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Question: This is the coolest thing ever. how did you blend the videos? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (75.134.157.x) on January 25 2015, 5:20pm
Reply on January 25 2015, 9:55pm:
    (original link) Each version is subtracted from the scene with me absent, then the results are all summed on top of the background. It is far from perfect, to do better one would chromakey, or manually define the regions (since I rarely overlap)...

Question: Do you miss living in California? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on January 23 2015, 4:16am
Reply on January 23 2015, 9:01pm:
    In January, sure.

Question: What new features can we expect in Reaper 5.0 [permalink]
Asked by Bryan (104.172.82.x) on January 23 2015, 2:34am
Reply on January 23 2015, 4:13am:
    Coffee making, finally!

Question: Do you pad the FFTs in reafir and use overlap-something? I'm trying to do something similar and I'm a bit stuck. [permalink]
Asked by mfran (79.13.7.x) on January 22 2015, 3:30pm
Reply on January 23 2015, 4:13am:
    Yes, mostly.

Question: How/when/where did you get hold of the Fender Rhodes piano bass? [permalink]
Asked by Tale (77.168.115.x) on January 22 2015, 3:11pm
Reply on January 23 2015, 4:13am:

Question: Would you ever incorporating a vsti / fx from a 3rd party developer into Reaper ? [permalink]
Asked by Suleiman (168.187.244.x) on January 21 2015, 4:39am
Reply on January 23 2015, 4:13am:
    Probably not, but anything can happen.

Question: What's your next mini-project? [permalink]
Asked by The Toe (183.103.37.x) on January 15 2015, 3:54pm
Reply on January 20 2015, 6:32pm:

Question: Why did you give up 'burn to become deadbeef / 'db ? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on January 13 2015, 10:10pm
Reply on January 13 2015, 11:11pm:
    I forget exactly, but it might have had something to do with everybody thinking it was from Hackers, as opposed to the great songs by The Cure and NIN...

Question: I'm making a website and I'm trying to some kind of perspective on bandwidth. How much bandwidth does the reaper forums use a month? If you don't know for sure just an estimate would useful to me [permalink]
Asked by Neil (86.14.62.x) on January 12 2015, 10:40pm
Reply on January 13 2015, 2:02am:
    I'd guess around 5GB a day of outbound and less than 1GB a day of inbound.

Question: In terms of bike-friendliness, how does NYC compare to San Fransisco? [permalink]
Asked by schmoe (207.6.166.x) on January 11 2015, 5:06pm
Reply on January 12 2015, 1:07am (edited at January 12 2015, 1:08am):
    I think SF would win by a decent margin (especially with the NYPD harassing cyclists), even though SF is so much more car-centric (not to mention hilly) than NYC. NYC is without a doubt more pedestrian-friendly, though.

Question: Has being considered an Atheist negatively affected your business or personal relationships in that "I don't wanna get struck by lightning standing next to this guy" way? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (76.226.63.x) on January 9 2015, 8:57pm
Reply on January 9 2015, 10:10pm:
    Not that I know of, but I also don't go out of my way to yell people who believe in different things either...

Question: Why did you deleted my question? [permalink]
Asked by Gaymer (183.101.152.x) on January 8 2015, 3:07pm
Reply on January 8 2015, 5:18pm (edited at January 8 2015, 6:02pm):
    It didn't make much sense to me...

Question: What are your religious and political affiliations ? I mean, not your hereditary ones, but where do you stand in the religious and political specturm right now ? [permalink]
Asked by Suleiman (168.187.244.x) on January 8 2015, 6:18am
Reply on January 8 2015, 5:18pm:
    I'm probably considered an atheist, humanist, and borderline democratic socialist.

Question: Is reaper customer base still growing at a steady pace or has it slowed/sped up? [permalink]
Asked by Will (70.173.145.x) on January 8 2015, 4:21am
Reply on January 8 2015, 5:19pm:
    It is growing, and the growth rate is also growing as far as I can tell.

Question: Why does Reasamplomatic not get the last little push to make it perfect for drums in Reaper (better RR handling / mute groups / option to not save content with Project) ? A couple of Reaperites (myself, Tod and SMM) are working on the next round of our super drums for Reaper users and some of these shortcomings make it pretty hard... [permalink]
Asked by Suleiman (168.187.244.x) on January 7 2015, 12:26pm
Reply on January 7 2015, 5:40pm:
    See note above.

Question: Are you aware of the workflows mixers engage in on Harrison consoles and Icon/ProtoolsHD systems ? And if not, have you made efforts to aquire this knowledge for the sake of a good chance of improving mixing workflows in Reaper ? [permalink]
Asked by Airon (91.66.230.x) on January 7 2015, 9:21am
Reply on January 7 2015, 5:40pm:
    I've seen various workflows but I don't know if I know of the one you speak.

Question: Do you work on Reaper for a living? [permalink]
Asked by Bart (5.204.57.x) on January 6 2015, 7:30am
Reply on January 7 2015, 5:41pm:
    Sort of (I get paid, but it's not really about the money).

Question: Justin, can you tell me if Reaper (as released currently) can losslessly accept, store, play, and save 32-bit integer ASIO files? I'm assuming no math processing on the files. Just record, store, playback, and file save. TY. [permalink]
Asked by John (23.114.218.x) on January 3 2015, 3:56pm
Reply on January 4 2015, 5:46am:
    Yes, though if you want to put 32 bit integers to disk you'd either need to use 64 bit FP WAV (which would be wasteful but would otherwise preserve exactly the 32 bit integer signal), or 32 bit AIFF.

Question: Re: I have this bit.ly/1I4D5XB and need this bit.ly/1I4Dd9w. Idea is to auto-calculate tabs needed for indentation, but I'm having problems with CachedFont.DrawText(). On win I found it's enough to call DrawText with DT_EDITCONTROL but there's no such thing in SWELL and this code bit.ly/1EUEcgh does this on OSX bit.ly/1CZhul9. Got any advice? Thanks! [permalink]
Asked by Martin (93.138.93.x) on January 2 2015, 4:03pm
Reply on January 2 2015, 7:11pm:
    I'd just calculate the rects and draw them manually at a lower level, personally.

Question: My team is trying to make an FFT bandpass filter to batch-extract harmonics (c++). ReaFIR gives the perfect output: correct amplitude and phase of the harmonic/sinewave. Our code gives the right phase, but wrong amplitude of the harmonic. Any ideas? Are there any common pitfalls that you can think of that would cause this?" This is semi-related to our eventu [permalink]
Asked by Elan Hickler (184.101.36.x) on January 1 2015, 3:55am
Reply on January 2 2015, 7:11pm:
    I'd need to see some code, I think.
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