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Question: About delay buffers: when using a 'standard' ring buffer (doubles) with (extreme example) SR 192 kHz, 2 BPM, delay length one bar, RAM usage should be 120 (sec) * 192000 * 8 (bytes) ~ 180 MB. Though when doing this in REAPER/ReaDelay is seems to consume much less RAM (according to PerfMeter/TM). Do you use another technique for it?
Asked by nofish (94.134.90.x) on January 31 2020, 3:22pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:05am:
    Busted! We use 32-bit floats for the delay lines...

  • Posted by nofish (89.247.253.x) on February 5 2020, 4:28pm:
    I'll contact MythBusters soonish! xD

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