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Question: What are your thoughts on online anonymity and projects like Tor? Shall one use it? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (192.42.116.x) on April 25 2017, 7:54pm
Reply on April 27 2017, 1:13pm:
    For the most part it seems you're trading one attack vector for another... Ideally you should find a provider that you trust and use them, or VPN through them.

    SSL browsing of course helps things a lot -- so your ISP can see what site you're browsing but not which pages, etc.

Question: Hi Mr. Frankel, my name is Justine and I am a journalist at Stony Brook University. I am currently working on an article about the possibility of recording studios becoming obsolete. I would greatly appreciate if you took the time to answer a couple of my questions: 1) Did you create REAPER with a specific kind of user in mind, if so what kind? 2) Do you th [permalink]
Asked by Justine Josue (129.49.198.x) on April 24 2017, 1:17pm
Reply on April 24 2017, 2:22pm:
    Hi, since your questions were truncated, you can email me more questions at justin at cockos dot com -- I created with REAPER for my own use, originally...

Question: Happy 20th Birthday, Winamp! Will you share your favorite memory of the first year or two of development? [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.201.25.x) on April 21 2017, 10:57pm
Reply on April 23 2017, 3:25pm:
    Hah as if I remember anything... I remember not using version control, ugh! boo hiss

Question: You posted an aerial photo of your Bay Area neighborhood, some years back, what was the boulevard in the picture ? [permalink]
Asked by Seann (64.175.41.x) on April 17 2017, 3:11pm
Reply on April 17 2017, 4:01pm:
    Probably Dolores or Guerrero, but I'd need to see the picture

Question: What color scheme do you use in you terminal, vim, VS, XCode? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on April 17 2017, 9:55am
Reply on April 17 2017, 4:02pm:
    Black background, usually, but I've gotten lazier about changing that.

Question: The WaveVR is something you might like. Reminds me of Winamp. https://youtu.be/5OIGhi0QyMo?t=3647 [permalink]
Asked by Erik (73.204.130.x) on April 16 2017, 1:17am
Reply on April 16 2017, 3:16am:
    Some AVSy things in there you mean? Reminds me of unconed...

Question: Who needs instruments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqJdzYY_Fas [permalink]
Asked by Will (66.190.71.x) on April 15 2017, 6:17pm
Reply on April 16 2017, 3:04am (edited at April 16 2017, 3:09am):
Question: Could you make it the same font size? It would help. [permalink]
Asked by Janne (109.232.227.x) on April 15 2017, 2:33pm
Reply on April 16 2017, 3:04am:
    I could, but I won't

Question: Could you add fade-out and fade-in modifiers to ReaVerb? [permalink]
Asked by Janne (213.152.162.x) on April 14 2017, 6:08pm
Reply on April 15 2017, 2:42am:
    see above

Question: What is your favorite genre of music? [permalink]
Asked by Landon (142.129.171.x) on April 13 2017, 10:42pm
Reply on April 15 2017, 2:43am:
    post-rock or psychedelic rock or something maybe? also all of radiohead.

Question: RE: UWP MIDI wrapper missing get device ID. I'm sure mr. Stammen will include it if an issue is opened on github. Ehehe. :) [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (141.138.47.x) on April 12 2017, 8:51am
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:54pm:
    It would be trivial for us to add, too...

Question: Did you watch Better Call Saul last night? Do you also like The Walking Dead? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on April 12 2017, 1:31am
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:36am:
    Just watched BCS now. I like it. The Walking Dead, I watched the first few seasons I think.

Question: Should people worry when you move to STL? Engineering wise, what's left to be done in your software ecosystem? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (94.70.0.x) on April 11 2017, 3:49pm
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:36am:
    You mean "if" we move to STL?

Question: Are we gonna see build-in animations in LICE/skinning engine someday? Why (technically speaking) you avoid vector graphics in REAPER? CPU usage can be one thing, other... Thanks! Have so much fun with WDL. :) [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on April 11 2017, 3:39pm
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:36am:

Question: You should place somewhere (probably on the box)... REAPER the epitome of Win32 programming. Does it bother you that some people do not understand the superiority of REAPER? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.175.x) on April 11 2017, 3:31pm
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:37am:
    Hah, I'm not sure if win32 is something to aspire be the epitome of... I have no qualms about superiority/perceived superiority of REAPER, I just like to use it myself, it's treated me well.

Question: Why REAPER has reached 12MB!? Actual code or C++ bloat? Hey, static linking is not an excuse. I hear DOOM4 is ~100MB executable, Chrome is a mammoth, what's wrong with C++, is it concerning? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (94.70.2.x) on April 11 2017, 3:18pm
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:38am:
    There's all kind of stuff in there.

Question: Here's a nice read, hopefully. How to utilize UWP MIDI improvements in W10 with a win32 wrapper API: tinyurl.com/mmfxcqe. Actual wrapper on github: tinyurl.com/he8k89b [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (141.136.235.x) on April 10 2017, 3:54pm
Reply on April 12 2017, 1:38am:
    Ah yeah, hopefully we can include that wrapper at some point. The wrapper is missing a few things though, like the ability to get device IDs...

Question: Is Reaper also the "backend" for another software? A subscriber of Reaper and a fan of yours, I want that software too if so. I hope you let me know, and Thank you sir [permalink]
Asked by Daniel (98.117.79.x) on April 10 2017, 6:06am
Reply on April 10 2017, 1:08pm:
    No, reaper is only reaper.

Question: So will WALTER stay at "more like 95% terrible" or...? :) [permalink]
Asked by Tinny (213.191.138.x) on April 9 2017, 8:22pm
Reply on April 9 2017, 8:46pm:
    Probably. Or maybe we'll make a better language for it that compiles to the same data structure...

Question: Have you ever suffered from prolonged burn out (weeks or more)? If so, how did you cope? What helped? [permalink]
Asked by atdt (66.108.10.x) on April 8 2017, 5:15am
Reply on April 9 2017, 8:07pm:
    Hmm nothing too long, but sometimes I'll take a step back and do boring housekeeping work for a while. Or mix it up otherwise. +++ath.
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