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Question: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt_Y4pSdsHw How are you at reading code? Do you agree with Linus at 2:50?
Asked by Will (24.234.206.x) on January 12 2012, 11:25pm
Reply on January 13 2012, 1:44am:
    Do I agree that for the science of it, open source is superior? Yes. Do I think it makes for better products? In itself, yes. There are other factors, though. I'd happily open source REAPER if we could still run it as a business similar to the way we do now, but unfortunately I can't come up with any models to make that happen.

  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on January 26 2021, 9:06pm:
    What about releasing two versions, one that is entirely open source and free of proprietary components, and one that is the "full" version, proprietary parts included. Similar to how Google has Chromium and Chrome.

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