you want? I see what you mean, a sort of "opacity envelope" for audio, could be interesting.

Question: is there life on other planets? [permalink]
Asked by Meme (75.134.128.x) on July 12 2015, 2:16am
Reply on July 20 2015, 7:06pm:

Question: Did you read this? If so, thoughts? www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-paul-ford-what-is-code/... [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (108.84.134.x) on July 11 2015, 3:35pm
Reply on July 11 2015, 8:44pm (edited at July 11 2015, 8:45pm):
    Nice, I just skimmed over it. It was too long and generally too consistent with my own feelings to read in its entirety, but when I did skip around it seemed to be pretty reasonable.

Question: Don't you think it might be time to close the tracker on the forum? Newbs still don't read warnings and post stuff that's not confirmed in the forums first. Perhaps put a post count limit on who can use the tracker? [permalink]
Asked by Tinny (89.164.226.x) on July 11 2015, 10:37am
Reply on July 11 2015, 8:44pm:
    Yeah, I agree that we are definitely not using it to its potential. We'll see.

Question: I cant express how much I love beep, can you release the source so I can make a modern version (that's true to the original) and expand upon it? [permalink]
Asked by Greg (38.64.37.x) on July 9 2015, 11:26pm
Reply on July 10 2015, 4:19pm:
    The source was included with the initial release, here

Question: Have you had any moments where you realized your wealth had turned you into a Bieber-esque douche in some way? [permalink]
Asked by jm9000 (50.173.206.x) on July 9 2015, 12:28am
Reply on July 9 2015, 2:16pm:
    Whoa whoa easy there. I have my moments, but I wouldn't call them Bieber-esque! Hopefully.

Question: Ok, what are your apache/PHP/mysql/etc web site ideas :) [permalink]
Asked by navian (78.130.223.x) on July 7 2015, 8:26am
Reply on July 8 2015, 12:31pm:
    Here's one: a crowd-sourced database of all media (TV/movies/music/books), with links to access via all services (netflix/amazon/itunes/bittorrent/etc), and the ability for each user to rate content for themselves. Then, you could search: "show me the top 5 users (anonymized presumably) who like and dislike the same TV programs that I do, and show me their top-rated movies that I haven't rated" etc.

Question: are you for or against legalization of recreational marijuana? and why [permalink]
Asked by Chett (198.178.117.x) on July 7 2015, 2:16am
Reply on July 8 2015, 12:27pm:
    I'm completely anti-war-on-drugs. No question. As for recreational marijuana, I have no real opinion (not really against it, other than generally disliking the smell of people smoking it).

Question: What's your default state of happiness? Is your natural state the majority of the time one of being a jovial guy, a worried guy, an anxious guy, a stressed guy? Did it change at all from coming into wealth? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 6 2015, 7:17pm
Reply on July 8 2015, 12:26pm:
    If I had to pick one of them, I'd say jovial I suppose? Maybe a better version is "chill". I don't think it's changed much, other than general getting-older-type-effects.

Question: Can you convert your personal iOS to Android? And put the .apk on one of your website for download? [permalink]
Asked by KoderZ (119.192.129.x) on July 6 2015, 2:27pm
Reply on July 8 2015, 12:25pm:
    That would be a lot of work. I suppose I could release the xcode project and source, though...
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