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Question: Are you Satoshi Nakamoto? [permalink]
Asked by Humm (71.245.60.x) on July 3 2015, 2:27pm
Reply on July 3 2015, 9:32pm:
    If I was, would I admit it? But no, at any rate.

Question: Dou you have fresh new ideas for software? Because i am stuck and dying, can't think of anything. [permalink]
Asked by navian (78.130.223.x) on July 1 2015, 12:04pm
Reply on July 3 2015, 1:38pm:
    Occasionally, but they all tend to be services rather than pure software, and require a lot of busy work... so laziness and procrastination prevail! If you want ideas for a apache/PHP/mysql/etc web site, let me know...

Question: Will Reaper respond to action ID's sent ti it via API SendMessage? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (69.212.30.x) on June 30 2015, 10:54pm
Reply on July 3 2015, 1:37pm:
    Yeah, it should process them.

Question: Are you still very excited about Reapers future and its development? [permalink]
Asked by MadMax (217.210.238.x) on June 30 2015, 7:44pm
Reply on July 3 2015, 1:37pm:
    I am! I need to go do some recording now, too.

Question: Is JSFX sliderchange(slider1) still required after slider1=x from outside @slider? [permalink]
Asked by Tale (77.168.115.x) on June 30 2015, 8:25am
Reply on June 30 2015, 2:56pm:
    Hmm probably not, but maybe?

Question: That's very programmer thing to say, haha (GoT)...I presume you're talking about books, not series? [permalink]
Asked by Martin (89.164.154.x) on June 29 2015, 12:12pm
Reply on June 30 2015, 2:56pm:
    No, the show -- I don't really care to read the books, I vastly prefer science fiction to fantasy. Really enjoying Iain M. Banks' Culture series, which schwa recommended to me.

Question: Do you like Game of Thrones? [permalink]
Asked by WinapFan (69.181.0.x) on June 27 2015, 1:54am
Reply on June 29 2015, 1:54am:
    Yeah more or less, it could be about 35% shorter without much loss though.

Question: Sorry to permeate this. Basically what annoys me that when plugins open a file dialog, they never remember the folder they are supposed to look for in files, they always use the last opened folder (even if you opened it with a different plugin). So that makes for a lot of folder hopping. I was hoping that DAW can catch the plugin's fopen() call and point it [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.138.x) on June 26 2015, 10:39pm
Reply on June 27 2015, 1:09am (edited at June 27 2015, 1:10am):
    Yeah, it's more complicated than that, but the short answer is there's not a lot we can do to prevent the plug-in from doing this. At least, reliably. In theory we could hook various APIs, but it would really be difficult and probably cause certain plug-ins to fail.

Question: Yes, but that works only when using Reaper's preset browsing (the "+" button next to preset name). I'm talking about load/save operations triggered from within plugin's GUI - not Reaper's preset manager. :) [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (141.138.40.x) on June 26 2015, 5:09pm
Reply on June 26 2015, 10:01pm:
    Ahh. yeah I don't know of any way to do that, presumably the plugin(s) could...

Question: Is it possible to override and redirect plugin's call for file open dialog (loading FXP/FXB usually)? Currently Reaper only remembers the last such folder opened by a plugin, so when you use another plugin's file open dialog, you have to browse to another folder first... Annoying and slows workflow. [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.109.x) on June 23 2015, 2:08pm
Reply on June 26 2015, 1:38pm:
    Hmm for FXP/FXB it should remember the path per-plugin, does it not for you? The relevant setting is in [fxpdir] of reaper-vstfxppath.ini.

Question: Do you ever throw some alcohol in your coffee and/or havebab nightcap? [permalink]
Asked by Justin (66.249.84.x) on June 21 2015, 4:08am
Reply on June 23 2015, 12:41pm:
    Not so much anymore, but I do like my coffee.

Question: You going to purchase one of these bad boys?www.theverge.com/2015/6/19/8813105/porsche-918-spyder-hybrid-end... [permalink]
Asked by Justin (66.249.84.x) on June 19 2015, 6:18pm
Reply on June 23 2015, 12:41pm:
    Hah no I don't miss having a car. and when I do, car2go is awesome. go-karts!

Question: have you ever made and drunk a cup of coffee in your sleep ? if so.. did it wake you up ? [permalink]
Asked by andrew (220.244.83.x) on June 17 2015, 5:25am
Reply on June 17 2015, 2:26pm:
    Nope, but I've nearly poured hot water into my hand grinder (while awake but tired)

Question: Silicon Valley is funny as hell but nobody can reAlly be that nerdy. Don't you think they kinda overdid the stereotype if the needy coders who can't get laid? :) [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (69.212.31.x) on June 15 2015, 5:52pm
Reply on June 16 2015, 5:31pm:
    Well, there are tons of things that are exaggerated in that series... That's the point, taking it to the absurd.

Question: Are you aware of the fact that what WT did for R5 theme is horribly inconsistent and simply not that good? Mark my words, Reaper's GUI will once again be a negative point in reviews. How can you not care? [permalink]
Asked by Tinny (141.138.54.x) on June 15 2015, 10:50am
Reply on June 15 2015, 1:14pm:
Question: Every tried Slack or Hipchat? or irc4eva? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.204.x) on June 13 2015, 8:17pm
Reply on June 14 2015, 2:16am:
    Nope, would consider it but we have our own nice persistent IRC proxy that we all use anyway...

Question: There are major issues with the integration of outbound gear through midi. What can be done to support the devs on addressing these ? [permalink]
Asked by Mink99 (77.57.25.x) on June 13 2015, 7:45am
Reply on June 14 2015, 2:16am:
    See note above. Post on forums.

Question: Lol. :) Go forth and print that bumper sticker. "Reaper: Enjoy Reality!" [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (108.84.132.x) on June 12 2015, 1:51am
Reply on June 14 2015, 2:16am:

Question: How would you, in a few short words, bumper sticker style, frame the large divide between engineering reality and user expectation? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (108.84.132.x) on June 11 2015, 11:11pm
Reply on June 12 2015, 12:03am:
    enjoy reality!

Question: Long time no pre :) You guys taking early summer break? :) [permalink]
Asked by Ronald (108.59.10.x) on June 11 2015, 6:05am
Reply on June 11 2015, 9:12pm:
    Yep, at least I am! RC1 next week I think.
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