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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on April 17 2021, 2:40pm in 5687:
    You'll get the same upsides as other open source projects: community contributions, bug fixes, etc. and a warm feeling inside from doing something that is mostly to benefit other users. You don't have to maintain the OS project, that's the community's job, you'll just push out the upstream code. Mozilla doesn't maintain all of the Firefox derivatives, Tracktion Software doesn't maintain all of the Tracktion Engine derivatives, etc.

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2021, 3:22pm in 5685:
    Shrug, would rather read this book I have...

  • Posted by Demodog (27.58.28.x) on April 13 2021, 3:44am in 5685:
    Why enough? Didn't like it? Season 2 & 3, it gets even more exciting. New adventures.

  • Posted by Justin on April 13 2021, 2:03am in 5677:
    Ah yeah Bradbury is great too

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on April 12 2021, 7:53pm in 5686:
    Hm, actually I can't find plain Win+(did REAPER have it at all?). Well Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Win works, but after it is released, I see MS Office window. Yeah, others work as expected, sorry. :)

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 11 2021, 11:36pm in 5682:
    Justin, thank you for the valuable help!

  • Posted by Justin on April 11 2021, 9:24pm in 5682:
    Ah to distinguish between period and VK_DELETE, check if lParam has FVIRTKEY set (it will be set for VK_DELETE, clear for period)

  • Posted by Justin on April 11 2021, 5:33pm in 5684:
    To be fair, win32 applications written in 1995 still run on Windows today... :/ and I'd imagine ancient a.out 32-bit linux apps can be made to (with a little bit of trouble). So really it's just Apple.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:52pm in 5684:
    but the more modern the computer gets and the os, the more likely it will become for things to break. It's understandable that you want to write something that works forever, but these times are long gone and it's very unlikely to code something like that anymore. So you'll need to at least recompile things once in a while. But even compilers change over time.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:49pm in 5684:
    will never change anymore, not even in 15 years

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:48pm in 5684:
    Even this is no guarantee. You can only try to limit the amount of maintenance work by limiting the amount of dependencies. But still, these dependencies might rely on other things, even if it's only some kernel-features. You might be able to write something that you just need to compile once in a while but you never know, if something you need will be deprecated. The only way to guarantee software being runnable in 15 years is to write them to work on old homecomputers like C64, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, as

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.224.x) on April 11 2021, 12:28pm in 5684:
    Then If I want something compatible in a few decades I'd have to limit myself with for instance C / Soundpipe C library / even not Portaudio, right ? Best,

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:19pm in 5684:
    (32 bit programs from 15 years ago.) (Hit Comment too early ;))

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:18pm in 5684:
    (32 bit program

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on April 11 2021, 12:17pm in 5684:
    In the computer world: nothing is compatible forever. You might be able to stretch the compatibility but there's progress in computers. Just look at Apple-Macs. Programs from 15 years ago do not run anymore on modern Macs, no matter how good they were programmed. Maintenance will always be a part of software engineering.

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.239.x) on April 11 2021, 10:16am in 5684:
    In other words : is a compiled binary file (incl. its dependencies) compatible "forever" ? All the Best,

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 11 2021, 9:49am in 5682:
    The OnKeyEvent() flow works as expected with period key; it treats it as ASCII. SWELLAPP_PROCESSMESSAGE is sent and message loop receives it correctly. It looks like that VK_DELETE is interpreted as period and messes my keyboard map. Still unsure if I have to workaround the issue on the application level or just make a patch for VK_OEMS_X.

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 11 2021, 3:27am in 5682:
    Development is done using the latest Debian stable (Debian 10), releases Debian 7 -- GDK3. It happens to both, greater-than character (which is essentially the same key, works) it's just the period that is not working - my implementation also seems to work, I mean if replace period with something else it works as expected. Anyway, I'll have a deeper look and if I find something I will post here. Thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on April 11 2021, 2:09am in 5682:
    a good place to start is swell-generic-gdk.cpp and see what swell_gdkConvertKey() ends up getting sent. What linux distribution and version? gdk2 or gdk3?

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 11 2021, 1:57am in 5682:
    Using some very old lenovo (X61, S10-2) but it happens in VM as well in my standard machine, only keyboards I use are 104 ANSI US, language US. I'm afraid it has nothing to do with keyboard layout, could you point me where to look in SWELL codebase to experiment myself? It's very weird...

  • Posted by Justin on April 11 2021, 12:22am in 5682:
    Hmm what keyboard layout? Haven't noticed an issue here hmmm....

  • Posted by DLumertz (179.104.166.x) on April 10 2021, 10:10pm in 5677:
    Hey thanks will check out soon! I really like vonnegut didn't know the others, searching here. Started the Fahrenheit 451 yesterday and might pick one of this list next

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 10 2021, 9:03pm in 5682:
    I use #ifdefs for VK_OEMS_X keys. All keys are processed except for the period/greater-than (main keyboard), not VK_DECIMAL (works). :/

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.225.x) on April 10 2021, 1:13pm in 5684:
    Then if I plan to use GNU Bison, Flex, Postscript, GUILE and Metafont I am safe within the two decades to come, right ? Many thanks ! Best,

  • Posted by Keith (68.179.179.x) on April 9 2021, 1:06pm in 5680:
    I would suggest the first 8 or so episodes of The Mastering Podcast themasteringshow.com/

  • Posted by Bung (88.237.85.x) on April 8 2021, 8:47pm in 5676:
    So wont finish

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.0.x) on April 8 2021, 8:01pm in 5676:
    Not sure 'the software' is even addressed in Justin's reply because from what I remember he usually refers to it in all caps. ;)

  • Posted by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on April 7 2021, 4:21pm in 5676:
    The Reaper ( = the death) would have to come for Reaper (= the software), in which case which Reaper would win?

  • Posted by Julian (92.87.123.x) on April 7 2021, 2:34pm in 5033:
    +1 for svg please

  • Posted by Bung (88.237.85.x) on April 6 2021, 8:50am in 5676:
    I don't understand 😀😀

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.3.x) on April 5 2021, 3:24pm in 5675:
    ahh cool.. i was close (ish).. i had tried oscsend(device,"si/subscribe","/ch/01/mix/on" 50); but missed the extra comma before 50.. thanks for the help.. still hacking and slashing my way with this at the moment..

  • Posted by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on April 4 2021, 7:50pm in 5670:
    The HiFD disks ("High capacity Floppy Disk") has a capacity of 200MB, so that should be more than enough! :P

  • Posted by Daniel Lumertz (189.112.150.x) on April 2 2021, 12:39pm in 5670:
    I was just joking of course, but the idea of sending floppy disks for work today are funny. :p

  • Posted by Justin on March 31 2021, 10:29pm in 5669:
    We tolerate plenty of things that have both positive and negative qualities, I think?

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on March 31 2021, 9:58pm in 5669:
    Hm, don't we tolerate only bad things? :D

  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on March 31 2021, 6:01pm in 5663:
    How I wish it were true :(

  • Posted by reaper is NOT open-source (yet) (207.244.71.x) on March 30 2021, 11:17am in 5663:
    heavyocity.com/artist/tori-letzler...LOL OPEN SOURCE HAHA (just search it) SOMEONE SHOULD TELL HER THE TRUTH :P

  • Posted by Justin on March 27 2021, 1:41pm in 5658:
    Thanks! So far so good, within reason :) Hope you're well wherever you are too!

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.103.x) on March 26 2021, 8:28pm in 5660:
    Thank you very much! I will do :)

  • Posted by Arlequin (212.224.235.x) on March 25 2021, 3:03pm in 5658:
    I hope your knees are better; that you can run as you like to do and especially that this very special period due to Covid does not tarnish too much your passion and your musical inspirations and your daily life. I think there are many people to be happy having you. I wish you a good continuation while waiting for the arrival of the beautiful days! Sorry for the translation. Take care :) Best,

  • Posted by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on March 19 2021, 4:57am in 5649:
    I just picked bargain VS 2008 Std for build target to legacy devices and I was happy for that (albeit with some tweakings). But thanks! I actually loved VS 2013 & VS 2015 if their IDE not ate my RAM too many (at least on my PC) and produced legacy friendly EXEs.

  • Posted by PathSync (27.58.10.x) on March 19 2021, 4:15am in 5652:
    Here's the link to download : cockos.com/pathsync/

  • Posted by Cookie not confused anymore (27.58.10.x) on March 19 2021, 4:05am in 5653:
    Oh it's okay. I have watched Kenny's videos about rendering tracks & freezing tracks and I think I will use freezing tracks feature and also backup my project manually, just in case :)

  • Posted by junh (47.72.189.x) on March 19 2021, 1:53am in 5650:
    try VEGAS from 2010-2015. Some shorcuts/concepts are similar.

  • Posted by Justin on March 18 2021, 5:50pm in 5648:
    burrito, rock, sad

  • Posted by Dasharkle McFarke (73.44.112.x) on March 18 2021, 2:19pm in 5642:
    I could code it for you...

  • Posted by B.I. (27.58.113.x) on March 18 2021, 5:32am in 5648:
    What Song Topic, Lyrics Genre, Lyric Mood you set? Also it shows random lyrics every time, maybe I can't find your lyrics anymore, even you can't find it again anymore even if you search it again with the same keywords you searched previously. Soon A.I. will make a complete song for ya... no need of human musicians & songwriters? :O

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.3.x) on March 18 2021, 1:17am in 5647:
    no probs, didnt think it was intended.. just for reference i can change volume and engage solos on a track when its locked but i think mute works ok.. also marker names can be changed.. might be some other things, those are mainly what ive noticed..

  • Posted by Antonio (157.100.172.x) on March 17 2021, 10:54pm in 5646:
    You can also look at this script nablatools.com/It's the best for live looping.

  • Posted by Rhubarb Rhubarb Golf Prostate v2 (27.58.82.x) on March 17 2021, 5:42pm in 5643:
    And over here I am waiting when REAPER (x128) will release 😅 then you have to again change name of REAPER (64bit) to REAPER (x64) and REAPER (x128) to REAPER, HAHAHA

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 11 2021, 11:24am in 5637:
    @Justin i guess so, if such mechanism is feasible

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on March 11 2021, 8:05am in 5637:
    I think Buy One is asking for pinning tracks, not excluding undo points. That is the reason he/she needs disabling undo points.

  • Posted by Justin on March 11 2021, 4:18am in 5637:
    That too will potentiall cause problems with the undo system. I suppose some way to make the TCP display order desynchronized from the track number would be what you want?

  • Posted by Justin on March 11 2021, 1:00am in 5639:
    There's no reason a language should stop working, IMO

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 10 2021, 11:13pm in 5637:
    The option to delete specific undo point already exists in the Undo history context menu but it's manual and inaccessible via API

  • Posted by Buy One (178.93.229.x) on March 10 2021, 11:06pm in 5637:
    OK, then maybe a function or an action to delete last undo point?

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.173.42.x) on March 10 2021, 10:02pm in 5639:
    New OS breaking compatibility ? Is it widely used or in decline as we can read here and there ? It would be great if he could work something like ten years from now ?

  • Posted by Cookie (27.58.84.x) on March 9 2021, 6:38pm in 5622:
    Lol, i meant playing simulatenously in multiple REAPER tracks. I mean, is it musically okay?

  • Posted by OKeey (178.93.229.x) on March 9 2021, 7:54am in 5604:
    Don't slack on your energy management, people. REAPER is only an audio/video production software.

  • Posted by Justin on March 9 2021, 1:58am in 5636:
    Yes, or if you're rendering at a different zoom level, that...

  • Posted by amagalma (91.140.73.x) on March 8 2021, 11:56pm in 5636:
    Thanks! So, are we supposed to pass GetHZoomLevel() there?

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.172.16.x) on March 5 2021, 6:20am in 5617:
    By the way, are you in contact with some of them ? Do you look in your userbase (or this page) sometimes to get in touch with some artists ? Have a good day ! Best,

  • Posted by Justin on March 3 2021, 11:18pm in 5621:
    Shenanegans with the CRT, mostly

  • Posted by Cookie (27.58.1.x) on March 3 2021, 6:07pm in 5621:
    So you use VC2005 instead of latest (VC2020?). Why? Isn't VC2005 so so old?

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 2 2021, 10:03pm in 5619:
    Jesus even your code from highschool was mostly inline assembler?! You crazy man!

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.170.73.x) on March 2 2021, 8:31am in 5617:
    I hope that they will quickly realize how beneficial REAPER is for their work and that there will be many!

  • Posted by My Name? (27.58.101.x) on March 2 2021, 4:37am in 5618:
    Yes sir, look at those books. Very good. Very informative for computer musicians.

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.172.138.x) on February 27 2021, 7:08pm in 5616:
    You mean JSFX + ajaxsoundstudio.com/cookdspdoc/sure :) But if you had to choose one of the two, do you think Csound will stay some decades ? All the Best,

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.116.x) on February 26 2021, 12:40am in 5613:
    That was a fantastic article about the importance of good ui-design, especially with details often overlooked when just using them. Thnx for sharing :)

  • Posted by Arlequin (37.173.62.x) on February 23 2021, 9:02am in 5610:
    Okay ! ;) By the way, please excuse me if you find this post or the previous ones irrelevant or too personal. Have a good day full of musical discoveries! Yours truly,

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:49am in 5607:
    Wait! IIRC is If I remember Correctly ? I though it was some format I didn't know

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:47am in 5607:
    Do you know any software I can test this with reaper using MIDI chunks , IIRC ?

  • Posted by Daniel (179.104.165.x) on February 23 2021, 2:46am in 5607:
    Oh that is good to know, thanks Justin.

  • Posted by Bye Bye Cockos (27.58.94.x) on February 19 2021, 3:02pm in 5604:
    Yeah! I think the same. I feel bad for those softwares which don't provide backup project file feature. Thanks for the clarification anyway!

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.105.x) on February 16 2021, 1:16am in 5602:
    Nice. Thnx :)

  • Posted by ChExi (212.22.193.x) on February 15 2021, 4:14pm in 5556:
    can you describe please why to use so ancient VC version?

  • Posted by Crankorn (82.25.242.x) on February 15 2021, 12:54pm in 4186:
    Please make an alternate open source release with the proprietary components removed!!!! Or let us build such a release ourselves from source.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.117.x) on February 14 2021, 11:02pm in 5591:
    Nope. Midi must be implemented in the first place. Or you try to reverse engineer how it works internally and see, if adding something is possible. But it's only worth the time, if you are deep into nerding stuff like that already. Maybe adding triggers to the keys are possible but tbh, you can buy a regular midi-keyboard much cheaper instead ;)

  • Posted by deee (183.89.37.x) on February 13 2021, 7:52pm in 5594:
    Thank Justin, @schwa : thanks for sharing :) here is something done in reaper: youtube.com/watch?v=Qtz3MemHLZI

  • Posted by ; - ) (27.58.64.x) on February 13 2021, 4:52pm in 5593:
    @javiramallo maybe, coding & programming isn't 'work' for Justin sir ;)

  • Posted by Laytor, Taylor (27.58.64.x) on February 13 2021, 4:49pm in 5594:
    Schwa sir, have you listened Taylor Swift's Love Story song?

  • Posted by Laytor, Taylor (27.58.64.x) on February 13 2021, 4:48pm in 5595:
    Are you introvert like me, Justin sir?

  • Posted by Laytor, Taylor (27.58.64.x) on February 13 2021, 4:46pm in 5596:
    Please listen to the original one at least. It's a very beautiful song : youtube.com/watch?v=8xg3vE8Ie_E

  • Posted by javiramallo (84.76.39.x) on February 13 2021, 3:28pm in 5593:
    Sound like a joke.

  • Posted by schwa (24.161.101.x) on February 12 2021, 6:46pm in 5594:
    This week I've listened to mountain goats getting into knives, miles bitches brew, and elvis live at el mocambo. There is very little music that I can't find some enjoyment in listening to!

  • Posted by The Y (27.58.70.x) on February 12 2021, 8:32am in 5591:
    Thanks. Will try it. Is there any way to make this super old non-midi keyboard into midi via Arduino or something like that?

  • Posted by Chris (82.207.238.x) on February 11 2021, 11:18am in 5581:
    I think you will enjoy Sapiens although it isn't (much) fiction but it's messages and correlations might be a basis for a big (science) fiction?:)

  • Posted by Albi (92.218.121.x) on February 11 2021, 7:37am in 5588:
    I guess a highly compressed FLAC could do the job?

  • Posted by Stijn Kuipers (145.130.207.x) on February 11 2021, 1:22am in 5586:
    anyway - hit us up if you ever do - would be fun to hang out and poke DSP

  • Posted by Stijn Kuipers (145.130.207.x) on February 11 2021, 1:21am in 5586:
    Amsterdam-Schiphol airport is a common hops for a lot of flights-through-europe :-)

  • Posted by deee (183.89.37.x) on February 10 2021, 10:00pm in 5587:
    ok thank you!

  • Posted by asafonov (80.246.81.x) on February 10 2021, 2:22am in 5581:
    I'm currently reading "Gnomon" by Nick Harkaway, based on your earlier recommendation. Loving it, thanks!

  • Posted by Reaperto (181.46.136.x) on February 9 2021, 9:09pm in 5576:
    Absolutely agree. Long life to Cockos Team!

  • Posted by Alex McKeever (76.243.42.x) on February 8 2021, 6:24pm in 5583:
    Well, thanks anyway. I thought you’d know, as when Nullsoft was bought by AOL, Subband Technologies (the company responsible for MacAMP, MacAMP Lite, and MacAMP Lite X) was also formed out of the ashes.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.117.x) on February 6 2021, 9:46pm in 5579:
    It's already there. Install Python, set it up in Reaper and you can code ReaScripts with it.

  • Posted by mlprod (158.174.22.x) on February 6 2021, 6:39pm in 5578:
    Thank you for the insight!

  • Posted by Cobra (27.58.121.x) on February 6 2021, 4:25am in 5579:
    Would it be bit difficult if you implemented Python language into REAPER instead of Lua?

  • Posted by Justin on February 4 2021, 8:11pm in 5575:
    Rather -- most JavaScript engines. There might be one out there that is easy to integrate, but I haven't found it (yet)

  • Posted by Justin on February 4 2021, 8:11pm in 5575:
    Lua is designed to be easily integrated into things. JavaScript, less so.

  • Posted by Pooooooooony (23.106.56.x) on February 4 2021, 6:31pm in 5571:
    What about references? I hate 3 things the most in PHP: ambiguity, nested ternary operators and references. :)

  • Posted by Pooooony (23.106.56.x) on February 4 2021, 6:26pm in 5575:
    I always was curios, why Lua, but not Javascript?

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.117.x) on February 3 2021, 7:56pm in 5575:
    For starters, Lua in Reaper gives you a lot to work with, so I'd recommend this for absolute beginners. And if you like coding and have an idea for an app that you want to have, check programming languages that are recommended for this kind of app. The rest will automatically happen as you go on on your journey.

  • Posted by Justin on February 3 2021, 7:39pm in 5574:
    see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vi

  • Posted by Diary (27.58.117.x) on February 3 2021, 7:34pm in 5574:
    What's vi?

  • Posted by doctoro (82.27.224.x) on February 1 2021, 12:25am in 5569:
    Macrohard: Winamp was sold in January 2014 & the new owners never provided a new version with AOL de-listing their version prior to the sale going through. The app is still out there but it doesn't relate much to the desktop experience (e.g. no skins) & at almost 8yrs old, there's far better & still supported options to go for as its very much hit & miss on whether it still works or not (assuming you're getting a non-hacked version).

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 31 2021, 8:28pm in 5565:
    You know you can ask the devs to implement those features. ;) Just saying.

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 31 2021, 8:18pm in 5565:
    Do you adore Linux? It must be really good, but it still lacks of some good products on DAW market.

  • Posted by Justin on January 31 2021, 7:24pm in 5565:
    I still implement a lot of things, yes

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 31 2021, 11:41am in 5565:
    Okay, got it. But do you still miss some feature in REAPER and wanna implement it soon?

  • Posted by X-Raym (156.146.59.x) on January 30 2021, 11:00am in 5562:
    I opened a thread with screenshots so we can discuss about this :P : forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=248801

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 27 2021, 10:23am in 5557:
    Justin, I've just made a meme. I hope you like it. :) imgur.com/a/a9QYIZI

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 27 2021, 10:10am in 5557:
    At least he is a good meme now :)

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.84.x) on January 27 2021, 12:25am in 5557:
    Me too. :)

  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on January 26 2021, 9:06pm in 1713:
    What about releasing two versions, one that is entirely open source and free of proprietary components, and one that is the "full" version, proprietary parts included. Similar to how Google has Chromium and Chrome.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.31.x) on January 23 2021, 1:08am in 5547:
    Power management indeed! Thanks for pointing that out... ;)

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.31.x) on January 19 2021, 7:40pm in 5541:
    So that means ``the interpreted program, to the interpreter, is just data'' but I have to make the scripts available to the user in order to comply with the license.

  • Posted by Anthony (178.70.142.x) on January 19 2021, 1:08pm in 5529:
    Cool idea with layers! If it will be implemented) I'm just developing a plugin de- breather, and it draws hints where there is breathing and theshold lines, right on the items. But it doesn't look very good, when it draws over the envelopes.And yea, on windows mad flickering( I use js_ReaScriptAPI). Let`s do FR on Cockos forum!

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 16 2021, 9:30am in 5536:
    I'd rather see it as a miracle, cause you found it! We all are people and making mistakes.

  • Posted by shufflebeat (92.11.243.x) on January 15 2021, 12:23am in 5523:
    Good lyrics are often an attractive feature.

  • Posted by shufflebeat (92.11.243.x) on January 15 2021, 12:19am in 5531:
    My sister's a definite Karen. At least, that's what she tells everyone when they meet.

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2021, 11:12pm in 5536:
    I try not to remember these things... if I did I'd probably get discouraged from continuing.

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2021, 11:12pm in 5537:
    Yeah, for small things it can be good. Though I suppose I do it in my head anyway (in the shower or on a run)

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on January 14 2021, 9:08pm in 5536:
    Most annoying, in terms of "I got it! Oh, no I don't. But now, I got it! Hmm. No. I don't. BUT NOW..."

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on January 14 2021, 9:06pm in 5537:
    Doing it by hand on paper is actually a good advice, if you are stuck with your code on a code-logic level. Having to write that on paper forces you to think about it more, as you spend more time on every character and functionname. So if you're stuck, try the pen&paper approach. It's probably too tedious to do for entire projects, but small bits can benefit from it.

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 12 2021, 6:22am in 5534:
    Thank you so much, now everything works

  • Posted by Kyuseok (122.32.72.x) on January 11 2021, 4:09pm in 5523:
    Kicking llama's ass is also needed, I believe ;)

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm in 5534:
    Thanks cfillion!

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm in 5534:
    I’m guessing you should’ve done reaper_sws-x86_64.so instead?

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 11 2021, 1:40pm in 5536:
    What about hardest to identify? ;)

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 1:28pm in 5534:
    I put the files reaper_sws-aarch64.so, sws_python.py and sws_python64.py in the correct folders, namely .py files in scripts and .so files in userplugins, but i don't get an "Extension" tab on the top of the window ... Help please

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 12:57pm in 5534:
    Ничего себе

  • Posted by Not J.R.R.Tolkien (187.32.160.x) on January 11 2021, 1:29am in 5536:
    Lets go with entertaining.

  • Posted by cfillion (70.52.209.x) on January 11 2021, 1:02am in 5534:
    Prebuilt binaries of SWS for Linux are currently available at sws-extension.org/download/pre-release/(v2.12.1.2 is expected to be featured as stable soon–along with download links for Linux on the main website).

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 10 2021, 9:12pm in 5532:
    What is your favourite then?

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 10 2021, 12:16pm in 5529:
    Justin, I was very inspired by your answer! And the idea came up. If you do decide to make native hooking in arrange window, it was cool to do it in layers. For example. DrawBackground() // Native draw -------------------------> Some custom drawing DrawGrid() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsBackground() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsContents() -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsEnvelopes() Etc.

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