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Question: I've seen you mention avoiding multiple inheritance, and using a subset of cpp features in older posts - what do you think of the 'reject cpp-isms' stuff? (sticking to simple c-style code, no inheritance, structs over classes, data-oriented design (no OOP), the list goes on..). Side-node, have you worked with XAudio2 before, likes/dislikes?
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on June 20 2022, 3:02pm
Reply on June 20 2022, 7:56pm (edited at June 20 2022, 7:57pm):
    I'm pretty pragmatic and moderate in my views, the most important part is making the code easy to understand and read. Excessively complex class hierarchies make that difficult, and multiple inheritance falls into that category. Most of what you describe sounds like OOP-in-C which is not functionally that different, and you lose very useful things such as templates and other bits of syntactic sugar that make things nice. So meh? I haven't touched XAudio2.

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