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Recent comments:
  • Posted by James (174.126.161.x) on January 18 2019, 1:42pm in 4514:
    Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer!

  • Posted by Matt Parks (73.91.212.x) on January 16 2019, 4:57am in 4513:
    Well, the finances seem to be pretty decent. Definitely 6 figure, but it's really a startup, and I don't know if I want to put in that much work out there. Maybe better to stay in the south around family. Honestly, living at home, I could settle for $40,000 a year. My family really doesn't want me out there unless I can generate some ridiculous amount of money.

  • Posted by Justin on January 15 2019, 12:54pm in 4513:
    ^^^ Riff's advice is good, definitely go get a feel/figure out what the numbers look like.

  • Posted by Riff (104.133.0.x) on January 15 2019, 12:00am in 4513:
    I work for a company headquartered in the Bay Area. I have been there several times over the past ten years. I would never move there. Unless you are going to be making 100k+/y good luck finding housing. My recommendation would be to have the company fly you out for a couple of days. Go around and get a feel for the area (and the traffic). Look up housing on PadMapper/Zillow/etc and see what falls into your budget. It's nice if you want to change jobs in a year or two.

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2019, 2:53pm in 4513:
    Nothing against it, but I'd rather live in a city like NYC, or if not that then probably out in the country somewhere.

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 14 2019, 2:02pm in 4513:
    Curious what your reasons are for not wanting to live there now?

  • Posted by zacki (93.208.242.x) on January 12 2019, 7:49pm in 4506:
    Thanks :-)

  • Posted by Jesse Leibman (76.19.85.x) on January 11 2019, 8:45pm in 4509:
    what is your email?

  • Posted by Jesse Leibman (76.19.85.x) on January 11 2019, 8:36pm in 4509:
    Hey thanks for replying, Happy New Year by the way! I'll email you later today explaining my situation more and we can catch up as well : )

  • Posted by neverbeeninariot (138.32.176.x) on January 11 2019, 8:46am in 4508:
    And this is why I never became a drummer, terrible timing - we leave again on 31st Jan. Prepared for the cold, having spent a lifetime on the North-East shoulder of Scotland ;)

  • Posted by Justin on January 7 2019, 7:48pm in 4505:
    Yeah... I imagine there are some evolutionary strengths to having these feelings (intermittently at least), despite the torturous effects...

  • Posted by Will (50.84.190.x) on January 7 2019, 6:58pm in 4505:
    I really appreciate your honesty on this one. So you've had these feelings since you sold Nullsoft / got married / had success again with repear? I wonder why our brains do this to all of us.

  • Posted by Anders (51.175.50.x) on January 4 2019, 2:55pm in 4415:
    First season is alright, the yahoo vs google parts in the last season is meh

  • Posted by Anders (51.175.50.x) on January 4 2019, 2:39pm in 4471:
    If you are using the normal WinMain/DllMain and a MS compiler you are using static CRT code from MS.

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (103.199.23.x) on December 31 2018, 10:49am in 4496:
    ...always hoping for a new entry to the Vorkisigan Saga... Happy new year from Tan Son Nhat Airport! ...except I'll probably be back in Switzerland by the time you pop the corks.... ;)

  • Posted by Justin on December 31 2018, 2:07am in 4496:
    I think I'm going to reread them too now, mmmm. I also liked the Expanse series (though not as much, still good).

  • Posted by Javier Ramallo (195.235.163.x) on December 30 2018, 6:48pm in 4490:

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (59.153.233.x) on December 30 2018, 4:41pm in 4496:
    Mais pas en Français!

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (59.153.233.x) on December 30 2018, 4:39pm in 4496:
    Yes, I'll probably end up rereading him.

  • Posted by Zabukowski (149.126.145.x) on December 22 2018, 4:00pm in 4490:

  • Posted by Milad (95.222.238.x) on December 20 2018, 1:26pm in 4478:
    That's the trick, You don't have to constantely check for major file changes, you set a timer that listens for the "date modified" events/changes in files every second or something, then update the file only when a change happens. I don't really know what is logic's approach for updating files. but I'm already writing a script for renoise in Lua that does exacxtly that. forum.renoise.com/index.php/topic/...

  • Posted by Dax Liniere (104.229.24.x) on December 19 2018, 9:36pm in 4481:
    Yes, JSFX port would be excellent, then we can do as we please with it.

  • Posted by Justin on December 19 2018, 8:21pm in 4478:
    I think part of the issue is that if you allow other applications to update the file, there's no guarantee they won't change the structure of the file, and to have to constantly check the file substantive changes would be a lot of overhead. EvilDragon is right here, though -- REAPER will by default set media offline when stopped and you switch away, to allow other programs to update the files. Then, when you return to REAPER, it sets the media back online, reparsing the file(s) as necessary.

  • Posted by Milad (95.222.238.x) on December 19 2018, 2:35am in 4478:
    You haven't read my question and the comment properly or if you have you haven't understood it.

  • Posted by John (93.138.119.x) on December 18 2018, 12:05pm in 4486:

  • Posted by John (93.138.119.x) on December 18 2018, 12:03pm in 4486:
    Yeah, that 0.0002 db (how did you find such a small number xd) definitely isn't at fault ahahaha. Specification says that in MJ mode LAME can decide to used L/R or M/S and that too much switching could cause artifacts. ReplayGain is something I even haven't considered. Thanks for considering this and fixing it

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.35.x) on December 18 2018, 7:01am in 4478:
    But Reaper CAN edit files in external editors just fine... It does have an option. Preferences->Editing Behavior->[x] Set media items offline when application is not active.

  • Posted by Justin on December 17 2018, 10:12pm in 4486:
    Of all of the above factors, or joint stereo, my money is on ReplayGain tagging being the difference.

  • Posted by Justin on December 17 2018, 9:57pm in 4486:
    The other factor to note is that we don't clip the input to LAME -- so you should put a brickwall limiter in front of it if you want it to be bit-for-bit identical to what rendering to 16-bit then encoding would be.

  • Posted by Justin on December 17 2018, 9:41pm in 4486:
    OK I've done extensive testing, and there was a bug in REAPER's mp3 encoding which would cause it to make output which was attenuated by 0.0002dB. I don't think that could be noticed. Anyway, fixing that, now it produces the exact same results as the command line LAME (except for a missing ReplayGain tag, which could also make a difference on playback if the playing device uses ReplayGain).

  • Posted by Justin on December 17 2018, 8:56pm in 4486:
    Hmm, lame command line always uses j-stereo too (even on Extreme, or 320kbps CBR). Doing some testing to see if there's some other difference.

  • Posted by John (93.138.49.x) on December 17 2018, 6:17pm in 4486:
    It seems I'm not the only one noticing this difference: gearslutz.com/board/mastering-for-...

  • Posted by John (93.138.49.x) on December 17 2018, 6:09pm in 4486:
    Or maybe my mixes are just not that optimized...I have no idea if such things can influence mp3 conversion or not, just blindly guessing here, lol

  • Posted by John (93.138.49.x) on December 17 2018, 6:06pm in 4486:
    Joint-stereo supposedly loses more information than stereo forced. I mostly render orchestral, highly dynamical with much stereo stuff happening and I can tell from first hand that mp3 renders in REAPER CAN sound much much worse than the original wav. So much that I can only presume joint-stereo mode is what messes it up. Might need more testing to confirm, but I can't think of anything else that could influence quality that much.

  • Posted by Michael (213.87.147.x) on December 16 2018, 6:58am in 4481:
    Would be nice to have JSFX port

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on December 16 2018, 4:12am in 4484:
    This is another great one, J: youtube.com/watch?v=aA8fzsE7tWU

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on December 14 2018, 8:46pm in 4480:
    CS50 online courses on edx platform should be a good starting point.

  • Posted by DRocks (135.19.15.x) on December 12 2018, 11:30am in 4479:
    Thanks for the answer. I must say that this approach is very nice. If it wasnt of this I would never have tried Reaper for a song and would not have decided to buy it. And I find that the community is much more giving than other similar forums.

  • Posted by Milad (95.222.238.x) on December 12 2018, 11:26am in 4478:
    I think here i would fall into the feature request pit and I know this is not the place for it. But we and some of my friends are still tied to Logic because it does't lock file access, you can get a loop running in logic and then start editing the loop elements in SoundForge in a Dosbox running win 3.1. and that's the only reason I could never leave logic to reaper or simply any other DAW. it can simply be an option at least.

  • Posted by DRocks (135.19.15.x) on December 12 2018, 2:33am in 4477:
    Thats a reasonnable answer lol

  • Posted by John (78.0.210.x) on December 8 2018, 6:37am in 4476:
    So many fun things to play with. How does one keep his attention to a single problem for too long?

  • Posted by Justin on December 6 2018, 2:44pm in 4474:
    Nothing memorable nor useful

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (83.185.242.x) on December 5 2018, 11:49pm in 4474:
    What kind of programs did you make in Qbasic?

  • Posted by asafonov (109.172.101.x) on November 25 2018, 8:27pm in 4467:
    My personal favorites are “Sticky fingers” and “Let it bleed”. But their later albums like “Bridges to Babylon” or “A bigger band” are pretty nice too.

  • Posted by Justin on November 24 2018, 9:40pm in 4465:
    No I was terrible with it

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (83.185.242.x) on November 24 2018, 9:34pm in 4465:
    Do you have any own old songs to show us? :)

  • Posted by Ivan (217.25.213.x) on November 23 2018, 5:16am in 4450:
    I still struggle with Lua, thank you Justin :)

  • Posted by John (93.138.111.x) on November 21 2018, 3:52pm in 4461:
    I think it's just a fun way to jump-start inspiration motors. I find that whenever you change the way of playing (or instrument), your approach changes and so does the flow!

  • Posted by Justin on November 21 2018, 3:00am in 4458:
    Not really, but I've been recording everything for 15 years at that rate, so why switch now?

  • Posted by John (93.136.76.x) on November 20 2018, 1:09pm in 4458:
    Do you have a specific reason to record at 48kHz and not 44.1kHz?

  • Posted by Justin on November 19 2018, 2:33pm in 4456:
    Snappy snap snap!

  • Posted by Abhi (59.99.116.x) on November 19 2018, 6:32am in 4456:
    I really love the magnetic effect when we attach Winamp EQ or Winamp Playlist to main Winamp window, it automatically get attached, like magnets, and can move here and there, TOGETHER! :D

  • Posted by John (78.0.229.x) on November 13 2018, 1:15pm in 4450:
    "Quote: "to figure out what you could do that would be useful"...this is the reason I feel best coders are self-thought. Schooling feels completely irrelevant in this area...which is awesome because I think humanity had enough of schooling institutions, they are like jails anyway...it's good to see new technologies are pushing us to think outside of the box in every area of our lives.

  • Posted by John (78.0.229.x) on November 13 2018, 1:08pm in 4450:
    I still remember that feeling when it took me like a month to actually start creating things and then one day you compile/run/whatever and THAT DIALOG is right there in front of you - little living and beautiful being - your own little program, alive and well, beating fast with enthusiasm wanting for you to use it, to play with it...oh the joy...

  • Posted by Justin on November 13 2018, 1:28am in 4451:
    These days I mostly just play with other people, sometimes at home I'll practice various skills but it's a rarity. About once a week I go "I should practice playing easy clarinet sheet music" too.. but it's hard to motivate, easier to get together with other people and jam :)

  • Posted by Justin on November 13 2018, 1:27am in 4451:
    Never as much as I should have to really get good, probably a 4-5 hours a week sort of thing.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on November 13 2018, 1:24am in 4450:
    "Programming is a joy" - when the things one wants to program work out, otherwise maybe not always. :)

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (83.185.81.x) on November 12 2018, 11:03pm in 4451:
    How much did you practice back in the days?

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2018, 9:37pm in 4450:
    Yeah, I always thought the hardest part of normal "traditional" programming was to figure out what you could do that would be useful.

  • Posted by Pooooooooooony (94.230.200.x) on November 12 2018, 9:17pm in 4450:
    Because REAPER always lacked things i need, i have learned some basics of EEL2, JSFX, WALTER, Lua and even made tiny C++ extension. It's laughable, because ~11 months ago i wasn't even able to place editcursor via script or to make simple 'for' loop :D Programming to me was always like Whooaa?! What all this symbols mean?! ))

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2018, 9:05pm in 4449:
    Thanks! The songs are very loosely defined so I'd guess they are about 75% improvised but with things we end up going to/aruond...

  • Posted by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 6:50pm in 4442:
    Schwa is what Carlos Castaneda calls man of shadows in your team :D

  • Posted by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 6:45pm in 4447:
    Now, that's a first...I usually see you writing your own implementation of anything. Awesome, thanks for the info!

  • Posted by Teee (70.178.64.x) on November 12 2018, 5:08pm in 4449:
    I happened to stumble onto yesterday's stream. Good stuff. It ended up being the soundtrack to a couple of hours of doing some geometry. How much of yesterday's stuff was improvised?

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2018, 4:18pm in 4447:
    On Windows and macOS we use the system-provided library for generating GUIDs, which are unique. On Linux we use the system random number generator which should be almost always unique :)

  • Posted by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 4:01pm in 4447:
    But the number generation itself relies on date/time of import or something so the number itself should never be repeated? I find interest in this kind of stuff lately - can you recommend something from SWELL to see how these things work?

  • Posted by Justin on November 9 2018, 2:40am in 4443:
    My linux box also has Win7, and i actually have a thinkpad x1 with win10 and ubuntu on it too... :) and also a number of other computers that get used more rarely

  • Posted by pooooooooooooony (94.230.200.x) on November 8 2018, 10:13pm in 4434:
    Will be funny, if 6 won't differ from any other small update and won't bring something "big", how many butthurts will be :) , Earth will come out of orbit and will move straight to the Mars on that jet fuel, Elon Musk will envy.

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.246.x) on November 8 2018, 6:19pm in 4443:
    So when you test REAPER on Windows, that is done through Boot Camp?

  • Posted by John (78.1.134.x) on November 8 2018, 3:48pm in 4440:
    Fair enough. Sorry for bluntness of the question. I actually got the idea from here: producerbox.com

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on November 6 2018, 4:07pm in 4438:
    @Justin a crowd of fanatics.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on November 5 2018, 6:04pm in 4440:
    @Michael I have already advised Justin to do that. :)

  • Posted by Michael (213.87.132.x) on November 5 2018, 4:42pm in 4440:
    Actually would be a good start point to at least add Reapack to the resources list in main website

  • Posted by Justin on November 5 2018, 1:37pm in 4438:
    Likes, a comment of "I like this" would suffice.. Dislikes... ugh no. who goes on YouTube and dislikes videos? so stupid.

  • Posted by Justin on November 5 2018, 1:36pm in 4439:
    Ah haven't played Just Cause. GTA SA was really good, spent a lot of time on that one too.

  • Posted by Abhi (59.92.92.x) on November 5 2018, 9:11am in 4438:
    Thanks! I'm glad to know :) what about 'likes', 'dislikes' feature? And 'share'? Haha, but please never add 'stories' feature. Facebook, after buying Instagram, already added that feature to itself and WhatsApp too XD

  • Posted by Abhi (59.92.92.x) on November 5 2018, 9:07am in 4439:
    You don't like GTA games? And Just Cause? :O

  • Posted by Justin on November 4 2018, 8:37pm in 4439:
    I'd be curious but probably I won't have a supported console/PC (PS3 and a 8 year old video card?)

  • Posted by Pooooony (94.230.200.x) on November 4 2018, 4:20pm in 4439:
    Are you curious to see, what they will make in new Resident Evil 2 remake, that will be released in Jan 2019, or you don't care about gaming anymore?)

  • Posted by DRocks (135.19.15.x) on October 30 2018, 11:37am in 4420:
    And Reaper is like your baby :) now grown teenager lol

  • Posted by DRocks (135.19.15.x) on October 30 2018, 11:34am in 4427:
    Nice one testing comments :)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on October 27 2018, 9:01am in 4434:
    @Justin people are addicted to other DAW's policies, which make them think it is true about Reaper. They still can't realise you can add awesome features to non-big versions.

  • Posted by Justin on October 27 2018, 1:42am in 4434:
    (We keep adding stuff to 5.9x anyway)

  • Posted by Justin on October 27 2018, 1:38am in 4434:
    Seriously though, what's the rush? :)

  • Posted by Albi (177.245.59.x) on October 26 2018, 11:41pm in 4434:
    Nice try, Tobi ;)

  • Posted by Justin on October 26 2018, 9:45pm in 4434:
    @Vitali hah you're one for three...

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on October 26 2018, 9:28pm in 4434:
    @Tobias it will be released as soon as possible. New features are a brand new theme, articulation maps etc.

  • Posted by Justin on October 26 2018, 7:12pm in 4434:
    if I had an answer I probably would've answered ;)

  • Posted by Tobias (109.41.129.x) on October 26 2018, 3:07pm in 4434:
    at least i tried ;) have a nice day!

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.246.x) on October 25 2018, 10:44pm in 4432:
    REAPER on Apple Watch when (just kidding :)

  • Posted by Justin on October 23 2018, 10:53pm in 4430:
    Happy to help, just email or forum is probably a better venue :)

  • Posted by ppppp (46.252.213.x) on October 23 2018, 7:59pm in 4430:
    ok, not a big deal

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.246.x) on October 22 2018, 11:03pm in 4427:
    askjf.com; the new "Facebook killer" :P

  • Posted by Albi (177.245.59.x) on October 22 2018, 8:46pm in 4427:
    Wow, that was fast! Nice :)

  • Posted by John (93.138.127.x) on October 22 2018, 7:53am in 4427:
    Man...this is awesome. Thank you for all the work you do, I'm speechless :O

  • Posted by Justin on October 22 2018, 12:51am in 4427:
    No promises but yeah

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 21 2018, 7:45pm in 4427:
    Will you be reading the comments too, Justin?

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.246.x) on October 21 2018, 1:27pm in 4427:
    I like this!

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2018, 1:14am in 4204:
    Here goes nothing, hopefully nobody makes me regret this.

  • Posted by Justin on October 21 2018, 1:13am in 4427:
    Is this thing on? Maybe.

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