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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.248.x) on May 31 2020, 7:47pm in 5245:
    +1 from me as well :D

  • Posted by JimmaJamma (24.228.131.x) on May 31 2020, 3:27am in 4055:
    How'd that bet work out? :) Btw, I asked your thoughts on Bitcoin and dispelled some common myths back in 2015 and 2017. Might make sense to consider others *may* have insights you don't. I'm truly sorry I was unable to convince you. Be back next year. Looking forward to your 2028 prediction too.

  • Posted by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on May 30 2020, 12:51am in 5248:
    They will wait for you and miss your presence! They bring greater health to those that seek them. They are part of you+all. :D

  • Posted by helgoboss (2.207.58.x) on May 28 2020, 11:23pm in 5245:
    That would be awesome. I think it's quite hard to come up with something as usable as the native action picker.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (89.247.253.x) on May 27 2020, 11:26pm in 5240:
    Eveb if partly outdated I find e.g. wiki.cockos.com/wiki/index.php/Sta...valuable, so please don't let it vanish completely. :)

  • Posted by Albi (196.240.57.x) on May 26 2020, 10:27pm in 5243:
    Cool, reminds me of the time VCA got implemented very nicely within the grouping matrix. But, I guess Sexan did somehow influence you? :D

  • Posted by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on May 26 2020, 9:32pm in 5242:
    oh,why so? a name is just an identity label.. you know that. :) These channeled messages can be very inspiring and quite enlightening imo.(It's well worth the read because it gives clues to our real identities,and liberates us from the biasing ego sides of human personality) >your choice.

  • Posted by Icchan^ (91.159.172.x) on May 26 2020, 9:20pm in 5238:
    When internet stops working (inevitably will happen some point), you definitely don't want to be without music as well. And I want to decide what's in my collection, not let that on someone else. Spotify can and will add and REMOVE songs and albums on quite arbitary basis. And Spotify stream has almost zero value for the artist... so I want to support them by buying the CD :)

  • Posted by Bryan (202.21.128.x) on May 26 2020, 8:51pm in 5236:
    I've used up-converting many times before, mainly to satisfy very strict hardware sampler format issues (for live performance). That's a case where I'm not expecting any extra quality (if it's not there it's not there), but if the target device only accepts one format, then you gotta give it that.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on May 26 2020, 10:23am in 5239:
    Thanks, now this makes perfect sense!

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 26 2020, 12:25am in 5240:
    Aye- your the boss here.. seemed a little silly for todays "help" it might have given the scribe something to do if bored though :)

  • Posted by Justin on May 25 2020, 7:52pm in 5240:
    Ah, "dead" as in the content. Nah, we should probably get rid of it altogether IMO

  • Posted by Justin on May 25 2020, 7:51pm in 5239:
    When I started the standard library availability was less reliable. At this point it's probably fine, but being able to fully understand and customize our own utility classes is helpful.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 25 2020, 10:24am in 5240:
    REAPER>Help>Documentation>REAPER Documentation wiki (online) > wiki.cockos.com/wiki/index.php/Rea...=dead? dated.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on May 24 2020, 11:45pm in 5239:
    @Justin what is the reason you don't use standard library? Do your functions work more efficiently than those from a standard library?

  • Posted by NiNjA(m) (182.68.76.x) on May 24 2020, 6:05am in 5238:
    W H Y ?

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2020, 2:08pm in 5236:
    I agree it's not a good thing, but there's no point in preventing people from doing things. Also hopefully people are smart enough to figure that out (if you _could_ make something sound better that way, why don't mp3 players just do it, and then we could all have 8kbps files that are upconverted to 320kbps... or if I record my audio tape to CD it will be CD quality! YEAH!)

  • Posted by Ninja(m) (104.236.70.x) on May 23 2020, 7:57am in 5236:
    But is it not good to do that. I mean, sending someone a fake 320 kbps song, whereas actually it is only a 128 kbps song. And the converter softwares are misleading people by this and people are thinking that they can gain audio quality by upscaling the song's bitrate, which is really not correct.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 22 2020, 8:47am in 5233:
    interesting word... who is the "gofer" btw> what role do they play?

  • Posted by Justin on May 21 2020, 2:53pm in 5234:
    Ah confirmed yes, fixing for 6.11!

  • Posted by Justin on May 21 2020, 2:40pm in 5234:
    Are you using the latest ReaNINJAM in REAPER? I'll doublecheck but it should be using UTF-8, maybe there's a bug though ah hm.

  • Posted by Ingwarr (176.37.50.x) on May 21 2020, 1:19pm in 5234:
    When I'm trying to write in chat in Ukrainian - I'm getting incorrect symbols instead of Ukrainian letters. Does it supports Unicode?

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.171.x) on May 18 2020, 7:55pm in 5232:
    I will be using Debian 9 or later for development but I am also interested for a minimum version for building binaries for distribution; just tested Debian 7 with gcc 4.7.x and gnome-shell 3.4.x, everything built nicely. I think gcc 4.x is the sweet spot for now, but probably need to do more testing to decide if I keep it that way or not. My only concern is the outdated git...

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 18 2020, 2:58pm in 5231:
    Bravo- it's just a shame you needed to do that then..urghhh

  • Posted by Abhirup (42.110.148.x) on May 17 2020, 6:58pm in 5229:
    Oh.Sorry. Didn't see the guidelines. 🤪

  • Posted by The Mentalist (82.207.238.x) on May 16 2020, 3:31pm in 5220:
    You're very lucky! And where do you refer yourself in the "dark triad"? psychotechnology.com/dark-triad-pe... MUHAHAHAHAHA haha :D

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.163.x) on May 16 2020, 12:38pm in 5227:
    "for he's a jolly good fellow,for he's a jolly good fellow,and so say all of us!" :D

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.212.x) on May 16 2020, 8:29am in 5226:
    I can totally see this in Your code, but is programming a tech discipline anymore or more social/humanitarian? As 95% programmers just write a text to fulfill business ideas, they do not deal with anything technical, don't even know how memory works, how is that different from bank employees for example?

  • Posted by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on May 15 2020, 12:30am in 5224:
    lol- it gets everywhere!! well,its a constant battle. cheers.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 9 2020, 4:52pm in 5219:
    Here is the alternative news channel ;) > youtu.be/7vDIcXpXpYg?t=4861 (considered a blessing in disguise)

  • Posted by AntonioEc (186.71.91.x) on May 7 2020, 11:04pm in 5213:
    Try this one dropbox.com/s/zvydqdephgimsso/W10%...

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on May 7 2020, 10:28pm in 5218:
    great answers- agreed.Thankyou.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on May 6 2020, 9:56pm in 5217:
    @Shaun why wouldn't it be profitable?

  • Posted by Justin on May 6 2020, 7:14pm in 5215:

  • Posted by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on May 6 2020, 6:57pm in 5215:
    false flag m8 ;) do they ever talk about aids,mad cow disease or any other disease these days? not much.. how about the common flu or cancer,they both apparently kill more per year but we do not lock down humanity for such things??

  • Posted by Justin on May 6 2020, 6:26pm in 5215:
    He doesn't personally want to inject the world, he wants to help people get immunities to diseases before they die from them.

  • Posted by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on May 6 2020, 10:47am in 5215:
    interesting.. am not anti anybody tbh,but do find it strange that he wants to inject the world not* being a doctor? very odd> (from chips to drips lol)

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.175.x) on May 5 2020, 3:29am in 5213:
    Why Microsoft is so slow giving us a complete dark theme? I envy Mac users now :(

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.175.x) on May 5 2020, 3:28am in 5213:
    I have heard that MacOS got complete dark theme, which includes EVERYTHING dark, unlike windows, which have some components as light in dark mode. And REAPER is all dark in dark theme in MacOS. But not in Windows

  • Posted by TheCleanerShhen (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 6:02pm in 5212:
    Peepshow&Dead Set = Awesome!.The Peepshow boys have a new show called 'Back' - But, yet to watch it. Cheers, on the 30 Rock recommendation+brain reminder. I seem to never get around to watching it, even though people say it's great - It's on free TV here now, so will def get into it!. Also Parks & Recreation is cool, I liked it season 2 onwards - season 1 was too much like the U.S Office .BTW - I forgot Archer! Best animated series since The Ren & Stimpy Show IMHO ;)

  • Posted by Justin on May 4 2020, 3:16pm in 5212:
    Ah yeah love Peep Show too. And Charlie Brooker's old zombie show "Dead Set" was great. Flight of the Conchords was great too. US comedies -- 30 Rock was amazing. Parks and Recreation too in a different way. Probably too many others to think of now

  • Posted by TheOtherSheenBrother (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 2:58pm in 5212:
    Not English, but - Flight of the Conchords still makes me laugh. Can you recommend any US Comedies/ besides Portlandia/Broad City/Community/Rick&Morty/Curb, that are cool? Don't have netflix, so a bit behind ;)

  • Posted by SheenMartin (102.165.20.x) on May 4 2020, 2:57pm in 5212:
    Great taste! W1A & In The Thick of It are ace - check out the writers previous work - ''People like us'' Ricky Gervaise borrowed from it heaps. Also, ''Nathan Barley'' by Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is great - But the premise became to real & the kids became the farce they were sending up, so only one season ;) The Games and Frontline (Older Aust satire shows that Influenced W1A etc) are great!. Big fan of The Detectorists too..The Mighty boosh is good-love the generational musical taste humour..

  • Posted by stargirl2 (107.181.189.x) on May 3 2020, 2:19pm in 5210:
    I would ''presume and assume" Especially, (if they use Reaper) = that new innovative JSFX Plugins would definately interest other great dsp developers.I don't know them/use them..Thanks soooo much for the new Super8 stuff. Champion! Take care.

  • Posted by Justin on May 3 2020, 2:07am in 5205:
    I think things like FCP and premiere can do this, where they fake the frames in between. Doubling every frame to make 30fps content 60fps is still just 30fps content

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.222.x) on May 1 2020, 5:14am in 5205:
    Is this a software which actually convert 30 fps to 60 fps? Does this double the frames or actually bring all the frames even further closer to each other, so that it actually looks like 60 fps?

  • Posted by Arie (194.59.251.x) on April 30 2020, 4:14pm in 5205:

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on April 26 2020, 8:11pm in 5200:
    @Justin shall I open a bugreport about that?

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on April 26 2020, 8:11pm in 5200:
    On Mac, plugins who are components cannot be put into a portable installation yet, so they must be installed on every system, who use them. So even if you use only portable versions of Reaper, components-effects cannot be exchanged that easy. We have that problem with our Ultraschall-Soundboard-plugin, for example.

  • Posted by todd_r (193.113.48.x) on April 25 2020, 3:44pm in 5197:
    Would you consider adding multi touch, so we can use faders properly?

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 25 2020, 11:51am in 5198:
    found this behind the scenes vid> youtu.be/lsfNRYbcld4 which really shows the creativity and genius of the production teams..this is a great part of british history i will not forget quickly! britain was once great,now not so much.. :/

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 25 2020, 11:23am in 5198:
    @justin> lol-that's class! never really tuned into that1 +@Abhi i guess it's because it's future computer related wizardry :) =puppet masters! (same guy that brought us thunderbirds/stingray/joe 90 and others,Gerry Anderson,music Barry gray..both legends!)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.65.x) on April 25 2020, 8:28am in 5195:
    For example, if someone can only do job for 5 hours for 3 days, maybe due to some another work or urgency, they can only do 5 hour work and have money, and can leave.

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.65.x) on April 25 2020, 8:27am in 5195:
    In my opinion, hourly payment is great and better than fulltime job. You can just do 3 hours work per day and get the money for it and then you can leave your office and have fun and all. I mean, you are free. You are payed just for the work you do. Not only for programmers, but I think, it would be great for other fields too.

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.65.x) on April 25 2020, 8:22am in 5198:
    @Justin By the way, why did you post that TV show's gif into REAPER website? I really can't understand :O

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.65.x) on April 25 2020, 8:21am in 5198:
    A funny thing - I wanted to ask this question, but always forget to post here XD

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.65.x) on April 25 2020, 8:19am in 5199:
    Nah, you aren't. Just a beginner in making talking videos, maybe. I have seen one of your video in your YouTube channel, where you were showing Megababy Sequencer while talking. I got the idea from there, haha. Just try to make videos while talking, soon you will get perfection. If you are into this, make sure to create multiple YouTube channels for different contents - like for programming, separate YouTube channel only for programming stuffs, and another channel for music & REAPER stuffs :)

  • Posted by 2020 (2.25.95.x) on April 20 2020, 9:12pm in 5187:
    agreed -192kbps is fine enough for portable speaker devices and low resolution monitoring etc- also it's less taxing on server bandwidth/storage spacing.. still,there is such a thing as generation loss- which can multiply with copies of copies-- so lossless is a lot better in that sense.High qaulity transferes are preferred by serious audiophiles,general public seem to care less.

  • Posted by 2020 (2.25.95.x) on April 20 2020, 9:03pm in 5191:
    yes indeed- very pleased with your humanitarian & slightly animalitarianism progress. Bravo!

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on April 20 2020, 2:57am in 5187:
    @Try a longer question As bad as "common" headphones are these days, you cannot hear a difference. Most people listen to music using bad equipment. Not everyone is audiophile. And loss of quality between 192 and higher is usually only hearable with the right music/postprocessing(as Justin mentioned). Overproduced/overmastered music(usually these day's pop) is normally prepared for mp3's limitations. I think music with a wide range in dynamics and details can be problematic but everything else usually isn't.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.145.189.x) on April 18 2020, 12:05pm in 5185:
    not that it matters- but suggest these 2 vids for improvements+insights > youtu.be/rtB93yzgedc + youtu.be/02xI2jyPpQ4 (9 is the magic #!)

  • Posted by Need a longer name (46.101.22.x) on April 18 2020, 8:59am in 5180:

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 17 2020, 11:42pm in 5179:
    That rhinoceros skin attitude is perfect > respect.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.220.x) on April 17 2020, 6:03pm in 5184:
    hmm..it's what ponies usually do.. so i'm fine i guess?

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on April 17 2020, 5:18pm in 5181:
    You can always buy used one, what will cost you less money and the quality won't be worse. ;)

  • Posted by Tale (77.170.68.x) on April 16 2020, 7:34am in 5177:
    Probably not going to happen, but: Hell yeah!

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 15 2020, 12:53pm in 5175:
    Oh right- maybe mis_read the license agreement.. :/ law is a chore/bore here..i thought americans had a written constitution,although that seems to have many amendments added over time..sigh. :)

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 14 2020, 11:35pm in 5167:
    A dream that is just a step away from a possible reality! ? >love them,they will love you!

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.179.x) on April 14 2020, 2:24am in 5174:
    Oh, those are just music tutorial videos. Those teachers use DAWs to teach lots of topics. I have converted a video of like 2000 kbps bitrate into 512 kbps and I didn't see any issue at all. Both video looks same but reduce file size a lot, like around 1/4th of the original video. So it can make my 1 GB video into 256 MB without any (major?) difference in quality. Btw, is this bitrate similar to audio bitrates (128 kbps, 192 kbps, 320 kbps etc.) ?

  • Posted by Justin on April 11 2020, 11:18pm in 5169:
    No, not at all.. sometimes I wish I kept more things, but I guess that's what ebay is for

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on April 11 2020, 10:00pm in 5169:
    Sounds cool. Do you keep old devices and use it? ;)

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 11 2020, 12:59am in 5161:
    Oh? you hope a robot takes your job?..interesting............what else are you trained to do,other than softwares?

  • Posted by @citizen (49.196.161.x) on April 10 2020, 5:43pm in 5163:
    Haha - No worries. Think word count went over ;). I guess the streets would be safe to run in the middle these days:). Sux, about your races getting canceled!, gotta stay healthy hey ;) Yeah, here in Aust, you can't run with another person now (social Dist), which is safe I guess, I would be 1 km ahead anyway;). Anyway, if you are bored and looking for amazing trails to run in the future etc.. - my brother did this 1000km 2years ago - .youtube.com/watch?v=cCYBMVyhWXk .Was amazing!!!

  • Posted by Deee (180.183.72.x) on April 10 2020, 5:57am in 5152:
    It's not even about competition is about being inspired by good ideas and good approaches just like a musician and proudly create stuff that comes from inside, but with a wider awareness and freshness

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 9 2020, 11:24pm in 5152:
    If* daws are a competative market thing- then surely it's wise to keep a close eye on competitors? (keeping friends close,and enemies even closer kinda thing?)

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on April 9 2020, 11:16pm in 5156:
    hey- it was a *global* question! :p (how stupid for my poor typos!+apologies for not being clear&sensible)

  • Posted by deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 6:02pm in 5152:
    anyway! it's none of my business! sorry

  • Posted by deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 6:00pm in 5152:
    a lot of money is subjective, a lot of of disk space too. For a DAW creator you really think that is the reason to not buy 1 DAW? FLStudio or cubase, or logic or ableton or pro tools or bitwig?? there aren't manny more afaik

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.247.x) on April 9 2020, 5:01pm in 5159:
    Oh yeah, I did that. I only wanted to have that lyrics tool as by default so that other users can easily find it? Never-mind :P

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on April 9 2020, 4:44pm in 5152:
    @Deee you're right, but you also should remember most of DAWs need a lot of space, they cost a lot and the installation process is a pain in the arse.

  • Posted by Deee (183.89.24.x) on April 9 2020, 2:38pm in 5152:
    Even if that made any sense, still the musician would like to ear others music with their own ears the filtered songs, because Manny chateristics of the music can't be described accuratly at all, right?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.247.x) on April 9 2020, 1:19pm in 5152:
    @Deee maybe, we (REAPER users) listen to the other music (use other DAWs) and suggest Justin only good music (good features from other DAWs) so that Justin himself don't have to waste time into listening to nonsense music (other DAWs) XD Just my stupid opinion :P maybe that's the reason why so far, REAPER is only the DAW which have most features available? It's just they are hidden. Take Lyrics.lua, very good feature for songwriters, but is it hidden deep inside action list. And many people don't know it.

  • Posted by Deee (223.24.154.x) on April 8 2020, 6:43pm in 5152:
    Not trying other daws for a daw creator is like a musician not listening other musians music. No?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.214.x) on April 8 2020, 8:15am in 5150:
    @2020 The instruments you have mentioned cover wide range of frequencies, not mainly higher. Like Bass cover mainly low frequency. And maybe a bit of mid frequency too. Vocals cover mainly of mid frequencies. C

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.214.x) on April 8 2020, 8:13am in 5150:
    They don't have pitches. They are used for giving your music a flow, a speed. I asked only pitched instruments. Just like bass is mainly for low frequency. I thought maybe there is an instrument mainly for high frequency?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.214.x) on April 8 2020, 8:10am in 5150:
    Nah, I am not against drums. They are as lovely as other instruments are. But they are more of percussion

  • Posted by Justin on April 8 2020, 1:44am in 5152:
    Occasionaly for testing various plug-ins, the one that I play with the most often is Pianoteq. Highly recommended!

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 7 2020, 10:30pm in 5150:
    @Abhi - flutes,pipes,organs,strings..synthesizers..human voice? there's many! and who does not like drums!! heh

  • Posted by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 7 2020, 10:26pm in 5152:
    lol- now that's loyalty to product! respect! =) any plugins though? (for testing purposes)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.218.x) on April 7 2020, 5:53am in 5148:
    Woah! Cool. You are also into astronomy & stargazing things? Let's go somewhere where no light pollution and clear night sky with lots of stars & galaxies, waiting for us to discover them ;)

  • Posted by Justin on April 6 2020, 5:15pm in 5148:
    We used to stargaze as kids in Sedona, it was pretty dark there too (and the modest altitude helped I think too). I think we had a telescope but it wasn't anything fancy.

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.173.x) on April 6 2020, 4:22pm in 5148:
    Maybe, Natural Bridges National Monument, US? Or Death Valley? By Googling, they seems like a nice place for stargazing from telescope and obviously, much less pollution ;)

  • Posted by David (84.169.98.x) on April 4 2020, 6:44am in 5126:
    That was fast. I tried it, its great. Also the usability is now way better. Thank you!

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.230.x) on April 3 2020, 6:38pm in 5136:
    @wasereb4 you can blame me for this, sorry :P

  • Posted by Marc DeGiovanni (97.123.7.x) on April 2 2020, 10:54am in 5126:
    JamTaba 2 is able to sync (handy for practicing specific sections of songs w/ backing tracks,) and has far less drift than reaNINJAM. Maybe the appropriate code could be merged (it's open source.)

  • Posted by Eric (71.9.37.x) on April 1 2020, 6:15pm in 5118:
    Stillwell's plugs look very dated to me. No one wants that bad-photoshop pseudo-hardware look anymore.

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on March 31 2020, 11:19pm in 5130:
    link for grain> youtu.be/Mb4EEWedQKM

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on March 31 2020, 11:07pm in 5130:
    oops,sorry not bass but guitar! it's a basic sampled creation tool> very cpu friendly

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on March 31 2020, 11:05pm in 5130:
    >suggest go check out grain sample manipulator- it's a really decent tool ... or reason's id8 creator's tool- it's like a general midi device which has simplified drums,synth,bass,strings,pianos-=really excellent tool for starters and more advanced users alike...(youtu.be/QKb_JrXx_KU

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on March 31 2020, 10:59pm in 5131:
    you honestly think it's a joke? watch out- they are comming for your brain next!! muwahahahaaa!! =)

  • Posted by My Name? (198.16.74.x) on March 31 2020, 7:06am in 5124:
    HAHAHAA, stupid people like OP's misspelled name :D

  • Posted by David (84.169.98.x) on March 31 2020, 6:30am in 5126:
    That would be great :-) Could it take the time to start the playback into account? (Pre-fill the buffers)? These days there is a lot going on on NINJAM.

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.162.x) on March 31 2020, 4:38am in 5127:
    Ahhhh, okay. I am customizing REAPER for few past days according to my own liking. Customizing everything, from shortcuts to layouts to toolbars etc. And suppose in future if I want to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows, I just don't want to lose any of my customisation :( okay, i test it now

  • Posted by Abhi (117.234.162.x) on March 31 2020, 4:35am in 5123:
    Yeah! You have unlimited supply of food, water & oxygen. Won't you go to another galaxy just to explore it? Travel instant? Okay, you have unlimited speed also, or like 100 times of light's speed.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on March 30 2020, 1:08am in 5118:
    ahhh- ok here's how it works out... the total binary file size in mb (windows) for the complete plugin package comes in about: 133.174mb (harldy bloat,and some are already in reaper as jsfx!) but the real killer is the actual cost of ALL plugins there..totalling a whopping $916 ! (for all commercial uses) combine that with a commercial reaper license which then totals.. $1,141 ! that's a lot of bread+butter right? >> figures ;) cheerz!!

  • Posted by dopp (104.236.70.x) on March 29 2020, 5:38pm in 5118:
    Justin, do you think, that making and using some GUI framework for all JS plugins and a DAW's windows, will make it more CPU and RAM demanding? I'm not talking about creative GUIs, just a single raster canvas + drawing generic shapes. I made gain plugin with GUI similar to Volume adjustment JSFX in both JUCE and IPlug2 for experiment and it has same CPU usage.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.220.x) on March 29 2020, 5:16pm in 5118:
    Not everyone needs bloated with stuff DAW and if you ask me, i'll be glad to pay more for some useful major REAPER improvements, but for synths? No, thanks :)

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.220.x) on March 29 2020, 5:15pm in 5118:
    @2020. DAW is not an instrument, it's not neccesarily need to have it, other DAWs include a lot of stuff to justify their high price and make more money from you, it's ok, it's business, but it's not an obligation for a DAW to have it. There's more than enough of paid/free 3rd party instruments, why do you you need another one? And do you really think, it's good, if devs will spend time on developing/maintaining instruments instead of actually improving a DAW? :)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.97.x) on March 29 2020, 4:54pm in 5118:
    @2020 But even we can't make iTunes, Spotify ready songs with built-in DAW's virtual instruments, not even Logic Pro's, which is considered best when talking about stock sounds. They are very good just for uploading your music on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. But not good for when you have to make music commercially, like under a label? Then you really require those expensive Native Instruments & others. But yeah still, Cockos can provide us basic 128-MIDI instruments (indirectly, a FR, sorry XD) FORUM

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