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Question: I am extremely sorry to ask this question directly .... but I have a huge respect to you since you are a hardcore audio geek and musician. In a process of normalizing dose it negativly affect audio quality? (Dose normolizing damage audio quality? )
Asked by Erick (172.250.71.x) on July 1 2018, 1:01pm
Reply on July 1 2018, 3:25pm (edited at July 1 2018, 3:26pm):
    Assuming that:
    1. The signal is not otherwise processed
    2. The output bit-depth is equal to or greater than the input
    3. Applying a non-negative gain to the signal
    4. The output signal does not clip

    In this case, if you apply gain, you can apply the reverse amount of gain and get the exact (bit-for-bit) signal back. So it should not damage the audio in any way.
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