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Question: Can you please explain the advantage of 64 Bit floating processing? I understand that this leads to less calculation errors, but is there actually an audible difference?
Asked by Tobias (195.81.221.x) on November 4 2019, 11:31am
Reply on November 4 2019, 3:01pm:
    32 bit floating point is plenty of precision for representing pretty much any signal, but any time you do any nontrivial calculation with it, you end up with small rounding errors, which by themselves are almost always insignificant. But do enough of these calculations, and they start accumulating. Does it always sound better? No. Can it in some instances? Yes.

  • Posted by Tobias (195.81.221.x) on November 5 2019, 9:52am:
    Thanks. What would you say are "nontrivial" calculations in a typical mix project?

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