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Question: Hello, Justin! After beeing asked about speakers and microphones, i want to ask you, which sound card you use under linux .. and headphones in general? (headphones question is just curiousity) .. And is there a way to control "cache samples smaller than.." in RS5K via scipt? Thank you.
Asked by Simon (83.222.186.x) on January 18 2021, 10:25pm
Reply on January 20 2021, 2:26pm:
    On linux I use both a Zoom R24 via USB on a laptop, which is OK, but on my main recording box I have a PCI RME device which is awesome and I highly recommend! (though these days you'd get a PCI-E one). Headphones: Grado SR80 or whatever for open-eared listening, Beyer 770s for some protection from drums etc.

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