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Question: Speaking of neat, Foobar + AVS. :) https://s32.postimg.org/cr20a37at/foobar.png [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 27 2016, 4:50am

Question: Have you seen Plane9 vis? :) www.plane9.com/ [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 25 2016, 12:15am
Reply on July 26 2016, 2:35am:
    Looks neat!

Question: Why did `pete ultimately write so many audio components for WinAMP? Seems like you're pretty well versed in win32 audio! [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 24 2016, 10:10pm
Reply on July 26 2016, 2:35am:
    I feel like that was after my time?

Question: Have you considered running gitlab for the central repo? We use it at work. It's tits. [permalink]
Asked by Will (172.56.6.x) on July 21 2016, 6:21pm
Reply on July 22 2016, 2:55am:
    Will look at it, but everything working alright now :)

Question: What's the git workflow for the cockos' team? And how you effectively use merge and rebase? Thanks. [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 21 2016, 12:07am
Reply on July 21 2016, 12:25am:
    We put releases on master, and almost never rewrite master.

    For prerelease builds we have a dev-pub branch, which gets pre_* feature branches (and master) merged, and if all of the pre_* branches graduate, the whole thing gets merged back to master (though sometimes we will rewrite dev-pub to remove branches, or revert the merge of a feature branch to remove it).

    Typically pre_* (or wip_) branches have an implied owner, which doesn't prevent others from committing on those branches, but they do so at the pleasure of the owner.

    If we want to do a maintenance release, we can always do one from master (ideally).

    We keep a central repository which we use to synchronize.

Question: Re: UTC is cool. Thinking to move my servers from Slackware to Debian stable or Ubuntu server to get all the apt-get goodness. What do you recommend, have you got any experience with any of them? Or something else... [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.169.x) on July 18 2016, 2:26pm
Reply on July 19 2016, 5:22pm:
    Yeah I'm pretty used to both Debian and Ubuntu. They are very straightforward, but upgrading them is often tricky (weird dependency failures that you have to google for workarounds). Since I mostly use VMs, when upgrading I'll usually do it on a spare clone of the VM so I can throw it away if I screw something up when upgrading.

    If you go Ubuntu, definitely do one of the LTS versions, if you like to avoid major upgrades.

Question: What timezone are the LoL time-stamps? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.169.x) on July 18 2016, 8:05am
Reply on July 18 2016, 1:28pm:
    UTC I think

Question: How do you move from one place to another in NY or other city? Driving? Uber? Bike? or something else? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on July 16 2016, 2:41pm
Reply on July 16 2016, 3:23pm:
    Bicycle, subway, walk, run, occasionally uber or taxi or car2go. Definitely prefer to bicycle/walk if possible.

Question: Have you found your asshole gets looser with age? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 14 2016, 11:57pm
Reply on July 15 2016, 2:47am:
    I'm not sure how I would measure or quantify that, but I don't think my output has changed measurably, if that's any help.

Question: When gnutella found a file on the network, how did it get around home routers to connect two clients for file transfer (without having a port forwarded)? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 10 2016, 2:20am
Reply on July 11 2016, 5:00pm:
    It required one of them to have a port mapped

Question: What is the best C / C++ resource to learn audio programming? [permalink]
Asked by Arie (74.90.254.x) on July 8 2016, 11:36pm
Reply on July 10 2016, 1:00am:
Question: I have an unusual and valuable (to me) ladspa plugin that I would like to convert to VST. There is nothing even close among available VST plugins. Is it possible? [permalink]
Asked by Barry (209.207.24.x) on July 7 2016, 2:17am
Reply on July 7 2016, 3:07pm:
    Probably easy enough to port, there are also wrappers around too I think

Question: What's the best Audio library for C, C++ in game development? [permalink]
Asked by H├ęctor (83.165.152.x) on July 6 2016, 11:31pm
Reply on July 7 2016, 3:07pm:
    No idea

Question: How is your motivation to develop REAPER nowadays compared to when starting with it over ten yrs. ago ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (79.200.232.x) on July 6 2016, 12:05pm
Reply on July 6 2016, 2:05pm:
    It varies as it did then, sometimes unmotivated, other times highly motivated.

Question: Just wanted to say thanks for all the linux efforts, native reaplugs and js, very yummy ! [permalink]
Asked by Nixon (87.144.185.x) on July 5 2016, 7:39pm
Reply on July 6 2016, 2:05pm:

Question: Re: relative VST (and other paths) - I asked because on Windows USB sticks might not always get the same drive letter... so it would be extremely useful if we could link VST folders to a portable Reaper install without worrying about it. Sorry for not following rules! :$ [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.160.x) on July 4 2016, 5:16pm
Reply on July 6 2016, 2:06pm:

Question: What was the most challenging aspect of winamp development (technically)? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on July 3 2016, 11:26pm
Reply on July 4 2016, 12:07am:
    lack of documentation/google

Question: Is it possible to set a VST path relative to Reaper's portable folder? Would be nice to have if not. Something like %REAPERPATH%/../VST for example. [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.206.x) on July 3 2016, 7:40pm
Reply on July 4 2016, 12:07am:
    Hmm not that I can think of

Question: How bad of an amature hack job is this? https://github.com/ExpressMix/Read-Reaper-Song/blob/master/Read-Reaper-Song_File.vb [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (108.84.130.x) on June 30 2016, 4:20am
Reply on June 30 2016, 1:32pm:
    cute, you could probably do a bit more work and make it robust (have it properly treat/ignore unknown blocks etc)

Question: DirectWrite for LICE? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.190.x) on June 28 2016, 11:37pm
Reply on June 29 2016, 9:18pm:
    Go for it, I'll merge the changes, ha ha
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