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Question: If you could just copy and paste the whole REAPER source code to a GPT AI chat bot (maybe the upgraded version 3 years from now) and just tell it: add this, do this here, it should be like this, giving priority on that and so on then it spits out exactly that and it works perfectly as expected.. would you do it? Or you just enjoy coding, or maybe a little of both? Like letting it help you on your journey?
Asked by NotAnAI(winkwink) (187.213.94.x) on December 18 2022, 6:56pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 8:08pm:
    I definitely enjoy the process but I also enjoy making my life easier. I wouldn't be opposed to it, assuming the bot could do it with 100% correctness, but verifying that would be easier said than done?

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