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Question: Justin, Recently a great service that allowed NHL fans to watch games anywhere, anytime, without blackouts was forced to shut down. Now us NHL fans are kinda screwed. I'm thinking of a way to help out a couple buddies who moved away from chicago watch the blackhawks. Whats the best way to stream the games for them. I know you has some involvement with NS [permalink]
Asked by WEZ77 (208.73.132.x) on February 8 2016, 10:46pm

Question: what do you think of Haskell? [permalink]
Asked by memy (75.134.150.x) on February 8 2016, 4:07pm

Question: Apples. Red or green? [permalink]
Asked by IXix (165.120.71.x) on February 6 2016, 8:19pm
Reply on February 6 2016, 9:51pm:
    Green. Preferably not too green, Golden Delicious aren't green enough, Granny Smith too green. Mutsu is probably my favorite. I will also go on the red side too, though not Red Delicious, more like Pink Lady (though maybe they are a little too floral) or Gala.

Question: What's your favorite rap song? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (99.173.156.x) on February 6 2016, 3:22pm
Reply on February 6 2016, 9:54pm (edited at February 6 2016, 9:55pm):
Question: Do you think you would have been able to start developing Reaper with the same business model if you were not already in such a comfortable financial situation? [permalink]
Asked by Bernard (76.19.131.x) on February 5 2016, 5:21am
Reply on February 5 2016, 1:26pm (edited at February 5 2016, 1:28pm):
    I think I would've needed (in addition to the will) about 18 months of room and board to do it. So yes, some level of independence would be required, but no -- "such a comfortable situation" not required.

Question: Thanks again! Sleep is essential, music is eternal! [permalink]
Asked by Marcus (50.111.41.x) on February 2 2016, 9:37pm
Reply on February 5 2016, 4:16am:
    Mmmmm time for both.

Question: Do you ever have programming dreams? I've had a couple and had to laugh at myself the next day. [permalink]
Asked by IXix (165.120.70.x) on February 2 2016, 9:25pm
Reply on February 5 2016, 4:16am:
    Not really, though I sometimes have music dreams where I come up with some progression that's so awesome it doesn't translate to reality.

Question: Here's my issue: on a worldtrip, laptop is my DAW and a pair of HiFi headphones (have to be small enough). The low end on them is way too loud. Do you know of any Win program that runs in background and could apply an EQ on my output jack (onBoard sound)? If not, how hard would it be for a beginner to code one? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (86.182.86.x) on February 1 2016, 9:26pm
Reply on February 2 2016, 3:58pm:
    Could be an impedance issue... maybe get a headphone pre?

    You could use REAPER's monitoring FX to EQ your mixes without having it be tied to the project... Hooking audio output is a pain.

Question: Which is best? Programming, music, sleep or coffee? [permalink]
Asked by IXix (109.152.64.x) on February 1 2016, 8:56pm
Reply on February 2 2016, 3:58pm:
    All of the above, but if I had to give one up I would definitely not choose sleep.

Question: Thanks for your response to my previous question on the 26th! I didn't expext to hear back, especially so soon. Thats amazing tyhat you take time to acrually go through this stuff. I appreciate the insight. Would you be willing to give me any advice on a solid place to start in writing a daw. Do you know of any open source projects that may help to sta [permalink]
Asked by Marcus (104.169.25.x) on January 31 2016, 11:13pm
Reply on February 2 2016, 4:00pm:
    Hmm hard to say, I'm sure there are plenty out there (Ardour, for example), but there's probably so much code in there it would be overwhelming. Before I started REAPER I made a single-track effect processor called Jesusonic (or JSFX), then I made NINJAM which has much in common with a DAW (just a dynamic and synthesized arrange view, essentially), e.g. multi-track mixing. NINJAM is open source, you could look at it, might be helpful.

Question: Have you ever checked skia graphics engine? What do you think about it, compared to let's say cairo or minimalistic lice? Thanks. [permalink]
Asked by gio (85.75.102.x) on January 30 2016, 3:53pm
Reply on January 31 2016, 1:55am:
    I haven't. At this point obviously we use LICE everywhere so we can't really change that... :)

Question: Hardest thing you ever learned and eventually got pretty damn good at? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on January 30 2016, 4:02am
Reply on January 31 2016, 1:55am:
    False humility.

Question: I like that the new MIDI link feature enables us to control FX parameters using the track MIDI path (vs. global MIDI control path). However, now I miss relative/toggle modes, MIDI learn and auto-complete. I'm considering to write a plugin for that. But before I do that: Is it planned? Or an option to use track MIDI path for traditional MIDI/OSC learn? [permalink]
Asked by helgoboss (188.105.185.x) on January 29 2016, 3:17pm
Reply on January 31 2016, 1:56am:
    I don't think most of those options make sense from a track-MIDI perspective, to be honest.

Question: I LOL'd: tinyurl.com/lrm4x2x [permalink]
Asked by EvilDragon (89.164.251.x) on January 27 2016, 10:15pm
Reply on January 31 2016, 1:56am:
    Ha ha

Question: What do you think of Opcode Vision Pro? Did you ever use it? [permalink]
Asked by Memy (75.134.150.x) on January 27 2016, 3:21pm
Reply on January 31 2016, 1:57am:
    Never used it. I only really remember using Cool Edit, Sound Forge, Logic, ACID, and Vegas.

Question: Hey I am embarking on trying to develop a few of my own and I am wondering if there is any literature that I can review that will give me the basic idea for a shell and some examples of generic functions that daws carry out. What language should I use to develop this idea. I am hearing a lot about c++ [permalink]
Asked by Marcus (50.111.1.x) on January 25 2016, 11:47pm
Reply on January 26 2016, 9:01pm (edited at January 26 2016, 9:02pm):
    Make something you want to use! That's the only way I know how to do things... As far as languages go, I only have experience in writing this sort of application in C/C++, however it is probably possible in other languages depending on your requirements. Doing things with Javascript and various new web APIs would be fun (but would also rule out many things, so it might only be fun).

Question: ..."blurred" in context of talk beetween devsscripters (I don`t know how ofter or are you ever watching API requests, ex). "Ask Justin about REAPER" thread would be good in this case. [permalink]
Asked by mpl / Michael (176.9.136.x) on January 25 2016, 5:38am
Reply on January 26 2016, 9:01pm:
    (see below)

Question: Hello Justin. Since it is the only "direct" way to ask you (unfortunately!), I firstly thank you for your hard work. The question is what do think about coders who brings Reaper into another level of usability for users who can`t live using only native features. There aren`t so many people who developing cool things. Cockos forum is sooo "blurred" in context [permalink]
Asked by mpl / Michael (109.61.203.x) on January 25 2016, 5:35am
Reply on January 26 2016, 9:01pm:
    You can always email or tweet, too. I don't really know what you're asking here though. :/

Question: Please can we have a global input quantize setting? [permalink]
Asked by Martin Burrow (31.3.244.x) on January 24 2016, 7:39pm
Reply on January 26 2016, 9:00pm:
    What, per-track with defaults isn't good enough? See rules, above.

Question: Good question about the woodchuck. On another note she who sold sea shells by the sea shore seems to be selling some other lately, and wearing really short skirts. Do you approve? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (108.84.128.x) on January 23 2016, 10:42pm
Reply on January 26 2016, 9:00pm:
    Ha ha
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