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Recent comments:
  • Posted by iamyouami (2.26.240.x) on November 18 2019, 6:48pm in 4892:
    lol..glad it was obvious! lol@ davidmitchell+peep show humour..(some get it some do not) thankyou.

  • Posted by Justin on November 18 2019, 3:42pm in 4892:
    ah well obviously rebellion then! giphy.com/gifs/david-mitchell-that...

  • Posted by iamyouami (2.25.95.x) on November 18 2019, 10:37am in 4892:
    speaking galactically! as in: jedi -or- sith supporter!! ? 1 must choose a side..or..? =)

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on November 15 2019, 12:18pm in 4888:
    I see a lot of people critisizing UEFI, especially linux users, cheapskatesguide.org/articles/uefi.htmlfor example, never thought, that windows update can potentially brick computer, which uses UEFI

  • Posted by Will (50.84.190.x) on November 14 2019, 10:14pm in 4885:
    I would, you handsome devil.

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.175.x) on November 14 2019, 6:08pm in 4887:
    Thank god I asked, I missed it... now it makes sense, thank you.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on November 6 2019, 10:04pm in 4877:
    I consider Reaper one of the most logical/intuitive program. The look is also not bad.

  • Posted by blight (2.25.95.x) on November 6 2019, 12:01am in 4876:
    :/ top 4 results on bing today> Reaper - Reaper Alternative - Quick Install - Easy to Use Download nch.com.au/software +REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits reaper.fm+Reaper (TV Series 2007–2009) - IMDb imdb.com/title/tt0955322+Reaper | Overwatch Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia overwatch.fandom.com/wiki/Reaper.. it used to be worse,maybe it had some effect.?

  • Posted by Tobias (195.81.221.x) on November 5 2019, 9:52am in 4875:
    Thanks. What would you say are "nontrivial" calculations in a typical mix project?

  • Posted by eubn (82.63.118.x) on November 4 2019, 3:46pm in 4874:
    Thanks anyway. :)

  • Posted by eubn (82.63.118.x) on November 3 2019, 12:38pm in 4872:
    Jesús, spotify actually already does this and uses it as part of their recommendation pipeline. See, for example, benanne.github.io/2014/08/05/spoti...

  • Posted by John (93.136.116.x) on November 3 2019, 6:06am in 4872:
    Jesus my man...some kind of work must be done. We all want to be the bosses and all, but sometimes our karma is such that we simply need to start first. Just start doing what your heart desires and I'm sure you'll find the right way!

  • Posted by Jesús (79.159.144.x) on November 2 2019, 2:21am in 4872:
    Is not so easy! That would involve lots of hours and resources. I am thinking about taking an open source project and recruit people for a fork. What do you think? Any suggestions?

  • Posted by Vincent (82.255.50.x) on October 30 2019, 8:58am in 4868:
    Thank you

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on October 30 2019, 2:03am in 4865:
    Reading your answer I looked up bitkeeper and how it (in a way) led to the creation of git. Quite interesting, thanks.

  • Posted by Justin on October 23 2019, 1:56pm in 4861:
    At this point it's all been people who were active in the community and altogether very helpful. Christophe also started working on REAPER initially with me, as we had worked together before on Winamp stuff.

  • Posted by bunique (95.149.70.x) on October 23 2019, 9:58am in 4861:
    heh- surely the team was hand picked from many possible choices? -- just interested in what made a team member 'notably worthy' for cockos..? friends perhaps? family?

  • Posted by fladd (62.140.137.x) on October 21 2019, 7:31am in 4850:
    Telegram is, as far as I know, just another closed silo. Matrix ( the network for which Riot is a client) is a federated protocol (like email) that does not rely on a single server and it can be bridged to other protocols as well (e.g. IRC or Slack).

  • Posted by Christof (193.170.190.x) on October 16 2019, 8:41pm in 4855:
    Ha! Looks like OSX doesn't support unnamed semaphores, but apparantly you can achieve the same thing with GCD's dispatch_semaphore_t. Anyway, I'll try to implement it and benchmark against the socket implementation (but not before December). Actually, I thought 32-bit plugins are mainly a Windows thing, but then I got some feature requests from macOS users who still use 32-bit plugins (and they won't upgrade to Catalina :-D)

  • Posted by Justin on October 16 2019, 7:45pm in 4855:
    Heh if you want to convert it and see if shm/semaphore is faster, be my guest ;) What about on macOS?

  • Posted by Christof (193.170.190.x) on October 16 2019, 5:44pm in 4855:
    I see! I did some quick searching and it looks like you can use a pthreads semaphore across processes, see stackoverflow.com/questions/143642...or man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/sem_...

  • Posted by Justin on October 16 2019, 5:08pm in 4855:
    Ah yeah, because you ended up having to use a socket in order to synchronize (the equivalent of a named event which is used on Windows), so might as well shove the data through there anyway, which works well.

  • Posted by Christof (193.170.190.x) on October 16 2019, 5:05pm in 4855:
    No worries! Now that I had a look a the sources, the non-Windows version of the shared memory interface uses sockets instead of actual shared memory (via shm_open), is there a specific reason for this?

  • Posted by Justin on October 16 2019, 3:42pm in 4855:
    Sorry it's so poorly documented...

  • Posted by Christof (193.170.190.x) on October 16 2019, 2:52pm in 4855:
    Awesome, thanks! Great to see it's part of WDL, so I don't have to use Boost :-)

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 14 2019, 10:36pm in 4850:
    How is it better than Telegram?

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.214.x) on October 14 2019, 4:18pm in 4851:
    It looks like a real pain, if they do this a necessary step - it will be a disaster for apple, many small app developers may not want to deal with it, especially those, who's main platform is Windows or Linux and if they don't really care about Mac. I have found few tools(fastlane, electron-notarize) on github, which can streamline notarization process a bit, maybe they will figure out how to do this without actual xcode app in future.

  • Posted by DoubleD (79.140.127.x) on October 11 2019, 9:57am in 4816:
    you can use xcode 10.1 on 10.13 to go through the process - it's still a clusterfuckshitfest though, I agree. Thanks for everything you have ever made.

  • Posted by verbalist (31.124.45.x) on October 9 2019, 11:14am in 4843:
    yes- as a user it all seems to 'work' nice... you may be able to join some dots here.. to make a very pretty picture... tech moves >>forward eh.?

  • Posted by Justin on September 30 2019, 4:19pm in 4834:
    Even 64 bytes is pretty small and fast, if you manage your allocations right. If you have 1000 tracks that's 64kb, which is TINY. :)

  • Posted by Pony (94.230.200.x) on September 30 2019, 3:33pm in 4834:
    For some reason i thought it's 64 bytes, just checked right now and it's 16, stupid me. I'll do as You say. I realize i need to redo thousands of code, haha... oh,no...

  • Posted by Justin on September 30 2019, 3:02pm in 4834:
    Copying the value is copying 16 bytes of memory, which is basically free.

  • Posted by Justin on September 30 2019, 3:00pm in 4835:
    Don't save the pointer, save a copy of the GUID. The lifetime that that pointer is valid is limited.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on September 30 2019, 2:51pm in 4834:
    Then it's probably will be slow, if i need to save/remove/process a lot of manipulations with tracks. But if it's the only option, ok ,thanks.

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on September 30 2019, 2:41pm in 4835:
    GUID* track_guid = GetTrackGUID(GetTrack(0,1)); then after deleting track somewhere in a code in some situations: tempstr[64]{}; guidToString(track_guid, tempstr); crashes it, not sure what else can be done here. So i think i'll go with that option. Thanks.

  • Posted by fladd (92.110.122.x) on September 28 2019, 6:46pm in 4830:
    Okay, understandable to some degree. But maybe you could consider to make someone else pay attention instead then? That would be great.

  • Posted by bwell (2.25.95.x) on September 28 2019, 4:15pm in 4828:
    heh-o fo' sure! maybe the tin foil should stay,for now... i believe we are to ascend justin..more keys,or octaves of the multiverses,will be unlocked via divine illuminations.. ;) thanx.

  • Posted by schmoe (172.218.181.x) on September 28 2019, 3:01pm in 4827:
    Ah, you are a student of the great philospher Gino Vannelli? (lol) youtube.com/watch?v=WhjX6-iWIAg

  • Posted by Tim McEneany (37.72.169.x) on September 26 2019, 5:37pm in 4826:
    Hey thanks. I'll hound the Avid guys!

  • Posted by Justin on September 24 2019, 12:25pm in 4822:
    It's OK, programming questions are fine ;) Replied in the thread (you should use effFlagsProgramChunks and effGetChunk/effSetChunk in these cases, IMO).

  • Posted by Reaper (85.110.44.x) on September 24 2019, 8:14am in 4821:
    Oops, please...

  • Posted by Nigel (47.153.26.x) on September 24 2019, 4:45am in 4822:
    Oops, didn't see the note about no Reaper questions. But so far no answer to this one (which is why I tried here): forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=225307

  • Posted by bwise (2.25.95.x) on September 21 2019, 10:39am in 4819:
    a livestream with could work...+ you have many customers that care to know more... ;) thanx!

  • Posted by Justin on September 18 2019, 4:58pm in 4816:
    Not that I know of

  • Posted by Mespotine (195.37.187.x) on September 18 2019, 2:39pm in 4815:
    I totally agree. Most solutions for hard problems I got while doing other things. Feels a little like House M.D: ;)

  • Posted by zabukowski (89.142.59.x) on September 18 2019, 8:28am in 4816:
    Does current version of macOS Reaper already use hardened runtime with these entitlements enabled?

  • Posted by Aaron (184.75.233.x) on September 16 2019, 7:40pm in 4811:
    The only way that happens is if Biden wins the nomination, which he probably won't. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump resigns before the election because he'd probably rather die than lose to Bernie or Warren, especially with Warren being a woman.

  • Posted by bkind (2.26.240.x) on September 16 2019, 3:31pm in 4813:
    =) it's not as easy some may think--recently came across a fine art_ist that took to the cans= dzia

  • Posted by Andre (162.197.5.x) on September 16 2019, 6:16am in 4812:
    Great suggestions, thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on September 15 2019, 4:39pm in 4812:
    I also sometimes get George Howell beans from Interlude... they are very good, though can be pretty expensive. I also like some Counter Culture roasts... but I also like plain old diner coffee if it's not stale or burnt..

  • Posted by Justin on September 15 2019, 4:36pm in 4812:
    I often buy beans from a place called "Gasoline Alley", which serves a blend roaster by Intelligensia, who have locations in LA so maybe that's an option?

  • Posted by Andre (108.75.134.x) on September 15 2019, 4:19pm in 4812:
    San Diego, CA but I'm willing to order whole beans online!

  • Posted by hanna (174.81.121.x) on September 14 2019, 12:39am in 4535:
    yes, WASTE still works....have been on a WASTE mesh for many years now with a small group of people around the world. always wonder if there any others out rhere. wonder

  • Posted by imetayeti (2.26.240.x) on September 9 2019, 1:34am in 4806:
    +legalese is incredibly ambiguous!! some things are to be fully tried+tested..or not ;) there's at least 2 old softwares i believe to increase reaper abilities 20fold..cheerz justin!

  • Posted by imetayeti (2.26.240.x) on September 9 2019, 1:30am in 4806:
    *wiki* Furthermore, the clause only permits protection of the writings of authors and the discoveries of inventors. Hence, writings may only be protected to the extent that they are original,[4] and "inventions" must be truly inventive and not merely obvious improvements on existing knowledge.[5] The term "writings of authors" appears to exclude non-human authorship such as painting by chimpanzees and computer code written by programmed computers,[6] but the issue has not been tested in litigation."test it?

  • Posted by imetayeti (2.26.240.x) on September 9 2019, 1:12am in 4806:
    mmm.yes,benefits to all are just that. red tape has it's uses,but like so called political correctness-it can certainly stiffle/holt,or totally cease any development flows...i guess each nation having unique law structures,only amplifies the confusing mangled mess of crossed wires...tsk> was their ever any favourite programme you wished to have taken full development control of to expand any potentials?... either commercially,or non profit(personal pleasures) ?? thanx!

  • Posted by bnice (31.124.45.x) on September 4 2019, 6:52pm in 4804:
    oops(enter key) -- now that's an interesting choice--the guy that gives commands yeah? =maybe a month would be better then! ;) ty.

  • Posted by bnice (31.124.45.x) on September 4 2019, 6:50pm in 4804:

  • Posted by oddbod (31.124.45.x) on August 27 2019, 7:51am in 4795:
    !! that's so funny... ahahahaaa coool! (tbh,we can't stand secrets) so ty! + [delete this question so not to spoil] ;)

  • Posted by Abhi (103.194.225.x) on August 24 2019, 4:57pm in 4781:
    And each of those trillion of galaxies have billions or trillions of stars. Amazing, isn't it? :)

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.185.x) on August 23 2019, 3:37am in 4786:
    Perfect ;)

  • Posted by Pony (78.152.169.x) on August 22 2019, 9:19am in 4781:
    It's, actually, only what people can reach with our today's technology, nobody knows how many of them beyond our reach

  • Posted by BoobleChooble (71.70.229.x) on August 22 2019, 4:34am in 4782:
    Sorry! I meant to say customer experience design. It's the study of how to design a simple and straightforward experience for the business's customer.

  • Posted by Christof (193.170.190.x) on August 21 2019, 8:31pm in 4751:
    Hey, if you're on macOS, there is this: doc.sccode.org/Guides/SuperCollide...I've playing with the thought of embedding Supercollider in a JUCE plugin, so it can be also compiled as VST3 and LV2. This has already been done for Pure Data, btw (github.com/pierreguillot/Camomile

  • Posted by Wyat (76.77.164.x) on August 20 2019, 11:31pm in 4775:
    Ran out of room. last part is. DWORD WINAPI ThreadProc(LPVOID p) // thread that will start & monitor cdrecord { ExecProcess("cdrecord.exe -v dev=0,1,0 -sao -dummy -text -eject cuefile=Image.cue", 0); PostMessage(g_hwnd, WM_NOTIFY, 0, 0); return 0; }

  • Posted by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on August 20 2019, 11:29pm in 4775:
    Wow! Thanks! One more question. I have the function void wnd_printf(const TCHAR *str) { if (!*str) return; HWND hLog = GetDlgItem(g_hwnd, IDC_EDIT1); SendMessage(hLog, EM_SETSEL, 0x7fffffff, -1); SendMessage(hLog, EM_REPLACESEL, false, (LPARAM)str); } that prints the output to IDC_EDIT1. I'm not sure how to receive the output in realtime. I got it to work with a thread, but I can't get any text back until the process in finished. DWORD WINAPI ThreadProc(LPVOID p) // thread that will start &

  • Posted by Justin on August 19 2019, 10:48pm in 4775:
    1014.org/_/reaper_execprocess.cppis a utility function that we expose to ReaScript, have a look at that!

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on August 19 2019, 10:07pm in 4756:
    @schwa still no bad!

  • Posted by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on August 19 2019, 7:09pm in 4775:
    Yeah, any sample code would help. I had ask you about the reaper_cd.dll source below, or you might could share some of the code to learn from. You helped me a lot with the DDP marker editor extension. Many Thanks, Wyatt

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.15.x) on August 17 2019, 2:21pm in 4773:
    But you actually made a full form of REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording), which is kinda cool :)

  • Posted by Abhi (117.207.138.x) on August 17 2019, 7:23am in 4771:
    Seriously, who needs other DAW when you have REAPER?

  • Posted by mespotine (195.37.187.x) on August 16 2019, 2:35pm in 4757:
    But it was missing the cowbell, I suppose XD

  • Posted by fujimotos (133.130.122.x) on August 15 2019, 11:21am in 4772:
    A very prudent choice for internal hosting. I'll go that ssh/git route. Thanks.

  • Posted by Justin on August 15 2019, 2:38am in 4772:
    I'm good, thanks

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 14 2019, 6:53pm in 4772:
    Justin, I'd strongly recommend you checkout the community version of gitlab, which you can host locally. You get so many super useful things for free. The issue tracker, especially, is very useful. Make your life easier.

  • Posted by Wyatt Rice (76.77.164.x) on August 13 2019, 7:12pm in 4762:
    Ok, maybe code snippets of the cdrecord part and how the combobox is populated with dev= "cdrdrive numbers"? The whole code would be very useful to me to learn from, and how it interacts with Mac, wdl swell, etc too. Many Thanks, Wyatt ricerecording@wyattrice.com

  • Posted by beesknees (2.25.95.x) on August 13 2019, 6:34am in 4770:
    hey-yes,by system am meaning the electrical/mechanical/biological+ technological environments that affect most daily lives...other companies/competition?

  • Posted by schwa (24.161.101.x) on August 12 2019, 11:04pm in 4756:
    When people ask me this in person I usually say that I am, sadly, a fully recovered musician. Nowadays I usually make music only for a few minutes at a time.

  • Posted by Justin on August 12 2019, 10:48pm in 4769:
    I just went to Joe's Pub last night to see Jason Lytle. It was awesome. 7pm on a Sunday. and no moshing.

  • Posted by nofish (94.134.90.x) on August 12 2019, 10:01pm in 4764:
    Yep, .gif scrolling through "gitk" would be nice. Maybe most interesting is period around a major release with new features added/refined? Thanks.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.215.x) on August 12 2019, 9:31pm in 4769:
    AFAIK, You live in NY, what your favourite music clubs, if any? Interesting, if You have ever visited CBGB before it closed, looks like there were crazy shows at it's time, including all that hardcore, punk stuff, moshpits, etc.

  • Posted by fladd (92.110.122.x) on August 12 2019, 9:16pm in 4754:
    Why not?

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.0.x) on August 12 2019, 5:39pm in 4768:
    Oops, I didn't read properly. You said 'planning', which means he will make AFTER you release the 6th version. Sorry, my bad :P

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.0.x) on August 12 2019, 5:38pm in 4768:
    Woah really? I mean, 6 is not released yet, did he went into the future from time machine and and made all REAPER 6 Explained videos and came back to present to show us? :P

  • Posted by Abhi (117.207.136.x) on August 12 2019, 5:57am in 4761:
    Sorry, I mean column, not row.

  • Posted by Abhi (117.207.136.x) on August 12 2019, 5:39am in 4761:
    Thanks for the (mild) balancing :D looks better now.. another suggestion - can you put "Recording your band" and "First MIDI song" in the extreme left, just below "REAPER 5 Explained" ? After watching the explained series and clearing the basics, one can watch how a song made in it, and after that, head over to the individual tutorials (the 2nd row and 3rd row)

  • Posted by Abhi (104.131.75.x) on August 9 2019, 7:44am in 4759:
    @sinepuller yeah, you are right too. But having a native integrated REAPER only drum machine with 16 (or more) pads just like other DAWs have (look Studio One's new Impulse XT drum machine), feels awesome! :D

  • Posted by sean (186.28.46.x) on August 9 2019, 3:23am in 4751:

  • Posted by sinepuller (89.223.33.x) on August 8 2019, 7:09pm in 4759:
    Please don't. Who needs another free drum machine, seriously? There are literally thousands of them out there.

  • Posted by David (74.108.17.x) on August 8 2019, 12:41pm in 4758:
    I'm the owner of ninjam.discordonlinejammingcentral.com and I have the status username and password.

  • Posted by Justin on August 8 2019, 12:16pm in 4757:
    More or less, yeah

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.215.x) on August 7 2019, 6:10pm in 4757:
    Jesus's Magical Divine Eclair, right?

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.215.x) on August 7 2019, 5:48pm in 4757:
    i wasn't sure, but now i am. And i like it. :)

  • Posted by Justin on August 7 2019, 3:53pm in 4757:
    I bet you could guess pretty easily ;)

  • Posted by Abhi (104.236.74.x) on August 7 2019, 7:09am in 4759:
    Its VSTi version is just under 5 MB. It is just a small company. Why not acquire them and make that as native drum machine plugin for REAPER? :P haha, maybe they will agree?

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.215.x) on August 4 2019, 7:13pm in 4757:
    oops, i mixed up words, i meant dawn of development. my native is not english, sorry ) What JMDE meant, if You can tell?

  • Posted by bee1 (2.26.240.x) on August 4 2019, 10:11am in 4756:
    lolz@whitetie great answer! + lolz@Vitali- schwa? any music? thanx!

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on August 4 2019, 6:27am in 4756:
    @White Tie, what do you mean by "adult entertainment industry"? Video content? If so, what is the company you work with?

  • Posted by White Tie (86.173.14.x) on August 3 2019, 11:22pm in 4756:
    I am the last actively working wakka-wakka guitarist in the adult entertainment industry.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on August 2 2019, 4:43pm in 4748:
    @fixerdave, I would advise you to use Telegram for this purpose. It has an unlimited cloud, but one file's size is limited to 2GB.

  • Posted by mespotine (109.104.35.x) on August 2 2019, 4:39pm in 4751:
    Would Reaper be able to feature that at all? I mean, if I'd attempt it, could it be done at all, like as an extension to JSFX or something(though JSFX doesn't seem to have extension-support)?

  • Posted by MS from Sweden (77.218.244.x) on August 2 2019, 12:04pm in 4750:
    In Python, what do you think about the whitespace indentation to delimit code blocks?

  • Posted by Abhi (103.194.225.x) on August 2 2019, 5:48am in 4744:
    Oh yes, exactly. You are correct. I wonder how will be the REAPER 6 icon :D

  • Posted by daxliniere (51.52.72.x) on August 1 2019, 7:01pm in 4743:
    (pre & post meaning before and after each band)

  • Posted by daxliniere (51.52.72.x) on August 1 2019, 3:21pm in 4743:
    It would be really useful to me to have per-band pre&post HPF & LPF (4 faders). Sometimes there are sounds you don't want to allow into a PS band and sometimes a PS band produces things you want to filter out. I'd love to work out how to add these filters myself. (Obviously not commercially as the plugin wouldn't run outside of REAPER anyway, of course.)

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.48.x) on July 31 2019, 3:29pm in 4744:
    correction: scythe en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scythe

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.48.x) on July 31 2019, 3:29pm in 4744:
    lol. Isn't it a scyth (also called a "reaper", and used by the Grim Reaper) inside a guitar pick?

  • Posted by FProt (203.33.154.x) on July 28 2019, 11:57pm in 4737:
    That's cool. In my case, there's no one thing that stands out. Coding is more like bread-and-butter, that's what I meant to highlight. ;-)

  • Posted by fladd (84.29.244.x) on July 27 2019, 7:40am in 4733:
    But Slack is also a closed silo. Matrix is federated and can seamingly be bridged with other networks (e.g. Slack or IRC).

  • Posted by sean2 (186.28.46.x) on July 26 2019, 7:42pm in 4728:
    whats the 2nd most tedious and tiresome?

  • Posted by Peter (87.224.9.x) on July 26 2019, 11:47am in 4734:
    That is a good answer, well considered.

  • Posted by Tinny (217.182.175.x) on July 26 2019, 11:30am in 4708:
    Bing is a much better search for pr0n, tho.

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.44.x) on July 26 2019, 11:20am in 4733:
    ...especially now at v4.0 when they FINALLY optimized it RAM-wise and it also opens much faster than before... Took them a while.

  • Posted by Justin on July 26 2019, 9:07am in 4735:
    The first mp3 decoder and player was made by Fraunhofer, who made mp3. Tomislav Uzelac made amp, which was an open source mp3 decoder library. It was not the first (or second for that matter) decoder, though it was probably the highest-performing open source decoder of its day.

  • Posted by zabukowski (93.143.20.x) on July 26 2019, 9:01am in 4735:
    What was the role of Tomislav Uzelac in the history of mac/win amp?? Was he really the one who made the 1st MP3 player on the planet?

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.5.x) on July 24 2019, 11:33am in 4731:
    Your answer is here :) askjf.com/index.php?q=56s

  • Posted by Justin on July 24 2019, 10:33am in 4732:
    Yeah, I sort of figured this ... if the data wasn't transferred properly, then there's probably not much we can do...

  • Posted by Abhi (117.197.6.x) on July 24 2019, 10:25am in 4732:
    Thanks! I sent you, but today I found something weird. I copied those old REAPER projects as well as some other projects of other softwares from my PC to laptop, years ago. And today I checked them, and found that ALL THOSE projects got corrupted. Not only REAPER showing that error, but other softwares are showing too. I guess, there was an issue in transferring file. Still, if you can solve the problem, it would be helpful.

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.208.x) on July 20 2019, 1:44pm in 4727:
    i understand, thanks )

  • Posted by Justin on July 20 2019, 1:27pm in 4727:
    Impossible to answer without more context, sorry! You can try profiling...

  • Posted by Pony (46.252.208.x) on July 20 2019, 11:36am in 4727:
    i'm aware of optimizations, problem is not in them, but in my poor code, i will compare function by function, when i won't be that lazy from time to time and will see what i can improve. Code itself is pretty big (~20k lines) so i don't want waste your time, it's too much of honour for only me. Just wanted to ask for a tip for one or two funcs, that potentially could be hungry in swell/lice atleast, maybe i could go around of them somehow, if i used'em..

  • Posted by zabukowski (89.142.60.x) on July 18 2019, 7:24am in 4725:
    Yes, i am thinking in the same way ... but on the other hand, i was hoping to work on a new machine for a long time. For example, i still use my trustworthy MBP 2010 :) ARM transition will most likely make my new machine kind of "outdated" at some point, and that is not really "far", i guess - few years ??

  • Posted by David (74.14.60.x) on July 18 2019, 4:09am in 4724:
    Thanks for the tip, I managed to get the old JS effects by installing a 4.x version installer.

  • Posted by scott (76.18.147.x) on July 17 2019, 9:26pm in 4719:
    Thanks - I hated cakewalk. "complex software is no fun after a few beers"

  • Posted by Justin on July 17 2019, 7:43pm in 4723:

  • Posted by Justin on July 17 2019, 7:43pm in 4719:
    I won't tell anybody

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