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Question: Quantum computing:: (a.) do you think the mass public will come to be able to quantum compute? (b.) will we all need to fundamentally re-educate for it? + (c.) Do you feel it will truly benefit humanity,or enslave us in some ways???
Asked by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on June 24 2020, 12:59pm
Reply on June 24 2020, 5:57pm:
    I have no idea

  • Posted by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on June 25 2020, 4:07pm:
    lol- probably same as those who work with such things..do they really have any idea..who knows?

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on June 26 2020, 6:42am:
    It's very unlikely. You can't just put such technology into smartphone or laptop, they won't be mainstream. Probably big companies will benefit from them for very specific tasks and that's it.

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