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Question: When Windows 8 was released with new UWP apps, were you shocked or scared that Microsoft might end Win32 softwares and focus on UWP apps and you thought that you have to re-make Windows version of REAPER as a UWP app? Fortunately, Windows 11 start focusing back to its old Win32 apps, but with modern twist (WinUI apps, I guess). And UWP apps are going to be dead soon.
Asked by Abhi (223.190.11.x) on December 11 2021, 3:48pm
Reply on December 12 2021, 10:32pm:
    MS has always made a huge priority of preserving backwards-compatibility (unlike some other notable companies), so I didn't worry.

  • Posted by pzpzpz (107.77.229.x) on December 15 2021, 1:59am:
    WinUI is UWP/WinRT, but you can have win32 mixed with winrt code on windows desktop. WinRT is just wrappers for different programming languages, but it all calls Win32 code in userland. Original WinRT/UWP was to resolve runtime or security issues on the OS, but it would orphan too many apps. MS realized there were already millions of windows apps. Windows app store is pretty lame to me. But, oh well, it's here to stay.

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