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Question: I have no knowledge of VST plugin technicalities. Is/could VST3 plugins be more processor effective/lighter on the CPU than VST2's?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on November 27 2022, 2:14am
Reply on November 27 2022, 3:41am:
    Best possible scenario if you used all of the features available (silence reporting etc), very very slightly in some circumstances. But I'd say negligible.
Question: When you guys pull a dev feature is it temporary like to work on it more, or maybe not the right time or are they long lost? e.g. container items, just curious, since it's thought and work put in to just scrap. Is this breaking the do not ask about these rule? It's more on the what do you do on those cases side of things
Asked by Alex (187.213.108.x) on November 26 2022, 7:40pm
Reply on November 27 2022, 12:43am:
    It depends, usually it would be because we don't like the implementation and we'd probably want to redesign it. I can't say anything about that specific thing though because I don't really know.
Question: How many sounds are possible to design with any synth (massive, diva or any)?
Asked by Synthwave (171.48.3.x) on November 26 2022, 4:13pm
Reply on November 27 2022, 12:43am:
Question: heyo- have you much real "belief" in the bodies natural quasi_electrical chakra system? chinese medicines,wholistic healing modalities... etcetc?
Asked by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 24 2022, 1:25pm
Reply on November 24 2022, 3:27pm:
    Not sure what it is, though obviously things like acupuncture do things (especially dry needling hah!), and the body is incredibly complex so it makes sense that there would be complex interactions. Not sure to what extent it is understood by any system, though if people find patterns they are likely useful.
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Question: Hello Justin. Walking through your vast library of musical creations, I have the impression that in this field you are looking for the opposite of what the activity of coding forces you to achieve. There is a taste of unfinished business that haunts your musical production. You invoke music for what it has to give of true in its imperfection, in its non-programmatic way, right ? Since these two opposing activities, each one in their own radical way, must cancel each other out, how do you arbitrate this ?
Asked by OedipeMess (91.170.55.x) on November 24 2022, 8:54am
Reply on November 24 2022, 3:25pm:
    Perhaps the yin and the yang? Perhaps there are more similarities than differences, in that they are always in a state of evolution and improvement etc etc.
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Question: Do you think this can improve Reaper testing? github.com/facebookexperimental/hermitdevelopers.facebook.com/blog/post/...
Asked by Vital (195.191.162.x) on November 23 2022, 9:30pm
Reply on November 24 2022, 3:25pm:
    Interesting, probably not though
Question: Do you think it's good to do masters in the age of 35-40?
Asked by Asked by (182.68.228.x) on November 22 2022, 3:25pm
Reply on November 22 2022, 7:14pm:
Question: Is JSFX derived from the SPS plugin for Winamp?
Asked by Kevin (152.172.161.x) on November 22 2022, 6:56am
Reply on November 22 2022, 7:13pm:
    It is conceptually similar and was based on the same zlib-licensed EEL library that we made for AVS, but other than that initial library it doesn't share anything else.
Question: Who do you think are included in the Hall of Fame of indie plugin developers?
Asked by Leandro Alvarez (104.158.4.x) on November 21 2022, 6:31pm
Reply on November 21 2022, 9:45pm:
Question: heylo- is whitetie learning any code tips from yourself,or schwa? ..if so* how they doing in the pixellab right now? seeing good progress there?
Asked by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on November 21 2022, 11:30am
Reply on November 21 2022, 2:33pm:
    He's been writing some awesome ReaScripts yeah! Not sure about pixellab or what that is.
Question: Do you use Assembler/machine code in REAPER's code (besides C/C++)?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.90.x) on November 21 2022, 1:50am
Reply on November 21 2022, 2:33pm:
    Not really, though we do in some places like EEL2 (which generates assembler from JSFX), and the sinc resampling uses SSE3 intrinsics which is more or less assembler with C syntax.
Question: Which service you have used to upload your songs on Spotify?
Asked by No reasonable question unanswered since 2009! (122.181.84.x) on November 20 2022, 3:57pm
Reply on November 20 2022, 6:56pm:
    DistroKid and Soundrop. Both work well, the latter is probably a better deal, but I've used the former a lot more.
Question: What are you most excited about at the moment?
Asked by Jonas (88.65.109.x) on November 19 2022, 8:45pm
Reply on November 19 2022, 11:45pm:
    got a 50 mile race in two weeks, woot!
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Question: Do you approve breaking/vandalizing hostile architecture ? like those spike stones under bridges/ benches with rails
Asked by heya (177.124.149.x) on November 18 2022, 10:49pm
Reply on November 19 2022, 1:40am:
    I am against hostile architecture in general, yeah.
Question: Would you consider publishing a TODO list or a COMING SOON list in the forum, so that we could salivate in advance. Nothing engaging you too much of course, but just a glimpse to the future or Reaper... Thanks for this great tool for musicians !
Asked by BinbinHfr (86.211.250.x) on November 18 2022, 9:54pm
Reply on November 19 2022, 1:40am:
    That's what the pre-release forum is
Question: The volume envelope is currently processed along with inserts in the necessary anticipative render-ahead buffer. This is bad for skilled volume fader users. Can this be changed , so we do not need to arm a track to have lag-less(as much as possible) volume envelope recording ?
Asked by Airon (91.64.134.x) on November 18 2022, 11:24am
Reply on November 18 2022, 1:00pm:
    Can reduce the antfx size, or record arm the track
Question: Hey Justin, do you know Judee Sill's music? Mind blowing stuff. (Her third unfinished album isn't on spotify, youtube has it though, was produced after she died). 'My Man on Love', 'I'm Over', 'That's the Spirit', she has #1 spot for awe-filled music for me (#2 elliott smith). All the best
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on November 18 2022, 2:05am
Reply on November 18 2022, 1:00pm:
    I don't, but will check her albums out
Question: How many lines of code is the Main() reaper function?
Asked by mlprod (78.66.91.x) on November 16 2022, 6:22pm
Reply on November 16 2022, 11:09pm:
    WinMain() on win32 is 610 lines, main() on linux is 316 lines, main() on macOS is 9 lines... of course the scope of those functions vary ;)
Question: Do you like your first name? If you could choose it, what name you chose for yourself?
Asked by justin = { main feed , music , code , askjf , pubkey }; (27.58.190.x) on November 16 2022, 3:21pm
Reply on November 16 2022, 11:10pm:
    It's fine, but most importantly it's mine.
Question: Is there ever any chance for a mactintosh ReaJS plug akin to the PC one? (Or i guess, opensourcing).. using reajs with great success in Bidule/PC but any potential growth of this idea space is necessarily limited to the wintel world. Just asking etc etc thanks for the great work
Asked by Jens (2.248.179.x) on November 15 2022, 10:52am
Reply on November 16 2022, 12:56am:
    Eventually when we open source JSFX someone can do it. It's sort of a pain because there's a fair bit of win32 code in there, and to do a mac port you'd have to static link with some SWELL stuff and it might get messy. Eventually though...
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