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Question: Any chance of natively supporting these two file formats? www.presonussoftware.com/en_U...p?id=developer [permalink]
Asked by Punky Brewster (76.226.146.x) on April 23 2015, 4:42pm

Question: The idea was to hook into main wnd procedure and catch WM_SETTEXT messages :) Shouldn't that be more reliable from a timer? (I personally hate timers...no matter how cheap, they still run all the time unlike callback system) [permalink]
Asked by Martin (93.138.124.x) on April 23 2015, 7:57am
Reply on April 23 2015, 12:48pm (edited at April 23 2015, 12:50pm):
    Sure, you could try that too, but personally I'd use a carefully crafted timer.

    "they still run all the time unlike callback system" -- a timer might run every 100ms or so, but if you install a hook you're adding some code for every single message that the window processes, even messages that have nothing to do with WM_SETTEXT (though just another function call, typically, but still).

Question: To follow up (I know, not a question) you can directly rename the title bar in Win via the API, for any Win app. [permalink]
Asked by Punky Brewster (76.226.146.x) on April 23 2015, 12:47am
Reply on April 23 2015, 1:13am (edited at April 23 2015, 1:14am):
    Right, via SetWindowText() -- though it could have consequences if the application depends on the title being a certain way, and you'll have to check it on a timer to see if the application changed it, too.

    You could also make a separate app that sits around and renames other programs, too, using a timer and FindWindowEx() and SetWindowText()... but anyway.

Question: Would removing all information except project name from Main window title bar from the extension be against EULA? If so, would "REAPER - project name" be ok instead? Thanks! [permalink]
Asked by Martin (93.138.124.x) on April 22 2015, 11:29am
Reply on April 22 2015, 8:51pm:
    I suppose you could make a REAPER extension to override the titlebar name if you wanted, but please don't modify the executable to do this.

Question: I know nothing about coding.. it looks hard. I guess. any tips for someone wanting to learn how to code? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (75.134.128.x) on April 22 2015, 1:18am
Reply on April 22 2015, 8:52pm (edited at April 22 2015, 8:53pm):
    Hmm hard to give tips for something open ended, but if you can find things you want to make, make them! Don't give up, but keep your goals in check too...

    Re: difficulty -- there are two real factors: 1) understanding a particular language or system (which comes down to remembering things or knowing how to look them up), and 2) thinking like a computer. The second is the most important skill to learn, because it applies universally! If you can understand what a computer will do in processing a bit of code (in whatever language), then you can do just about anything you can imagine.

Question: Why is coding so hard? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (75.134.128.x) on April 21 2015, 1:43pm
Reply on April 21 2015, 1:52pm:
    Is it? I suppose it's hard to do perfectly because there are so many states?

Question: Cockos team, is it time for automation items? We have a container for it (item FX automation). So, is it real or not? [permalink]
Asked by Cody (109.73.74.x) on April 21 2015, 9:33am
Reply on April 21 2015, 1:51pm:
    See note above

Question: You said coding is a form of self expression. what do mean by that? [permalink]
Asked by Tony (128.177.161.x) on April 20 2015, 8:03pm
Reply on April 21 2015, 3:15am:
    That it was art, like writing or music or painting.

Question: Hello, Justin. I have seen Live vst plugin for Reaper? Does it mean that You won't make native live support? Thank you in advance. [permalink]
Asked by John (212.87.13.x) on April 19 2015, 6:21pm
Reply on April 21 2015, 3:15am:
    Yes, and not necessarily.

Question: Does cockos develop software based on ideas from someone outside your company? [permalink]
Asked by Jonathan (75.108.135.x) on April 14 2015, 3:27am
Reply on April 14 2015, 10:31pm:
    We often listen to feedback from users and sometimes let that feedback affect our decision making.

Question: im not a programmer but would like to know how random can hitting shuffle be when a computer is only as smart as the one using/developing it? [permalink]
Asked by Justin (76.95.204.x) on April 13 2015, 11:38pm
Reply on April 14 2015, 10:31pm:
    It can be pretty random, but can also be pretty predictable, it depends.

Question: With your recent WHUMPing, would you say browsers have enough horsepower to pull off the majority of AVS smoothly? [permalink]
Asked by Will (70.173.145.x) on April 10 2015, 6:55am
Reply on April 11 2015, 3:47pm:
    Depends on how it would be implemented, but most AVS-like effects could be duplicated using WebGL no doubt. Of course, AVS ran pretty nicely on a 500MHz machine...

Question: You posted pictures of a nice homemade guitar effect controller a while back. Do you have anymore musical hardware projects? [permalink]
Asked by oprahsfavoritede (107.205.86.x) on April 5 2015, 2:57pm
Reply on April 8 2015, 12:39am:
    You mean this? Not really, software is more my bag.

Question: In retrospect, would you have done anything differently to prevent this from happening: www.gedikian.com/2004/10/so-long-and-thanks-for-all-fish_16.html... [permalink]
Asked by Will (70.173.145.x) on April 5 2015, 4:47am
Reply on April 5 2015, 2:47pm:
    I think it's all worked out for the best, really.

Question: Ok Im now ashamed. I cannot login but maybe I jumped into conclusions. Forget the previous post as I need to sort this out.:) [permalink]
Asked by JonyJazy (217.129.150.x) on April 4 2015, 2:47am
Reply on April 4 2015, 3:08am:
    email support at cockos with more information for help with it :)

Question: How many hours a day would you work on Winamp pre-AOL? [permalink]
Asked by Will (70.173.145.x) on March 28 2015, 11:04pm
Reply on March 29 2015, 11:15pm:
    A lot, I think (though like anything a lot of the time was spent messing around and playing/using/etc).

Question: Agree or disagree? :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmbwR9J6-Yw [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on March 25 2015, 10:03pm
Reply on March 27 2015, 2:13pm:
    Obviously someone who has never worked for incompetent, risk-averse ass-hats.

Question: will there ever be a tablet version of reaper? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (75.134.157.x) on March 23 2015, 5:11pm
Reply on March 27 2015, 2:14pm:
    No immediate plans for one, but I can't say "never".

Question: Hey man, long time. I'm glad you are still doing your thing. How are you? Have you see the movie Whiplash? Do you remember me? :) [permalink]
Asked by AnalSeducer (162.211.179.x) on March 20 2015, 4:35am
Reply on March 22 2015, 5:25pm:
    Good, only the first 10 minutes, and yes.

Question: Have you ever been out for several weeks/months on a big journey? If not, do you fancy doing it one day or are you feeling comfortable with short trips? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (188.103.152.x) on March 19 2015, 10:06pm
Reply on March 22 2015, 5:25pm:
    Probably the longest is a month or so. I would, but I end up having day to day responsibilities... and by the end I'm sure I'd long for home, too.
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