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Question: man you have to create a perfect sheet music editor as you've already created a perfect daw. i've just tested guitar pro 8 and dorico 4 they both slow and buggy as fuck. gp8 crashed three times before i typed a first note, dorico4 crashes when i'm trying to open a preferences menu for part that have to be in the list but not added yet! they both loads projects for few seconds they both starts to freezing when i'm holding delete key or when acting some simple animation!!!! maaaan you have to!!!!
Asked by ChExi (78.159.40.x) on July 4 2022, 8:23pm
Reply on July 5 2022, 4:12pm:
    The score editing stuff was almost entirely schwa, so he'd be more qualified to do that. Having said that, the effort/benefit for additional improvements is probably quite a bit too high.

  • Posted by Abhi (122.181.86.x) on July 6 2022, 7:11am:
    @ChExi what's bad in REAPER's built-in score editor?

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