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Question: There is one thing common in CEOs of top companies (like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg), the thing is they read books. How just reading any book can make you a better human? Why not watching videos of those things make you a better human? Do you read books in your free time? Okay, now REAPER related. Have you ever fully read REAPER manual (by Geoffrey, right?)? Be honest please.
Asked by Books (107.170.127.x) on March 15 2020, 8:05am
Reply on March 15 2020, 7:38pm (edited at March 15 2020, 7:39pm):
    Reading is an interesting thing in that it presents your brain with the most abstract thing -- ideas -- via the simplest means available (language). If you believe we're turing machines and thus functions of our inputs, reading books would be a very pure form of input (compared to movies or music).

    I do read books but mostly fiction. At the moment I'm reading non-fiction, though, Scott Jurek's book. I have not read the REAPER user guide start to finish, but I've seen most of the pages :)

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