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Question: Why SnapEase jumped almost twice the size in v0.3? [permalink]
Asked by gio (79.130.160.x) on May 30 2016, 4:52am

Question: Not sure how much you're into the demoscene, but I was pretty amazed at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNRO7lno_DM [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (141.136.217.x) on May 29 2016, 3:56pm
Reply on May 30 2016, 1:56am (edited at May 30 2016, 1:57am):
    youtube link

    Yeah that demo is great, so funny how people go retro. If you could send it back in time you'd be a total GOD (though I suppose that guy is still a CGA god). Also 8088 Corruption is pretty solid.

Question: What are your thoughts on microsoft shoving windows 10 down users throats? [permalink]
Asked by Will (208.54.86.x) on May 28 2016, 11:18pm
Reply on May 30 2016, 1:56am:
    Not much a fan, personally.

Question: Had a dream last night that I ran into you at the grocery store and you cut me off when I mentioned a bug/feature request from the forum. [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (98.121.65.x) on May 28 2016, 4:24pm
Reply on May 28 2016, 7:51pm:
    LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE -- there's no question here.

Question: What exactly does SetGranul/GetGranul in the context of HeapBuf? [permalink]
Asked by bingo (94.70.3.x) on May 28 2016, 7:01am
Reply on May 28 2016, 7:50pm:
    Controls how much extra space is allocated when you use Resize(), to avoid realloc() calls when resizing a little here and there.

Question: Can you please take a look at this script ? Is it possible to support this function natively ? Regards... forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=176312 [permalink]
Asked by Mehmethan (95.8.162.x) on May 27 2016, 11:21pm
Reply on May 28 2016, 7:50pm:
    We have VCAs now, so you can use them instead.

Question: Can we expect a retina version of Reaper soon? Any thoughts on this? Will you move Reaper to a vector skin engine or just implement @2x images? Lately it's been a pain in the ass to look at Reaper, to much blurriness... btw, this is the coolest website ever. [permalink]
Asked by Miguel (88.214.162.x) on May 27 2016, 8:54pm
Reply on May 28 2016, 7:50pm:
    Probably will support double-sized images at some point.

Question: What kind of music are you listening to these days? (yes, this is a repost) [permalink]
Asked by Marcelo (181.230.182.x) on May 26 2016, 5:43am
Reply on May 27 2016, 2:12am:
    The last few albums I listened to: the new Radiohead, Mogwai - Government Commissions, Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral, Portishead - Live at Roseland...

Question: Where about in NY do you live? Is it a calm or a busy place? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (95.148.50.x) on May 25 2016, 4:53pm
Reply on May 27 2016, 2:12am:
    I live in DUMBO, Brooklyn, which is mostly busy. I spend a great deal of time in Red Hook, which is calmer.

Question: Do you have any thoughts / plans for the future of SWS now that Jeffos seems out as maintainer ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (93.217.226.x) on May 23 2016, 5:40pm
Reply on May 23 2016, 11:15pm (edited at May 25 2016, 1:26pm):
    It should work itself out, I think, and if needed we can always maintain it too. Edit: sounds like Tim returns, yay!

Question: How often do you and Schwa talk about the other DAWs during your meetings? When was the last time you've used another DAW or watched a video about another DAW? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on May 23 2016, 2:50am
Reply on May 23 2016, 3:05pm:
    Meetings?! HAHAHA

Question: Do you even use whatsapp or would you rather support opensource/encrypted apps like Signal? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (95.148.50.x) on May 22 2016, 8:59pm
Reply on May 22 2016, 10:56pm:
    I don't use whatsapp, I'm all for open source/encrypted apps, but all of it sort of irrelevant in that nobody I know uses it.

Question: What do you use to communicate with your friends/family? Phone calls or whatsapp or anything else? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on May 21 2016, 6:51pm
Reply on May 22 2016, 4:06pm:
    phone/email/text message, mostly. IRC and Slack too, but that's more work-ish.

Question: Do you have a favorite place to take photos in New York? [permalink]
Asked by Brooklyner (100.37.0.x) on May 18 2016, 10:16pm
Reply on May 19 2016, 2:02am:
    A bicycle maybe? Or on the subway.

Question: Why are developers so reluctant to talk about the direction of their software? Are you tempted sometimes to tell us what's next for REAPER? Do you have to strongly advise your other team members to keep tight lipped about what the team is currently working on? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on May 17 2016, 4:37pm
Reply on May 17 2016, 4:56pm:
    We aren't tight lipped at all, but personally I prefer not to commit to doing things before I've done them, saves disappointment and frustration.

Question: Today in my CS class, we learned how to use recursive functions to determine whether a word is a palindrome? When my teacher explained to the class what a palindrome was, I immediately thought about my dream girl's name, Ara. What's your favorite palindrome and do you frequently use recursive functions? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on May 16 2016, 3:20pm
Reply on May 16 2016, 3:42pm:
    I don't have a favorite palindrome. Recursion -- I wouldn't use it for palindrome detection, but in many instances it is useful! e.g. eel_string_match.

Question: Have you ever spent your holiday via Couchsurfing or BeWelcome? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (80.42.98.x) on May 13 2016, 10:43am
Reply on May 13 2016, 2:05pm:

Question: What's your goal with REAPER ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (93.217.235.x) on May 13 2016, 1:10am
Reply on May 13 2016, 2:05pm:
    To make something awesome and useful for myself and others...

Question: What the hell else does Ronco make? [permalink]
Asked by Nate (96.254.154.x) on May 12 2016, 4:31am
Reply on May 13 2016, 2:05pm:
    Pure awesome

Question: Have you listened to the new Radiohead cd? [permalink]
Asked by aaaa (75.134.150.x) on May 11 2016, 10:40pm
Reply on May 12 2016, 1:20am:
    Yes, but not on CD
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