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Question: Have you ever worked with another programmer that made you feel dumb? [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on May 5 2016, 12:38am
Reply on May 5 2016, 3:05am:
    Sure, everybody makes me feel dumb at some time or another, but nobody I've known makes me feel dumb all the time. Perhaps I'm immune.

Question: how does it feel to know that you made the best DAW around? (by the way, in the next century I'm probably going to make a better one for my needs, if I stop procrastinating everything. but reaper is pretty cool.) [permalink]
Asked by hopeless (79.47.116.x) on May 4 2016, 6:01pm
Reply on May 5 2016, 3:05am:
    Ha that's like, your opinion, man. Thanks though :) It's a work in progress, I'm just happy I get to use it!

Question: Is Ted Cruz the zodiac killer [permalink]
Asked by Jesus (192.234.38.x) on May 3 2016, 2:04pm
Reply on May 3 2016, 9:36pm:
    I haven't seen any evidence to the contrary

Question: What percentage of your Cockos time is coding REAPER vs business things, maintaining website etc.? [permalink]
Asked by George (76.97.150.x) on May 2 2016, 5:47pm
Reply on May 3 2016, 9:37pm:
    Hmm it varies highly, sometimes I program a lot, other times I do other things a lot (customer service, testing, etc). Web site development gets very little attention.

Question: You mentioned you use purify - are there any other static or dynamic analysis tools you like? [permalink]
Asked by Anon (80.194.75.x) on May 2 2016, 9:31am
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:23pm:
    We used it at one point, but not so much anymore. Valgrind is nice. The code analysis tools that come with Xcode and recent visual studio versions are pretty nice too.

Question: Do you play chess? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (78.25.121.x) on May 1 2016, 4:18pm
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:23pm:
    Not really, I'm impatient.

Question: Hi, Justin. Long time lurker, first time poster. I saw a reddit post over on r/linuxaudio about the native linux version of Reaper. It really made my day. I tend to have the geekiest daydreams, and a dedicated Reaper linux distribution is a reoccurring dream of mine. Considering the history with Jesusonic, do you every entertain thoughts of a dedicated Reape [permalink]
Asked by Fernando (24.155.108.x) on May 1 2016, 3:40am
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:24pm:
    I don't think anybody would want a dedicated REAPER-distro, but maybe a debian base install + list of apt-get packages would be useful? :)

Question: Re "genwafilefinder" The MIssing File Finder (I was hoping it could fix playlists), it was on sourceforge and openhub, I thought you might have it or know where to find it or know someone who does...thx! [permalink]
Asked by Joey (82.10.152.x) on April 30 2016, 11:47pm
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:24pm:
    No idea!

Question: Windows (post-vista?) has files.. music files etc... some have ID3, and *all files have sys-tags (date created etc). There's comments, and hundreds more... also USN Journal,alternate data streams (which might be how ya could 'tag' folders, in XP). You can create your own filetype... Apple has a CAF audio structure, (details @ goo.gl/lbkehV) How can I edit C [permalink]
Asked by Jonny (82.16.170.x) on April 30 2016, 10:53am
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:24pm:
    Not sure what this question is.

Question: How do you turn this into profit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gHgXmMXvAg [permalink]
Asked by Will (107.203.156.x) on April 30 2016, 4:34am
Reply on May 2 2016, 2:25pm:
    Hah. Some skills are for entertainment only?

Question: How many languages can you speak? [permalink]
Asked by asafonov (84.42.11.x) on April 28 2016, 6:01pm
Reply on April 29 2016, 1:05pm:
    Fluently, just English. Ordering tacos, two, maybe three others.

Question: Could you have a look at the final endif statement in stringpool.h? Thanks. [permalink]
Asked by gio (94.70.16.x) on April 28 2016, 7:35am
Reply on April 28 2016, 3:14pm:
    fixing, thanks!

Question: Roughly how many code lines is Reaper's biggest function? [permalink]
Asked by Punky Brewster (99.117.28.x) on April 27 2016, 4:47pm
Reply on April 28 2016, 2:02am:
    Not sure the easiest way to check, but probably huge, some big switch() {} statement.

Question: when is my birthday [permalink]
Asked by Jaxon (205.122.29.x) on April 27 2016, 3:41pm
Reply on April 28 2016, 2:02am:
    Tuesday, at least some years.

Question: Do you know what the best hair growing product? [permalink]
Asked by Paul (205.122.29.x) on April 26 2016, 4:00pm
Reply on April 27 2016, 1:57am:
    Hmm that's outside of my expertise

Question: Hi, I'm working on an extension that uses a listbox, and I can get it to work for Windows, but won't work on Mac. When I run the php script, it makes the mac .rc_mac_dlg, but i'm stuck on this: hMarkerListWnd = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, WC_LISTVIEW, "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_TABSTOP | LVS_REPORT | LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS | LVS_SINGLESEL, 0, 0, 1, 1, hw [permalink]
Asked by Wyatt (76.77.161.x) on April 26 2016, 12:04am
Reply on April 26 2016, 3:02pm:
    "Sorry I didn't finish the question below. Is there a function in swell that I'm missing or is it possble?" Yeah, you can't use CreateWindowEx() on SWELL -- the easiest thing is to create controls in dialog resources and have CreateDialog() deal with it. To create on the fly, do something like this:
    #ifdef _WIN32
      SWELL_MakeSetCurParms(1, 1, 0, 0, parent, false, false);
      hMakerListWnd = SWELL_MakeControl("",id_if_you_care,"SysListView32",LVS_REPORT|LVS_SINGLESEL,x,y,w,h,0);
      SWELL_MakeSetCurParms(1, 1, 0, 0, NULL, false, false);

Question: On builds: How does that work? Does it do multiple passes to get the best compile or some other things? [permalink]
Asked by Punky Brewster (99.117.28.x) on April 25 2016, 2:51pm
Reply on April 26 2016, 2:56pm:
    No just builds the four different versions.

Question: If a REAPER build takes more than 10 min, how do you test things? You can't write/test/compile quickly, what's the strategy? [permalink]
Asked by Rodrigo (177.96.146.x) on April 25 2016, 2:47am
Reply on April 25 2016, 2:49pm (edited at April 25 2016, 2:50pm):
    That's for release builds (which rebuild-all, using ICC in release mode, for 4 platforms, OSX/Win, 32 and 64-bit).

    When developing using xcode, for example, you only build the files that change, which is usually close to instant, but even if I rebuild-all in debug mode in xcode, it takes ~30 seconds (VC is quite a bit slower on the same computer).

Question: How long does it take to compile a new Reapee build? [permalink]
Asked by PunkyBrewster (99.117.28.x) on April 24 2016, 10:42pm
Reply on April 25 2016, 12:33am:
    Our autobuild farm takes about 10-15 minutes I think.

Question: Where can "genwafilefinder" be retrieved? [permalink]
Asked by Joey (82.10.152.x) on April 23 2016, 6:30pm
Reply on April 25 2016, 12:33am:
    I don't know what that is (other than guessing)
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