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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Abhi (103.66.140.x) on July 13 2019, 9:27am in 4714:
    REAPER 6 release date leaked - November 2, 2020 :D ... ("The 2020 United States presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, will be the 59th quadrennial U.S. presidential election")

  • Posted by Germ (174.50.11.x) on July 12 2019, 3:50pm in 4710:
    Anders, send me an e-mail and I'll give you the link to the discord. llamawrangler at hotmail

  • Posted by Anders (81.167.70.x) on July 12 2019, 11:58am in 4710:
    Holy sh!t, I had forgotten about Germ. Just reading the name brings back memories even though we did not interact that much. Strange how the mind works. I bet I have some old #nullsoft logs on a HD somewhere.

  • Posted by Justin on July 12 2019, 2:29am in 4713:
    I think I have 6TB in one (4x 3TB disks with dual parity) and slightly less in the other, about 3TB used (mostly recording multitracks and stuff).

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.15.x) on July 11 2019, 6:27pm in 4713:
    Wow! Your own cloud storage? How much storage does it have currently? Also, aren't you planning to make it commercial?

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on July 11 2019, 5:20pm in 4714:
    @Justin fair enough. Would it kick somene's ass? :)

  • Posted by Germ (69.246.117.x) on July 10 2019, 3:47pm in 4710:
    Sounds good, what's your e-mail? I tried finding it but had no luck.

  • Posted by Justin on July 6 2019, 4:01pm in 4708:
    The last thing we need is mergers IMO

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 2:01pm in 4708:
    ... Apple's services and their expensive devices. Clearly, Samsung Galaxy S10+ has beaten the iPhone 10x, which shows the potential of an Android phone. If Microsoft keep deleting its services like this, I think, it will be a dark future for them.

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 1:57pm in 4708:
    ... Google Search Engine is much better than Bing, keep the former, remove the latter. Google Chrome is much better than Microsoft Edge (Windows still have legacy internet explorer, haha), keep the Chrome, remove Edge. I think MS Office is better than the Google Docs, they can keep Office, and remove Docs. They can also remove Windows Store and add Google's Playstore in Windows. Literally, the life would be much easier to use these services because lots of people (including me) are fed up of Apple's......

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.53.x) on July 6 2019, 1:54pm in 4708:
    I think Microsoft and Google must merge. And they must take only the 'better' services from them and drop the 'not popular' one. For example, Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android, these are the main OS for computer and phones respectively. Neither the Windows Phone survived, nor the Google's Chrome OS will survive for a long time. So, if they ever merge, they can compete Apple's services easily. Gmail is much better than the Microsoft's mail, so just keep the Gmail...

  • Posted by Justin on July 3 2019, 5:45pm in 4701:
    I meant manager of people. OK well judgments of how well I do it aside, I don't enjoy it.

  • Posted by Deeb (79.168.140.x) on July 3 2019, 1:39pm in 4701:
    Maybe you could re think your manifestation about your self :) it seems you manage quite well app development and cockos forum. Just saying ... Not terrible ..

  • Posted by nofish (94.134.90.x) on June 29 2019, 9:03pm in 4682:
    What's the (most significant) drawback in this case loading a library vs. 'baking' it in the .exe?

  • Posted by Kobie Berkhout (83.86.93.x) on June 29 2019, 1:45pm in 4691:
    Why nahh?

  • Posted by Gio (94.66.58.x) on June 26 2019, 8:39am in 4686:
    Your input is very much appreciated, I was just curious, how small things like this make such a big difference, probably it was and an indication that I have to dig again my school books to refresh my math skills, things get rusty after a while.

  • Posted by sean (201.244.42.x) on June 25 2019, 6:28am in 4680:
    end-ish ñ=)

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.9.x) on June 17 2019, 6:34pm in 4678:
    Just take any word from the above list and put 'store' behind it XD

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.9.x) on June 17 2019, 6:33pm in 4678:

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.45.x) on June 17 2019, 9:31am in 4649:
    Which design decisions you've made have aged poorly, by your admission? Inquiring minds want to know :)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on June 14 2019, 10:08pm in 4673:
    Fathom Five is a cool plugin for boosting bass.

  • Posted by Albi (187.189.28.x) on June 14 2019, 4:43pm in 4675:
    Check out our list here: forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=221488If you find someone else, please post it in the forum so I can add the person to the list. Cheers!

  • Posted by Albi (187.189.28.x) on June 14 2019, 4:40pm in 4673:
    Just came across them recently, that's why I thought I'd ask you! Hahaha, I love the VocalTrick which is a neat tool for monitoring through speakers while recording voice. The sheer amount of plugins is just a bit overwhelming...

  • Posted by Justin on June 14 2019, 1:36pm in 4673:
    I haven't -- any in particular I should try?

  • Posted by Sai'ke (132.230.195.x) on June 13 2019, 5:18pm in 4674:
    Oh man, I love the v0.0 screenshot :D

  • Posted by Albi (187.189.28.x) on June 12 2019, 2:53pm in 4673:
    Fair enough. Have you tried some of them?

  • Posted by Deee (36.84.63.x) on June 8 2019, 5:37pm in 4656:
    Thanks both , @mespotine: that gives no returns like tables, strings or booleans from reascript calls. @ Justin: I think that would work and Would be very nice! C++ extensions or reascripts could take advantage of other existing reascripts "functions". Anyway back to forum!

  • Posted by Gio (94.66.58.x) on June 7 2019, 10:39pm in 4666:
    haha, same here. Hey, the hands are connected with the brain, I found it then! HaveRLHandMess ? WDL : STL;

  • Posted by Justin on June 7 2019, 9:17pm in 4666:
    no I can't write with my left, nor can I play guitar left-handed.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.212.x) on June 7 2019, 8:12pm in 4666:
    Can You write by left hand fast enough? Is caligraphy good? :) Some people, with whom i had talk about this, find it very challenging or even impossible.

  • Posted by Justin on June 6 2019, 9:33pm in 4637:
    No but he's about that accessible

  • Posted by Justin on June 6 2019, 9:32pm in 4656:
    I suppose we could also add a "execute_reascript(const char *)" function or something...

  • Posted by Mespotine (109.104.46.x) on June 6 2019, 2:16pm in 4647:
    But there would be a like-button.... ^^

  • Posted by mespotine (109.104.46.x) on June 6 2019, 2:13pm in 4656:
    use: Main_OnCommand(commandid, flag)

  • Posted by Abhi (59.99.116.x) on June 4 2019, 3:45am in 4649:
    Why not C#? Why people choose C++ over C#? I have heard that C# is a user-friendly and easier to understand language?

  • Posted by Oddthought (70.162.243.x) on June 4 2019, 3:00am in 4637:
    So he lives on Mars now?

  • Posted by deee (180.249.107.x) on June 2 2019, 11:43am in 4656:
    Could be there a possible way ( doable magic) for Lua ReaScripts can be executed from C++ code as like Lua can be embedded into C++ code?

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on June 1 2019, 1:22am in 4647:
    If this happened, and probably has in a parallel universe, Reaper would have restrictions about the content you prodouce with it. You'd have to make music that conforms to "community standards."

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.212.x) on May 28 2019, 5:19pm in 4647:
    Not everyone can say, who invented electricity or first mobile phone or Winamp/Gnutella/Reaper, things, which make our life easier and our jobs more fun, but everyone knows, who is Kim Kardashian or Katty Perry, i hate this perverted world! :)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on May 28 2019, 2:44pm in 4647:
    @Justin it's just because you are not media person, but you could be ;)

  • Posted by Justin on May 28 2019, 2:21pm in 4647:
    That has happened precisely zero times :)

  • Posted by Abhi (162.243.127.x) on May 28 2019, 7:30am in 4647:
    Freedom? Oh, so in your real life, when you go outside, don't random people see you and think that you are Justin, the founder of REAPER and ask your autograph? :P

  • Posted by Justin on May 25 2019, 10:27pm in 4647:
    There are probably things to like about being a billionaire, but you also give up a lot of freedoms I would imagine. and being miserable would also come from how you got there.

  • Posted by Albi (187.189.28.x) on May 25 2019, 7:07pm in 4646:
    "amagalma_Write project markers as media cues to selected items active takes source files.lua"

  • Posted by Albi (187.189.28.x) on May 25 2019, 7:07pm in 4646:
    You can try this Script from ReaPack for audio items:

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.233.x) on May 25 2019, 3:45pm in 4647:
    Haha, why? Wouldn't you enjoy being a billionaire? Also, if Mark was the developer of REAPER, he would most probably, bought all other DAWs too XD

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.55.x) on May 24 2019, 2:44pm in 4643:
    So you do parkour thing now? Or just run? What is your weekly run schedule btw? How much run days and rest days?

  • Posted by Justin on May 24 2019, 2:03am in 4645:
    Javascript seems more useful IMO

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.240.x) on May 23 2019, 7:08pm in 4645:
    I know some Python, do you think I should learn Lua? :)

  • Posted by Anders (81.167.70.x) on May 21 2019, 10:58am in 4641:
    DefWindowProc just converts SC_CLOSE to WM_CLOSE.

  • Posted by Gio (94.66.58.x) on May 21 2019, 10:15am in 4641:
    Typo: verify = confirm. If I could make a FR that would be TPM_RIGHTALIGN and LVIS_DROPHILITED.

  • Posted by Gio (94.66.58.x) on May 21 2019, 3:18am in 4641:
    Eventually used WM_CLOSE. The funny thing is that sometimes I post a Q and within 5m I got the answer somehow; I can verify that the site works with telepathy as well, impressive. Debian/Buster/GNOME+Wayland no major problems apart from the obvious

  • Posted by Justin on May 13 2019, 7:39pm in 4633:
    Who needs lines anyway?

  • Posted by John (78.1.158.x) on May 13 2019, 6:51am in 4633:
    Some of us can't draw a straight line to save our lives :x

  • Posted by Justin on May 9 2019, 2:36pm in 4632:
    It was incredibly idle anyway

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 9 2019, 1:02pm in 4632:
    No more irc.landoleet.org ? It's the end of an era. :(

  • Posted by Abhi (103.61.89.x) on May 7 2019, 2:19pm in 4630:
    Nah, not ridiculously unlikely. But yeah, I wished for that since past 1 month. Doesn't work. But I wish it after seeing that meteor, IT WORKS!!! Still, I believe that it is just a coincidence, because meteor is just a scientific thing. Related to astronomical stuffs. And people think it is lucky because it is hard to see for a meteor, you have to constantly stare the night sky, which I did yes :)

  • Posted by Justin on May 5 2019, 12:51pm in 4622:
    WASAPI is a terrible API IMO, and also in multi-client (shared) mode it is not particularly low in latency.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on May 4 2019, 10:02pm in 4622:
    "that Microsoft never developed a built-in low-latency universal driver" - that's supposed to be WASAPI I guess?

  • Posted by bassg (90.183.66.x) on May 3 2019, 1:54pm in 4624:
    yeah, sorry...thanks for answering anyway!

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on May 3 2019, 6:44am in 4623:
    Sorry for putting my 2 cents (i won't be in the future, i swear:) ) , but i wonder, how many DAWS show alpha theme before release to users and get at least some feedback? Probably REAPER is the only one, but yet people still complain and even more , want to change a designer, lol :)

  • Posted by mespotine (109.104.55.x) on May 2 2019, 8:07pm in 4614:
    How do you cope with "Too many ideas, not enough time to do them at once" for mental health? ;)

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on May 2 2019, 7:59am in 4618:
    wasereb4, I was talking about convenience, speed of writing, compactness, unclutteredness of syntax, c++ in this sense loses to any language(Lua, Python, C#, JS, etc.), dealing with strings in c++ is a nightmare. i think it's possible to write even Low-Level language with simple syntax, right? i wrote a function few days ago(~20 lines of code) and out of curiosity did the same in Lua = 1 line! :)

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on May 2 2019, 3:31am in 4618:
    @Pony What's for example a good programming language in your opnion?

  • Posted by Justin on May 1 2019, 3:46am in 4618:
    It's not *that* old, but at any rate we can judge languages by things other than their ages.

  • Posted by Pony (94.230.207.x) on April 30 2019, 7:06am in 4618:
    Vitali, it's one of the most old languages, i don't know, but guess, there simply was no good alternative at that time, that's why it grew up and became widely used. It has all the bad things, programming can only have in comparison to other languages, but allows more possibilities.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 30 2019, 6:51am in 4618:
    @Pony C++ is commonly-used language for native programs, cause it's a low-level language.

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on April 30 2019, 4:59am in 4612:
    Minesweeper was pretty intuitive. No one showed me how to use it, I just started clicking in it and after a bunch of clicks, it was pretty obvious how to play.

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.181.x) on April 29 2019, 4:55am in 4616:
    I guess yes it mentions something about certificates but I didn't pay much attention to give you more accurate information. It isn't a huge problem it takes like 5-10m for the adjustment, I just felt to let you know in case it was something under your control.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on April 25 2019, 1:58pm in 4612:
    So much time passed from school days and video gaming evolved so much, but minesweeper is still one of the best games for me, lol )

  • Posted by Justin on April 25 2019, 1:30pm in 4612:
    I get the rules and can succeed a good percentage of the time, but not always...

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on April 25 2019, 6:34am in 4612:
    Interesting question :) , so how good are you at Minesweeper(beginner/intermediate/expert), Justin? :)

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on April 23 2019, 6:16pm in 4608:
    Make him a Cockos employee :)

  • Posted by Enrico (5.171.120.x) on April 20 2019, 7:01am in 4601:
    thank you

  • Posted by Abhi (103.61.88.x) on April 18 2019, 2:03pm in 4598:
    Yup, software looks stable so far. Made my life much easier, thanks for making it :D

  • Posted by Abhi (103.61.88.x) on April 18 2019, 2:01pm in 4599:
    Thanks, looks creepy & scary, haha downloading them. Maybe, you love the horror movies with "Dead" word on their names :P

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.1.x) on April 16 2019, 1:27pm in 4595:
    Ah! It's a problem when one's relatives are creepy, lol.

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.1.x) on April 16 2019, 1:25pm in 4596:
    Maybe, Cockos will never release REAPER 6 and give constant updates to v5, just like Microsoft is giving to Windows 10 and they don't have any near plan to release Windows 11 or anything :P

  • Posted by Justin on April 15 2019, 5:21pm in 4596:
    Yep I increased the size a bit.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.213.x) on April 15 2019, 3:54pm in 4596:
    :)) i think note at the top should be even more bigger)

  • Posted by Vitali (193.0.77.x) on April 15 2019, 1:39pm in 4592:
    @Justin it would be very kind of you!

  • Posted by Vitali (193.0.77.x) on April 15 2019, 1:38pm in 4580:
    @Justin I understood him and added something from my own. ;) I agree a number of bugs doesn't depend on source code type.

  • Posted by Cosmin Gurau (188.26.225.x) on April 14 2019, 10:25pm in 4591:
    What if most of that technology from REAPER could be implemented into Vegas, making it a KILLER DAW? If there ever could be a chance to re-write VEGAS, the team should include hardcore programmers and video/sound engineers, like you... People who really know what they are doing, who CAN actually deliver. I feel like the original team got so much right, this marriage of video editing, DAW, and compositing into one intuitive, powerful software... The speed of its workflow remains unmatched to this day.

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2019, 9:01pm in 4592:
    Hmm no real need for it but I suppose I could release the source?

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2019, 9:00pm in 4588:
    My point is that I would imagine most authors would be fine with people reading their articles for free.

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2019, 8:58pm in 4580:
    EvilDragon is right. Vitali I think you might have misunderstood him, though.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 13 2019, 8:27pm in 4592:
    @Justin would you ever make a new version of ReaPlaylister to use it in Reaper (its GUI has been broken in some version)?

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 13 2019, 8:11pm in 4588:
    @Justin so if anyone wants to just read some "commercial" scientific articles for free, is this fair regarding the authors from your point of view?

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 13 2019, 8:00pm in 4581:
    @Abhi It's the image from Cockos' site: cockos.com/images/rooster.gifWhen you'll wait for 1 minute, the rooster (it's safer to call it a rooster, not a cock because of ambiguity) will wink you. ;)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 13 2019, 7:52pm in 4580:
    @ED especially if this software is made by Justin ;)

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.32.x) on April 12 2019, 3:03pm in 4580:
    It's a fallacy that open-source software has more bugs than proprietary software. :)

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.176.x) on April 11 2019, 9:48am in 4566:
    @Tale: You are incredible, thanks. I believe the same too but the usual nerdy annoyances surface for not doing the "right" way, etc.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on April 10 2019, 2:53pm in 4590:
    so if it's ok to use other library, than libpng in REAPER, i will try to test lodepng more, thanks!

  • Posted by Tale (77.170.68.x) on April 10 2019, 6:13am in 4566:
    [Better late than never, oops...] I believe that %lld and %I64d are equivalent nowadays, but older MSVC only supported %I64d.

  • Posted by Harold (213.34.50.x) on April 9 2019, 7:29am in 4584:
    Ah, I totally did not read that ;) Sorry!

  • Posted by Abhi (103.66.143.x) on April 7 2019, 8:16am in 4580:
    So, you have a plan for abandoning such a beautiful software? :( also, making REAPER open-source may introduce lots of bugs & the software would eventually become less stable than now. I tried lots of open-source DAWs, none of them are as good as proprietary softwares. It clearly shows that paid softwares are better than free softwares. Maybe, some are exceptions (GIMP, VLC etc.)

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on April 5 2019, 6:31am in 4579:
    yeah, that's for people, who like fantsies for sure, my father hates fantasy, but somehow likes GOT too, i can't wait for 8th season:)

  • Posted by Justin on April 4 2019, 11:01pm in 4577:
    I can help you there

  • Posted by Mespotine (195.37.187.x) on April 4 2019, 4:23pm in 4577:
    Ok. I asked, as this is a question about, if Reaper ever would internally set such a guid, which I don't think anyone in the Forum can answer. But I posted it there as well.

  • Posted by Justin on March 26 2019, 3:40am in 4574:
    OK -- if you care about latency, a VM isn't ideal.

  • Posted by John (93.136.28.x) on March 25 2019, 11:45pm in 4574:
    I'm talking about VM of the whole DAW computer. So you can switch devices easily (laptop to desktop, machine upgrades, upgrading multiple machines etc...)

  • Posted by John (93.136.28.x) on March 25 2019, 6:51pm in 4570:
    Itotsuki could use SWS extension to copy/paste FX chains or something similar. There's always a way with REAPER xd

  • Posted by John (93.136.98.x) on March 14 2019, 8:24pm in 4562:
    Thank so much Justin...bitwise operations always amazed me to the extent that I never learned them completely so I can keep on being amazed xd

  • Posted by John (93.136.98.x) on March 14 2019, 8:24pm in 4562:
    Thank so much Justin...bitwise operations always amazed me to the extent that I never learned them completely so I can keep on being amazed xd

  • Posted by Gio (62.103.216.x) on March 14 2019, 11:17am in 4566:
    @Tale: %lld seem to work but since WDL_INT64 variant is (VC++ basic type) __int64 for windows better stay with %I64d?

  • Posted by Tale (77.170.68.x) on March 14 2019, 10:01am in 4566:
    FYI: printf("%lld", int64val) seems to work on most modern compilers (and likewise %llu and %llX for unsigned or hex).

  • Posted by Rob Townsend (90.240.196.x) on March 14 2019, 9:00am in 4565:
    I also appreciate the explanation. Suffice to say, it all works very well for me now.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on March 13 2019, 10:16pm in 4565:
    @schwa great! Thank you for the explanation!

  • Posted by schwa (68.172.209.x) on March 13 2019, 10:01pm in 4565:
    ... As of v5.972, if there are no overlapping items, an extra blank lane is created anyway, so it's clear that items can be rearranged vertically. Also in v5.972, we improved the logic for how vertical space is used when many items overlap, which previously could result in extra unnecesary empty space in between items.

  • Posted by schwa (68.172.209.x) on March 13 2019, 10:00pm in 4565:
    When enabling FIPM for the first time, before v5.78, overlapping items would be arranged vertically in a somewhat random order. As of v5.78, earlier-recorded items are arranged above later-recorded items, which is more predictable, but we also made a change so that if no items were overlapping at all, every item would use all of the available vertical space. This may have been confusing to users who did not realize that in FIPM, media items can be resized vertically with the mouse. As of v5.972, if there a

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on March 13 2019, 9:27pm in 4565:
    @Justin sorry, but what was the difference between two previous implementations?

  • Posted by ruchira (123.231.125.x) on March 12 2019, 11:27am in 4559:
    VS2013 Update 5 or Update 4 ?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on March 12 2019, 2:23am in 4560:
    Care to answer the second question also? :)

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.10.x) on March 11 2019, 5:51am in 4559:
    I would definitely stay with VS2013 for traditional development, later versions have introduced Universal CRT and is a pain for distribution. Having said that I use VS2012 and has problematic code generation in some cases, I think some of the issues stay in VS2013 too, like spilling SSE codes if you use combination of certain math functions even if you have disabled them (/arch:IA32). Workarounds can be to either detect those functions and disable optimization or just compile with O1 with all the downsides.

  • Posted by Justin on March 10 2019, 2:19pm in 4558:
    Adding the last one to our repository too :)

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.10.x) on March 10 2019, 6:14am in 4558:
    Thank you Justin, that was really handy. I went with the last option, it's easy to apply too.

  • Posted by Mespotine (109.104.45.x) on March 9 2019, 1:35pm in 4554:
    Thanks for your answer, I'll have a look :)

  • Posted by Justin on March 5 2019, 4:46am in 4553:
    Me, some. schwa, more.

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on March 2 2019, 3:28am in 4553:
    How much work did you put on this feature?

  • Posted by Justin on March 2 2019, 2:43am in 4550:
    On Windows you can also disabled the FTH (Fault Tolerant Heap) which might catch use-after-destroy errors, I forget.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on March 1 2019, 8:34am in 4550:
    omg, son of a debugger! Thanks!)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on February 27 2019, 11:20am in 4547:
    You probably need to record some voice. :)

  • Posted by Julian (199.249.230.x) on February 26 2019, 9:04pm in 4515:
    I'm not sure what the relationship is between gfx in these files, and swell's GDI. Could you please take a look at the forum, t=214414?

  • Posted by Justin on February 25 2019, 3:18am in 4545:
    Debian or Ubuntu, just because I'm used to it.

  • Posted by guitarguy (94.134.91.x) on February 23 2019, 10:41pm in 4545:
    Which distro do you prefer and why?

  • Posted by Justin on February 23 2019, 10:32pm in 4545:
    Probably jTunes...

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (83.185.86.x) on February 23 2019, 9:59pm in 4545:
    If Justin would have made Winamp today, it would have been Linamp :P

  • Posted by mlprod (155.4.132.x) on February 20 2019, 10:22pm in 4542:
    Sorry Justin=)

  • Posted by Lurens (93.35.72.x) on February 20 2019, 2:38pm in 4540:
    I agree! Unfortunately I can't find some good native amps sims, so wine is the only solution for now if I want to avoid dual boot

  • Posted by Arie (68.193.24.x) on February 19 2019, 12:45am in 4538:
    Are there other companies which do anything similar to Cockos, locally?

  • Posted by Justin on February 18 2019, 8:13pm in 4538:
    Oops management.

  • Posted by Justin on February 18 2019, 8:13pm in 4538:
    Mangement is not our strong suit

  • Posted by Arie (68.193.24.x) on February 17 2019, 4:34pm in 4538:
    So I suppose internships at Cockos are nonexistent

  • Posted by Justin on February 15 2019, 12:22am in 4537:

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on February 14 2019, 10:35pm in 4537:
    ....that didn't die.

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on February 14 2019, 10:35pm in 4537:
    FYI, regarding power use, I think anything people enjoy using is useful. Using Reaper, or much higher usage, playing video games. But FYI, there are "green" proof-of-HODL coins (POS lol, proof-of-stake) that don't use much electricity. And today I found out that the creator of BitTorrent invented a proof-of-storj coin, it was hyped for a min, but isn't even in top 1500 now and website is 404. techcrunch.com/2017/11/08/chia-net...There are other proof-of-storage coins too that...

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on February 14 2019, 10:29pm in 4537:
    and here: satoshi.nakamotoinstitute.org/emai... So yeah, it's partially your fault. lol

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