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Question: Following a particular thread in the forums. What holds you back for full skinning? Have you put any thought for vector based skinning engine? (For the later I was said that you would look at it at some point, any progress?) [permalink]
Asked by gio (2.87.6.x) on September 2 2014, 1:57pm

Question: Now in your later 30s, can you still absorb new low level technical details as quickly as you could as a 17 yr old? After all, a lot of what you do now came from the learning that guy did. [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.104.121.x) on September 2 2014, 4:14am

Question: If you were a woman, would you fall under the charm of Schwa ? What if you are a man ? [permalink]
Asked by CWzrd (62.235.243.x) on September 1 2014, 8:04pm

Question: Do you believe in God? If not, who or what created the Big Bang? What do you think? [permalink]
Asked by Tim Miosga (83.135.244.x) on September 1 2014, 7:19pm
Reply on September 1 2014, 7:40pm (edited at September 1 2014, 7:42pm):
    And what created that thing that created the big bang? And what created that? Repeat.

Question: Do you believe that a healthy body can support the mind better? [permalink]
Asked by gio (2.87.6.x) on September 1 2014, 2:17pm
Reply on September 1 2014, 7:41pm:
    Sure, it would seem pretty easy to demonstrate that being extremely unhealthy can cause brain damage, so there is likely be some curve, likely with diminishing returns beyond a certain level of wellbeing.

Question: If you had to pick one of these formats to listen to music. What would it be? Vinyl or Cassettes? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (173.209.211.x) on August 31 2014, 4:18pm
Reply on August 31 2014, 7:32pm:
    Vinyl no question!

Question: Have you ever thought to return back to pure C? What's your thoughts on C++ modernism in general? I'm starting a pet project and I'm thinking about the former, although haven't decided yet if it's worth it or not... [permalink]
Asked by gio (2.87.6.x) on August 30 2014, 4:19pm
Reply on August 31 2014, 7:33pm:
    Occasionally, though I haven't used the newer C features much. C++ classes/interfaces with virtual functions are quite nice, as is the stronger type checking, and templates are also quite handy. So no, I don't think I've seriously considered going back to pure C for most things.

Question: Do you think fonts look better now that chrome 37 uses directwrite? In ways I think it looks shittier ... so used to GDI. [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.104.121.x) on August 28 2014, 2:46am
Reply on August 30 2014, 12:59am:
    Not sure how I feel. They look like fonts...

Question: Would you be interested in participating in an audio hack day in SF next month? Our dev team loves Reaper and it would be awesome to have you there. [permalink]
Asked by Team Gobbler (64.134.162.x) on August 26 2014, 8:27pm
Reply on August 27 2014, 12:28pm:
    Ah, I would, but it's unlikely that I would be in SF at that point.

Question: Have you played with nginx, or like VC6, Apache 4eva? [permalink]
Asked by Will (24.234.85.x) on August 26 2014, 5:20pm
Reply on August 26 2014, 7:15pm:
    I haven't -- none of our web stuff is particularly CPU-constrained anyway. Also VC6 is used with ICC for production win32 builds only, it is actually a small subset of our development toolchain (and day to day on Windows I use vse2013 more than vc6). Having said that, VC6 is indeed awesome.

Question: Will the Reaper meters ever reflect the audio in the track? Even if it has to be defined by the user. The lack of mono metering for mono tracks is quite unintuitive. [permalink]
Asked by Daniel (31.53.77.x) on August 24 2014, 6:59pm
Reply on August 25 2014, 12:21am:
    Do you mean pre-fx, pre-fader metering?

Question: Had you simply held your AOL stock, what would it be worth now? [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.104.121.x) on August 23 2014, 6:25pm
Reply on August 23 2014, 10:36pm:
    I have no idea -- it would take a great deal of work to calculate, I'd imagine, as I would also have Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, and Time Inc shares too (which would presumably be worth more).

Question: I made a tool and I would like know your idea about it. www.taskmod.com [permalink]
Asked by Ruchira (124.43.155.x) on August 21 2014, 7:07am
Reply on August 22 2014, 8:26pm:
    That's not really a question...

Question: Did Sean Parker ever try to weasel his way into the Nullsoft group? [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.104.121.x) on August 19 2014, 4:42am
Reply on August 19 2014, 1:00pm:
    Not that I know of

Question: Did you take the #IceBucketChallenge yet? [permalink]
Asked by Stephan (135.19.199.x) on August 19 2014, 1:41am
Reply on August 19 2014, 1:00pm:
    Hah no, and it's stupid.

Question: Hey justin do you currently play in a band? If so how can I hear it? [permalink]
Asked by Dan N (184.58.231.x) on August 19 2014, 12:54am
Reply on August 19 2014, 1:00pm:
    I don't, but I still record things from time to time (mostly under the guise of testing).

Question: Do you read often Arstechnica ? Do you like Can's record "Flow Motion" ? [permalink]
Asked by Cwyaz (92.144.12.x) on August 17 2014, 11:51am
Reply on August 18 2014, 7:41pm:
    I sometimes will read Arstechnica articles but I don't find myself going to their web site to begin. I don't think I've heard "Flow Motion", I do like Ege Bamyasi and Tago Mago a lot though!

Question: Which quote is your favorite? www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/john_carmack.html... [permalink]
Asked by Will (68.104.121.x) on August 16 2014, 7:15pm
Reply on August 18 2014, 7:41pm:
    Maybe "Low-level programming is good for the programmer's soul."

Question: What is your favorite Iron Maiden album? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (75.134.137.x) on August 16 2014, 6:41pm
Reply on August 18 2014, 7:41pm:
    I don't think I could name one :/

Question: Any special activities (swimming) that you enjoy for the summer? Swimming for me is by far the best... [permalink]
Asked by gio (94.66.73.x) on August 14 2014, 12:43pm
Reply on August 14 2014, 2:23pm:
    Been doing the Thursday evening Van Cortlandt Track Club XC 5K races, those are fun. Last one is tonight...
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