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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Justin on July 3 2022, 3:59pm in 6262:
    Cool, there's some stuff in there I'll be removing from official WDL soon-ish, makes multi-frame decoding less heap-intensive too

  • Posted by cbix (85.197.6.x) on July 3 2022, 8:27am in 6111:
    Maybe this helps: github.com/justinfrankel/ninjam/is...

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.27.x) on July 3 2022, 5:44am in 6262:
    Yes, it looks like that it solves the issue.

  • Posted by Justin on July 3 2022, 2:50am in 6261:
    (useless and boring and ultimately patronizing)

  • Posted by Justin on July 3 2022, 2:50am in 6261:
    Long story but I missed the opportunity to test out of the intro-level classes, which were useless to me and so I quit before things got interesting.

  • Posted by Abhi (122.177.149.x) on July 2 2022, 5:05pm in 6261:
    like how? Can you explain more? I often regret why I took electronics engineering instead of computer engineering during my univ time. Can you tell me why your college didn't help you in your computer & coding knowledge?

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.186.x) on June 29 2022, 12:46am in 6257:
    Yes --- looks like I totally missed the animated API :(

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.80.x) on June 25 2022, 6:06pm in 6252:
    Even if it may be a serious topic I had to smile about your last suggestion. :)

  • Posted by Justin on June 25 2022, 12:58pm in 6244:
    It’s worth noting that with a complex spec like pdf, it’s way easier to write to a subset of it than it is to read the entirety of it… or put more simply: writing pdf is a lot easier than reading pdf

  • Posted by Justin on June 25 2022, 12:57pm in 6251:
    $12 is cool, but $12 a year for eternity for one song? Seems like a bad deal! (and turns out, it is!)

  • Posted by Justin on June 25 2022, 12:49pm in 6238:
    It would take some html and javascript writing, maybe i’ll look at that

  • Posted by Reaper (78.162.10.x) on June 24 2022, 8:09pm in 6251:
    You don't want to give $12 for Distrokid

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.216.185.x) on June 23 2022, 10:28am in 6247:
    I recommend learning the Rockstar programming language: codewithrockstar.com/ XD

  • Posted by jack (146.70.134.x) on June 22 2022, 5:12pm in 6244:
    No probs, iso doc it is then! :)

  • Posted by schwa (67.245.193.x) on June 22 2022, 12:37pm in 6244:
    Sorry, I don't recall finding any documentation that was especially user-friendly.

  • Posted by Justin on June 21 2022, 3:54pm in 6239:
    ah nice say hi for me!

  • Posted by Chandler (163.116.133.x) on June 20 2022, 6:07pm in 6239:
    Will do! I'm going to see if Thom (art teacher, VVS) is really in Berkeley. He's one of the people I learned about you from. Inspired me to learn how to program.

  • Posted by Gio (94.71.251.x) on June 20 2022, 4:19pm in 6240:
    Talking more about the opposite direction of what you described. REAPER's backwards compatibility is stellar, but for the user that insists to stay to an older version for whatever reason; needs to not be discouraged by the newer shiny version in terms of aesthetics. More or less a preference for gradual changes rather than radical redesigns... v5.0 to v6.0 was the best transition, others not so much. In other words: the allure for upgrades should be based on technical merits and less on how it looks.

  • Posted by Abhi (106.212.156.x) on June 20 2022, 3:36pm in 6238:
    @Justin wow, it already have a controller, that's really nice, but does it do the MIDI keyboard thing? I mean playing piano notes from smartphone and recording those notes into REAPER? I can't see piano view there in web interface

  • Posted by mlprod (98.128.188.x) on June 17 2022, 10:46pm in 6234:
    Here are some details: youtube.com/watch?v=PthX8TMpLUc

  • Posted by Justin on June 17 2022, 7:07pm in 6229:
    also you can do spectral gating and compressing using REAPER's spectral edits

  • Posted by Justin on June 17 2022, 7:07pm in 6229:
    Spectral edits are non-linear, so you can get response curves that you can't match with an EQ

  • Posted by Michael (47.186.219.x) on June 17 2022, 3:06am in 6234:
    Would be really interested to see Reaper enable GPU audio processing.

  • Posted by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on June 16 2022, 4:01pm in 6226:
    No problem :) We could emphasize more, that it's using Reaper under the hood, so people don't get the wrong idea, but I'm not sure, whether this would be sufficient for any concerns on your behalf...

  • Posted by Folda (89.82.152.x) on June 16 2022, 9:28am in 6229:
    How much is spectral editing different from some well-chosen EQ automations? Can I think of them as the same thing with different interfaces (one of them more visual), or am I missing a fundamental difference?

  • Posted by Ian the The (165.225.94.x) on June 14 2022, 12:22pm in 6224:
    GPU direct storage will change the equation then?

  • Posted by Justin on June 13 2022, 8:10pm in 6229:
    That's probably not in the cards

  • Posted by Michael (176.59.172.x) on June 13 2022, 7:38pm in 6229:
    yes, I mean lasso arbitrary form so that for example you can draw a circle, and soften the edge

  • Posted by Justin on June 13 2022, 2:09am in 6226:
    Let me think about that, as it changes the experience quite a bit and I'm not sure how I feel about it, and it raises a few other questions too

  • Posted by Mespotine (146.0.126.x) on June 12 2022, 7:22pm in 6226:
    Would this also be allowed for mods of Reaper like Ultraschall? Means, distributing a portable version of Reaper that's modified but all of the binaries still intact?

  • Posted by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on June 11 2022, 7:05pm in 6128:
    But Justin doesn't include it anyways

  • Posted by David Runge (85.212.85.x) on June 11 2022, 4:01pm in 6226:
    The package is now available: archlinux.org/packages/community/x...

  • Posted by David RUnge (85.212.85.x) on June 11 2022, 1:51pm in 6226:
    Cool! The binaries would be unmodified, but (if possible) be moved to file-hierarchy (man.archlinux.org/man/core/systemd... compliant locations. I'll let you know once it's done!

  • Posted by Justin on June 10 2022, 3:25pm in 6224:
    Yeah, you'd need to keep it in the GPU as much as possible, copying back/forth would be bad.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.23.x) on June 10 2022, 9:17am in 6224:
    Also, moving data in GPU is easy, getting data out from GPU not so easy

  • Posted by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on June 9 2022, 8:04pm in 6192:
    That would make it a collectable release, and if created in a limited edition, meaning not everyone who download gets it, it'd become even more valuable.

  • Posted by Justin on June 7 2022, 10:26pm in 6212:
    The answer is still no :)

  • Posted by Abhi (122.177.5.x) on June 4 2022, 4:07pm in 6212:
    @Vitali how your question, different than mine? I think you asked the same... no???

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on June 4 2022, 2:34pm in 6205:
    Yeah, but Windows only reaper.fm/reaplugs/. You need ReaJS here.

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on June 4 2022, 2:30pm in 6212:
    Have you had any paranormal experience?

  • Posted by Justin on June 4 2022, 11:10am in 6213:
    We update everything in a given paint rectangle, and tend to invalidate only changed regions

  • Posted by Jack (193.138.218.x) on June 4 2022, 1:13am in 6213:
    Glad to hear that method is reasonable! Do you reconstruct the bitmap when necessary or perhaps keep some form in memory and just update the elements that require it? Thanks :)

  • Posted by Justin on June 3 2022, 5:33pm in 6211:
    You aren’t permitted to, but if we make it try to enforce that then it’d just start an arms race for cracking etc that we have no interest in participating in, so we don’t.

  • Posted by Abhi (122.176.3.x) on June 3 2022, 4:52pm in 6211:
    @Reaper, technically, you can run REAPER trial forever, but you should not.

  • Posted by Reaper (78.162.3.x) on June 3 2022, 1:57pm in 6211:
    But after 60 days, I can use it without limits

  • Posted by Jesse (173.63.46.x) on June 2 2022, 11:54pm in 6209:
    The program "Audacity" can do that

  • Posted by Justin on June 1 2022, 1:57am in 6206:
    increasing the limit to 10 (1024x), or 45-49MHz...

  • Posted by Justin on June 1 2022, 1:48am in 6206:
    ...will allow higher values via script in a build coming soon

  • Posted by Justin on June 1 2022, 1:48am in 6206:
    ah oops actually we limit it to *16

  • Posted by Resonant Peak (201.138.38.x) on May 31 2022, 11:50pm in 6206:
    Looks lI'll learn some scripting then.I ran a few tests with some JS plugins as well as native reaper plugs and they indeed reach higher OS multiplierss but only if the "chain oversampling" option is active, otherwise no matter what value you set them at in the .rpp file, they default to x16. I don't know If this is intended behaviour, but that sets the effective maximum OS value to "8" (or x256 ). I think I'll open a forum post on this.

  • Posted by Justin on May 31 2022, 8:21pm in 6206:
    You could also make a reascript to set those values

  • Posted by Justin on May 31 2022, 8:19pm in 6206:
    If you want to experiment, you can edit the .rpp, look for NEXT_FX_OVERSAMPLE. 0=no oversampling, 1=~96k, 2=~192k, etc. 15 is the max allowed. It might blow up.

  • Posted by Resonant Peak (201.138.38.x) on May 31 2022, 7:45pm in 6206:
    Thanks for answering. I understand that most plugins fall apart easily, but the effect on some of them like amp sims Is nothig short of transformative (In a very good way that would otherwise be impossible in other DAWs) Maybe a "this could go horribly wrong" checkbox somewhere in the settings menu?

  • Posted by Mordi (94.246.20.x) on May 31 2022, 10:58am in 6186:
    Is this the same algorithm that Paulstretch uses?

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.227.x) on May 30 2022, 5:15pm in 6205:
    By the way, do JSFX run outside of REAPER when needed? I mean it could be convenient if a technician uses another host? I guess not but I always ask! On the practical side, quality and efficiency, it is clear that JSFX and Faust are at the top of the basket (no idea of the relevance of this expression in English). Good day to you :)

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.224.x) on May 26 2022, 12:02pm in 6196:
    Thank you !

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.233.x) on May 24 2022, 2:31pm in 6194:
    Thank you! Just to know if it was possible to use emscripten in order to use REAPER API through WASM with JS ?

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.216.185.x) on May 24 2022, 2:24pm in 6192:
    I would love to see some fire-effects in the about-dialog XD

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2022, 9:45pm in 6194:
    Most of the API is available via plain C, though for some (generally more advanced) things C++ becomes necessary. Pretty much anything that you can do via ReaScript you can do via C, though.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.231.x) on May 23 2022, 7:37pm in 6194:
    Sorry for the mistake ! I meant the API in order to control REAPER from another software : it is either C or C++ or only C++ ? Would it possible to call one function of the API from JS in any way (just to know) ? Thank you ! Best.

  • Posted by Justin on May 23 2022, 7:21pm in 6194:
    ReaScripts are currently Python, Lua, or EEL2

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.231.x) on May 23 2022, 4:44pm in 6194:
    Thank you. To be sure... Is ReaScript C and / or C++ or is it C++ only ? Have a good day !

  • Posted by Ian the The (178.197.200.x) on May 21 2022, 8:36pm in 6189:
    I have a theory that this is how guitar rig works.. . may be completely off my rocker though....

  • Posted by Justin on May 20 2022, 8:49pm in 6186:
    Here you go: 1014.org/_/polyphase.h.txt

  • Posted by My Name: (89.82.152.x) on May 20 2022, 9:35am in 6186:
    I'd love that!

  • Posted by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 18 2022, 4:07pm in 6182:
    Thank you Justin. I needed to hear it from you and I agree totally.

  • Posted by David (80.146.191.x) on May 18 2022, 12:30pm in 6179:
    Try implementing an app where you can draw with your mouse (a la paint). That should be a simple starting point to get into writing a music notation editor.

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.115.x) on May 18 2022, 9:48am in 6181:
    his question is asking you how his website his, just feedbacks ;)

  • Posted by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 17 2022, 10:53pm in 6179:
    My hovercraft is full of eels!

  • Posted by Pashkuli (84.9.31.x) on May 17 2022, 7:44am in 6179:
    I see. Thanks! No wonder why all the tutorials on C++ or JavaScript do not make sense to me.

  • Posted by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 15 2022, 1:48am in 6177:
    That makes sense. Thank you!

  • Posted by Beto (177.228.208.x) on May 12 2022, 2:03pm in 6175:
    You guys are like batman and robin but both of you are batman. So like batman and batman.

  • Posted by Justin on May 12 2022, 1:13pm in 6174:
    "economy" heh. Perhaps I was too glib about it in my initial response. Anyway the world will improve slightly when we're not spending 12GW of electricity on bitcoin.

  • Posted by Castor (89.82.152.x) on May 12 2022, 10:51am in 6174:
    I don't know how much you follow all this, but Tether starting to crumble down is a very nasty sign for the "economy".

  • Posted by Adam P (154.21.22.x) on May 10 2022, 8:40pm in 1514:

  • Posted by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 9 2022, 6:06pm in 6171:
    I think what I really meant in my last comment was little reason to switch from Ubuntu Studio to Fedora Jam using Reaper Linux.

  • Posted by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on May 9 2022, 6:03pm in 6171:
    Thank you Justin. I've been testing Reaper Linux on both Ubuntu Studio and Fedora Jam audio bundles for the past year and they were about the same regarding latency. However, Ubuntu Studio 22.04 really took the lead with it's low-latency kernel and Pulseaudio 15.99.1. Pipewire does have a ways to go and I see little reason to use Reaper Linux on Fedora.

  • Posted by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on May 9 2022, 4:35pm in 6166:
    Thanks so much. Here's the github link. github.com/WyattRice/reaper-DDP-Ma...

  • Posted by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on May 9 2022, 12:43pm in 6167:
    the rest of the universe works with base 12 math (apparently) humans cannot fully progress until this is recognized and accepted by the masses. :D (youtu.be/O7ByaEfMPBk

  • Posted by Justin on May 8 2022, 10:54pm in 6166:
    Ah probably need an M1-mac or very recent macOS. OK I'll make a build, remind me of the URL (it didn't make it in the original post)

  • Posted by Albert A. (89.82.152.x) on May 8 2022, 4:31pm in 6167:
    Great summary!

  • Posted by Wyatt (76.77.164.x) on May 8 2022, 2:17am in 6166:
    "On a mac with xcode installed you can compile by typing 'make', or 'make WANT32=1' for 32-bit" Is there a command for M1 ?

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.26.x) on May 6 2022, 2:53am in 6163:
    Thank you Justin! That was the first scenario that came to mind but I was unsure... Also, WDL_TypedBuf::GetSizeBytes() was a nice touch too ;)

  • Posted by Stanciu Daniel (86.126.135.x) on May 5 2022, 4:08pm in 6157:
    Here is a link to the podcast that directs to different audio channels where you can listen: 365withdaniel.com

  • Posted by Claudio M. (89.82.152.x) on May 5 2022, 1:13pm in 6162:
    Here's a pretty detailed answer: reaper.fm/whatsnew.txt

  • Posted by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on May 5 2022, 11:03am in 6150:
    Hahaha good ideas. I searched for "General Software Solutions" and they already exist :) Will search along that path thanks

  • Posted by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on May 5 2022, 10:36am in 6157:
    Hey, could you share a link to the episode or your podcast?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.231.x) on May 5 2022, 8:16am in 6162:
    @MyNameIsSam just see the older versions of REAPER, nothing much there. And see now, infinite right-clicks full of multiverses XD so yeah, it take years to evolve a software, either planned or unplanned, doesn't matter, but planned things work faster (btw, REAPER took 15 years to evolve, so far)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.231.x) on May 5 2022, 8:12am in 6159:
    Why thank me? :P

  • Posted by Stanciu Daniel (86.126.135.x) on May 5 2022, 7:52am in 6157:
    Awesome I did so from: stanciu.a.daniel at gmail.com, will be waiting for your reply, stay safe!

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.235.143.x) on May 4 2022, 10:01am in 6154:
    I totally agree. All of their webcasts, including the ones from the KidA era are pure gems :)

  • Posted by MyNameIsSam (38.29.182.x) on May 4 2022, 6:20am in 6153:
    What did lumbergh do?

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.111.x) on May 3 2022, 3:29pm in 6155:
    @Francesco In which programming languages you are expert?

  • Posted by Justin on May 2 2022, 8:41pm in 6150:
    Or here's one for you, assuming it hasn't been used yet: "Mr. Fusion" ha ha

  • Posted by Justin on May 2 2022, 7:50pm in 6154:
    Yes! The Daily Mail from that especially. Also their In Rainbows-era video "Scotch Mist" is a classic

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.235.143.x) on May 2 2022, 7:29pm in 6154:
    TKOL live at From the Basement is fantastic as well

  • Posted by Justin on May 2 2022, 1:18am in 6154:
    Yeah love it too! and TKOL and MSP so yeah pretty much everything except PH. :)

  • Posted by JustAsking (178.249.214.x) on May 1 2022, 10:42pm in 6154:
    Hail to the Thief ?

  • Posted by Justin on April 30 2022, 12:05pm in 6150:
    I'd try for something that sounds extremely generic but isn't taken, e.g. "General Products" or something :)

  • Posted by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on April 29 2022, 11:52pm in 6150:
    Thanks! I will think about something else then. Would you have any quick ideas? One person limited company - put your twist on it. Nullsoft, Cockos, Gnutella...

  • Posted by daniellumertz (189.112.245.x) on April 29 2022, 6:41am in 6147:
    My bad, should stayed on the forums

  • Posted by Kevin (77.111.246.x) on April 27 2022, 2:56pm in 6149:
    Thank to share GRANDADDY`s music Justin! It's really hidden gem!

  • Posted by Kevin (77.111.246.x) on April 27 2022, 2:48pm in 6142:
    Ohh it will rad! Thank you a lot I really want everything to be perfect!

  • Posted by Mespotine (146.0.126.x) on April 26 2022, 5:47pm in 6145:
    Ahh, nice to know about GPU-support :)

  • Posted by James (104.28.108.x) on April 26 2022, 1:14am in 6130:
    It has THE global lock: wiki.python.org/moin/GlobalInterpr...

  • Posted by Yoyo-da (186.210.94.x) on April 22 2022, 11:16pm in 6136:
    hahahha that was even better than I expected, Thanks! Go get yourself a Friday dinner !!

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.226.x) on April 19 2022, 4:44am in 6134:
    that's very amazing :O I can see that how REAPER updates are so quick :P

  • Posted by Starship Gautr (189.159.131.x) on April 18 2022, 9:59pm in 6132:
    oh sorry did not notice the note.

  • Posted by the_doctoro (82.27.224.x) on April 16 2022, 6:50pm in 6124:
    iirc 5.02 was the last one from you & 5.04 was the last one from francis.

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 12 2022, 4:50am in 6122:
    (sorry ran out of space) ... what challenges this cause for you and how did you overcome them?

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 12 2022, 4:49am in 6122:
    Thanks for elaborating. So to continue from what you were saying before, you essentially started Reaper because you wanted to make a DAW that you liked to use, so would it be correct to say that it was basically something you made primarily for yourself and your own personal use? And yet it has taken off to be much more than that. So my question is, did this change anything about how REAPER turned out? Did REAPER become more than what you initially had envisioned? And if so what challenges if any did this..

  • Posted by Justin on April 12 2022, 12:07am in 6122:
    I didn't want to spend any time or resources on copy protection, so that requires a very liberal evaluation mode without disabling things (e.g. remove the incentive to crack). The discounted/commercial license model was chosen because big businesses can afford more and should have no problem paying more!

  • Posted by AnonStudent (175.32.112.x) on April 11 2022, 8:29pm in 6122:
    Haha I am so quoting the “pain in the ass” bit. Could also please comment on why you chose the licensing model that you chose to go with and how it impacted either in a positive or a negative way?

  • Posted by Justin on April 8 2022, 11:08pm in 6119:
    It's not whether it's a good idea or a bad idea, it's that we have to weigh the value vs cost (complexity) and other priorities. Which isn't to say we're never going to do it, but it's just not going to happen soon. And there's no real point of us replying in a thread to say as much.

  • Posted by Bruno Duyé (84.17.43.x) on April 8 2022, 10:47pm in 6119:
    Thanks a lot for your answer ! So, you probably seen this: forum.cockos.com/showpost.php?p=25...but you didn't answered (it took me some time to do the video to explain the concept). Maybe this is a bad idea ? Thanks again !

  • Posted by 2020 (95.145.189.x) on April 8 2022, 10:29am in 6118:
    then you have reached your target audience! gj. the rest of us mortals should be greatful for what we get! cheers!

  • Posted by chris (77.64.160.x) on April 7 2022, 10:00am in 6116:
    Yeah it semms to depend. A longer time ago I had a bigger "collapse". Too many things in life went wrong. (For too long which was self inflicted) . The first time I could compensate with sports and eating. Unfortunately there wasn't much change so it got worse till my body said don't eat anymore. I did it and it went better! Like cooling down an overheated engine. Sure you have to find the right time to stop and eat again. But the better I felt the better I could make desicions again.

  • Posted by Justin on April 7 2022, 1:20am in 6116:
    I feel better when I eat if I'm down or burned out, heh

  • Posted by chris (77.64.160.x) on April 6 2022, 11:18pm in 6116:
    Haha 6 hour plane ride, nice :D In time of depression or burnout, fasting is in my opinion the best medicine. When fasting I have much better sleep and feel great relieve. A russian doctor named Nikolajew successfully did big studys in this area. Just fyi

  • Posted by 2022 (31.124.45.x) on April 6 2022, 11:42am in 6110:
    hey- sorry to butt in here- BUT- i think that type of "exoeriment" is awesome! it defines a computers function imo (fun,useful,creative+technologically advanced functioning) and can see this style tech being the #new creative tools (machine learning is advancing rapidly) clever code and could be very fun way to 'compose' actual content... cockos would do well to take this path being early to embrace forward thinking,fun,complex/simplex/unique tools.. ;)

  • Posted by DdSL (179.104.164.x) on April 2 2022, 12:04am in 6103:
    20yrs from now people will be using to get that 39bit vintage sound

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on April 1 2022, 8:46am in 6102:
    sweet =) yep-having that support would enable a fun mode for RVP.. theres an editor inside prog called 'visions of chaos' - this includes some nice modules..generators,plotters,feedback tools etcetc...and the glsl editor (frag and vert tabs) ~ even a fool like me can change certain values to bring new results,which render quite fast. might please a few. cheers.

  • Posted by Justin on March 30 2022, 9:40pm in 6100:
    "strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force." I guess technically though to be fair that's a pretty different meaning than "behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something."

  • Posted by chris (2.247.245.x) on March 30 2022, 4:54pm in 6100:
    Can words be violence?

  • Posted by IDDQDSound (67.68.160.x) on March 30 2022, 2:53am in 6098:
    Hell yeahhhh!!

  • Posted by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on March 29 2022, 10:02pm in 6100:
    aye- celeb slaps are last of worries eh (dont think it would have been the other way round) +violence against the homeless? wtaf..is this the official collapse of moral functioning? WOW how,why,who think that IS #suitable action for those already suffering in some sense? (maybe THEY need some nights on the streets to feel that coldness within?)

  • Posted by Mespotine (79.235.143.x) on March 28 2022, 8:08pm in 6098:
    The german podcastscene has a significant portion of females and gender varieties. And as many use the Reaper-mod Ultraschall, we at least bumped the number higher.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.13.x) on March 28 2022, 7:34pm in 6096:
    For coding questions Stack overflow is probably 'the institution' I'd say. :) stackoverflow.com/

  • Posted by PCPPCPPCP (132.147.121.x) on March 28 2022, 3:57pm in 6081:
    Thanks for that David Rosenthal link - one of the best critiques of crypto I've read, and he has the history and technical chops to know what is up. The Winamp NFT thing though ... ughh, tasteless digital asset-stripping.

  • Posted by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on March 27 2022, 9:22am in 6095:
    my gosh... your speed,intelligence and generosity is being observed by greater forces!! 1 cannot thankyou enough... (and yes,the floating point renders seems totally logical choice) BRILLIANT.

  • Posted by Justin on March 26 2022, 11:10pm in 6095:
    quick 2-chan mod: 1014.org/_/super2. The 32fp is by design because you might feed it values >+0dB and want them preserved

  • Posted by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on March 26 2022, 11:27am in 6095:
    (oh! and jfyi, super8 seems to spit out 32bfp mono files even though project and resample is set to 24bit.) is that correct?

  • Posted by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on March 26 2022, 11:25am in 6095:
    yes- (but am code illiterate) and you hit upon a finer solution?...a simpler 1 track,2ch stereo input version of super8 would just be sooperdooper.m8 we call upon the gods to create this! (prettiest of pleases) :D

  • Posted by bring (70.190.185.x) on March 26 2022, 1:55am in 5830:
    Just got Pipewire on Fedora working with Reaper using Jack since Pipewire version 0.3.45 was released but I have to setup latency or clock.quantum for low latency. Tricky though and there is no GUI frontend for Pipewire unlike Qjackctl.

  • Posted by Justin on March 23 2022, 1:53pm in 6091:
    (nobody has ever tried walking off with it, that's a thousand times less attractive than an unlocked bike)

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