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Question: Can you please advise if a new PC build mostly used for music production would greatly benefit from the new 5930 / 5820 processors with associated DD4 RAM and why that would be? I use Reaper and have an abundance of VST's, VSTi's and sample based instruments and I'm building my first proper music studio system and want to make the best choices in terms of pr [permalink]
Asked by Tim R (194.62.232.x) on October 30 2014, 3:03pm

Question: Without being specific, any big surprises or significant new features lined up in Reaper 5? [permalink]
Asked by Mick (27.127.192.x) on October 30 2014, 3:18am

Question: on irc.prison.net asks: Like UPS? [permalink]
Asked by ChromE (50.82.225.x) on October 30 2014, 2:10am

Question: Did you know Chrome on iOS just wraps the default iOS web view engine because of app store licensing restrictions which prevent Google from using their own rendering/js engine? That's gay. [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on October 29 2014, 10:41pm
Reply on October 29 2014, 10:56pm:
    Yep. That's not the correct adjective though.

Question: The recent blog post made thinking about the design of audio blocks in REAPER. Do you use continuous per channel audio blocks or an interleaved buffer model? What you favor and/or is more practical/useful. (a long post would be nice...) [permalink]
Asked by gio (79.131.44.x) on October 29 2014, 8:48am
Reply on October 29 2014, 10:57pm:
    It depends, mostly we store buffers which are blocks of interleaved samples, except when going planar for plug-ins and like.

Question: Other than your wife, if you could only pick 1 person you currently know to share the planet with, who would it be? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on October 27 2014, 10:16pm
Reply on October 28 2014, 4:40pm:
    Hmm maybe Ron Swanson?

Question: Like you, I also play a bit of piano, The more I learn the more I think that being good is more about having a good memory and a love of repetitive tasks than it is about musical tallent. Do you agree? [permalink]
Asked by Dream Of Sleepin (86.14.62.x) on October 25 2014, 6:35pm
Reply on October 28 2014, 4:40pm:
    I'm trying to not remember the things I'm playing, and just to build the recognition of notes on the page to movements of the hand. I'm more or less failing at both things.

Question: Following up on chunky: c'mon, you do audio graphics audio graphics. Take a beak from audio and hit up the html5 canvas graphics world with your skills. :P [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on October 24 2014, 12:00am
Reply on October 28 2014, 4:41pm (edited at October 28 2014, 5:40pm):
    OK here's some more audio graphics related things:

    (blog post explaining likely coming soon)

Question: Are you going to take a break from Reaper and create something new (doesn't have to be big). Please? [permalink]
Asked by chunky (71.227.30.x) on October 23 2014, 4:17pm
Reply on October 23 2014, 11:27pm:
    Hmmmmm I'm lazy, and REAPER people would revolt! :)

Question: I'll try that. I tried various path settings according to the doc and none of he presets would load after creating the *.ini. It's all in my vstplugins folder and even using a literal path didn't work. [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (76.226.62.x) on October 22 2014, 1:02pm
Reply on October 23 2014, 11:27pm:
    Hmm make some screenshots etc there could be something you're messing up? Or something I messed up too...

Question: As a follow up to askjf.com/index.php?q=660s, does the C runtime compact the heap to make room for new allocations as space runs out? [permalink]
Asked by Will (70.173.145.x) on October 22 2014, 5:23am
Reply on October 22 2014, 12:46pm:
    The heap can't really be compacted, because all of the addresses must remain the same. So yeah, you can in theory end up with a fragmented heap where you have a lot of wasted memory, though in practice I'm not sure how often this really happens...

Question: Ok, I added an ini file in the same folder as the dll and used VSTCAT=2 but it still loads as an audio plugin, not an instrument. What might I be doing wrong? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (76.226.62.x) on October 22 2014, 1:42am
Reply on October 22 2014, 12:44pm:
    Hmm did you include [reajs] as the first line, make it a standard ASCII text file (not UTF-8 or UTF-16), and name it XYZ.ini where reajs is named XYZ.dll? You can check by adding a line:
    Might also want to set midiflags=3 too.

Question: Is it possible to complie a version of ReaJS VST so that it shows up as an instrument instead of an effect? Wiuld work better for hosts that don't process midi inline. [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (76.226.62.x) on October 21 2014, 9:14pm
Reply on October 21 2014, 9:58pm:
    You can set an ini file setting to do this, read reajs_info.txt.

Question: Do you think it's easier for someone with a shitload of money to say there's more to life than money? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on October 21 2014, 8:42pm
Reply on October 21 2014, 9:57pm:
    Of course, but once you have over a certain amount, it's meaningless. If you had the choice between $100 million and $3 billion, but you know that the $100 million scenario would make you happier, then why take the $3 billion? Unless you want to own a sports team and so forth, I guess...

Question: Do you think Evan Spiegel was foolish in rejecting Facebook's 3 billion dollar offer for Snapchat? [permalink]
Asked by jm9000 (98.238.139.x) on October 21 2014, 6:41am
Reply on October 21 2014, 4:58pm:
    It seems like a pretty good price, but there's more to life than money.

Question: Will you ever design a ReaLimiter? [permalink]
Asked by Jogger (175.33.6.x) on October 20 2014, 3:13am
Reply on October 21 2014, 4:58pm:

Question: is WDL_FIXALIGN still required with CLANG? [permalink]
Asked by olilarkin (86.31.114.x) on October 19 2014, 10:26pm
Reply on October 20 2014, 3:10am (edited at October 20 2014, 3:13am):
    You could test with the following code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    struct foo {
      int x;
      double y;
      int z;
    int main() { printf("fixalign needed: %d\n",sizeof(struct foo) == 16); return 0; }
    Edit: I just tested, it is needed for 32 bit clang, but not for 64 bit. I'm guessing clang tries to be ABI-compatible with gcc, so this would make sense. clang doesn't appear to support -malign-double (which gcc usually does).

Question: Is it hard to start a hardware business in US or elsewhere? I assume you had done some kind of research the Jesusonic years. [permalink]
Asked by gio (94.66.26.x) on October 18 2014, 4:37am
Reply on October 18 2014, 2:41pm:
    I only looked a little bit, enough to decide it was too much work. I'd imagine it's doable if you want to do high margin/low quantity, or if you outsource production elsewhere (I have a friend who did that with the 3doodler, but he'd done it before and has spent/is spending a lot of time in China).

Question: What brand/model piano do you have? [permalink]
Asked by Tale (81.204.113.x) on October 17 2014, 5:50pm
Reply on October 18 2014, 2:39pm:
    I have a 1987 Steinway S. I'm not worthy, though.

Question: Are you still on an old ass version of Quickbooks? I'm using 2010, but dread the PITA of upgrading and reorienting myself to the new interface. [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on October 17 2014, 5:00pm
Reply on October 18 2014, 2:39pm:
    Yeah 2007 on XP here, hah. I did also use 2013 for some stuff, it was fine, but really no reason for me to upgrade.
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