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Question: Would you ever consider selling Reaper if the potential buyer was on the same wavelength and wanted to put more resources behind the mission of free and open tools for music creation?
Asked by Daniel (69.16.172.x) on March 3 2020, 8:50pm
Reply on March 4 2020, 12:23am:
    Assuming there were enough other conditions satisfied to convince me that this was the case, then I would have no choice but to assume that the potential buyer was insane and not qualified to be buying the business.

  • Posted by Daniel (92.255.93.x) on March 4 2020, 9:38am:
    We may be insane, I'll give you that, but that would be by conventional definition. We're anything but conventional. Been around 20+ years, no outside capital. Growth and acquisitions only from profits. We've recently made an acquisition of similar size/scale. But will NEVER charge a cent for anything related to it (we're philosophically opposed to charging creators for means to create). Would welcome the opportunity to convince you that we're both crazy and qualified - daniel@live.com

  • Posted by Justin on March 4 2020, 1:28pm:
    No thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on March 4 2020, 1:29pm:
    (that was mostly a catch 22 reference, btw)

  • Posted by Daniel (92.255.93.x) on March 4 2020, 2:13pm:
    I catch far to few literary references. I went to school in Utah.

  • Posted by Preaper (174.239.3.x) on March 4 2020, 4:29pm:
    Sounds like a polite way of hinting that the Reaper code is sprawling and complex, and will drive a developer insane.

  • Posted by Justin on March 4 2020, 4:41pm:
    Preaper haha not exactly. Daniel -- it wasn't an obvious reference, just a conceptual one :)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.73.x) on March 5 2020, 3:25pm:
    @Daniel Sorry but we don't want our REAPER to become a refugee like Cakewalk Sonar. Thanks to Bandlab for acquiring that poor DAW, but still, imagine how bad Sonar users felt that time when the company Cakewalk announced that they ceased the development. And also to the employees working for that company. REAPER is in very much good condition now, especially after releasing of the 6th version.

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