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Question: T-shaped skill VS. I-shaped skill.... which is better? What do you like being between two? (currently, I guess you are I-shaped person)
Asked by The Skill (27.58.64.x) on December 13 2020, 7:45am
Reply on December 13 2020, 1:26pm (edited at December 13 2020, 1:28pm):
    I'm probably a [.] but I don't think I'd be I-shaped

  • Posted by The Skill (27.58.64.x) on December 13 2020, 3:27pm:
    oh sorry, I meant you are T-shaped, because you are master in coding and do music stuffs as hobby/passion, right?

  • Posted by Justin on December 13 2020, 8:45pm:
    Ah yeah, I have a lot of things that I enjoy without being particularly good at...

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 15 2020, 1:42pm:
    lol,modesty and such witty charm.. seems to have got somewhere.. :)

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