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Recent comments:
  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 27 2021, 10:23am in 5557:
    Justin, I've just made a meme. I hope you like it. :) imgur.com/a/a9QYIZI

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 27 2021, 10:10am in 5557:
    At least he is a good meme now :)

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.84.x) on January 27 2021, 12:25am in 5557:
    Me too. :)

  • Posted by Derren (82.25.242.x) on January 26 2021, 9:06pm in 1713:
    What about releasing two versions, one that is entirely open source and free of proprietary components, and one that is the "full" version, proprietary parts included. Similar to how Google has Chromium and Chrome.

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.31.x) on January 23 2021, 1:08am in 5547:
    Power management indeed! Thanks for pointing that out... ;)

  • Posted by Gio (94.70.31.x) on January 19 2021, 7:40pm in 5541:
    So that means ``the interpreted program, to the interpreter, is just data'' but I have to make the scripts available to the user in order to comply with the license.

  • Posted by Anthony (178.70.142.x) on January 19 2021, 1:08pm in 5529:
    Cool idea with layers! If it will be implemented) I'm just developing a plugin de- breather, and it draws hints where there is breathing and theshold lines, right on the items. But it doesn't look very good, when it draws over the envelopes.And yea, on windows mad flickering( I use js_ReaScriptAPI). Let`s do FR on Cockos forum!

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 16 2021, 9:30am in 5536:
    I'd rather see it as a miracle, cause you found it! We all are people and making mistakes.

  • Posted by shufflebeat (92.11.243.x) on January 15 2021, 12:23am in 5523:
    Good lyrics are often an attractive feature.

  • Posted by shufflebeat (92.11.243.x) on January 15 2021, 12:19am in 5531:
    My sister's a definite Karen. At least, that's what she tells everyone when they meet.

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2021, 11:12pm in 5536:
    I try not to remember these things... if I did I'd probably get discouraged from continuing.

  • Posted by Justin on January 14 2021, 11:12pm in 5537:
    Yeah, for small things it can be good. Though I suppose I do it in my head anyway (in the shower or on a run)

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on January 14 2021, 9:08pm in 5536:
    Most annoying, in terms of "I got it! Oh, no I don't. But now, I got it! Hmm. No. I don't. BUT NOW..."

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on January 14 2021, 9:06pm in 5537:
    Doing it by hand on paper is actually a good advice, if you are stuck with your code on a code-logic level. Having to write that on paper forces you to think about it more, as you spend more time on every character and functionname. So if you're stuck, try the pen&paper approach. It's probably too tedious to do for entire projects, but small bits can benefit from it.

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 12 2021, 6:22am in 5534:
    Thank you so much, now everything works

  • Posted by Kyuseok (122.32.72.x) on January 11 2021, 4:09pm in 5523:
    Kicking llama's ass is also needed, I believe ;)

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm in 5534:
    Thanks cfillion!

  • Posted by Justin on January 11 2021, 2:44pm in 5534:
    I’m guessing you should’ve done reaper_sws-x86_64.so instead?

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 11 2021, 1:40pm in 5536:
    What about hardest to identify? ;)

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 1:28pm in 5534:
    I put the files reaper_sws-aarch64.so, sws_python.py and sws_python64.py in the correct folders, namely .py files in scripts and .so files in userplugins, but i don't get an "Extension" tab on the top of the window ... Help please

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 11 2021, 12:57pm in 5534:
    Ничего себе

  • Posted by Not J.R.R.Tolkien (187.32.160.x) on January 11 2021, 1:29am in 5536:
    Lets go with entertaining.

  • Posted by cfillion (70.52.209.x) on January 11 2021, 1:02am in 5534:
    Prebuilt binaries of SWS for Linux are currently available at sws-extension.org/download/pre-release/(v2.12.1.2 is expected to be featured as stable soon–along with download links for Linux on the main website).

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 10 2021, 9:12pm in 5532:
    What is your favourite then?

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 10 2021, 12:16pm in 5529:
    Justin, I was very inspired by your answer! And the idea came up. If you do decide to make native hooking in arrange window, it was cool to do it in layers. For example. DrawBackground() // Native draw -------------------------> Some custom drawing DrawGrid() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsBackground() // Native draw -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsContents() -----------------------> Some custom drawing DrawItemsEnvelopes() Etc.

  • Posted by Justin on January 9 2021, 6:22pm in 5531:
    Will let's be nice, no need to call names

  • Posted by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 8 2021, 8:42pm in 5531:
    Who knew even askjf would one day be under attack by a Karen?!

  • Posted by Justin on January 8 2021, 2:51pm in 5531:
    I'm sure with the right information and chain of evidence my point of view would be changed, yes! But I don't think it's necessary, for me. Doing the right thing is a good thing regardless of the theory behind it.

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 8 2021, 2:13pm in 5531:
    if interested, I can give the book in electronic format. the book was written by a Russian Orthodox priest who was killed by a Muslim for preaching the gospel among Muslims, my telegram @Mihail_Mihnevich you can also find the book on the Internet yourself, it is called “The Law of God” Priest Daniel Sysoev.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.107.x) on January 8 2021, 1:14pm in 5531:
    You don't need to be a christian to find wise words in the bible. I don't believe in God, though the sermon on the mount has some really good ideas in it.

  • Posted by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 8 2021, 1:03pm in 5531:
    you once said that you are an atheist, but perhaps you have insufficient information in this matter, and perhaps you will change your point of view if someone convinces you. Is it still topical?

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 10:05pm in 5529:
    @wasereb4 Thank you!Haven't seen this before.And he passed this hard way alone!)

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.2.x) on January 7 2021, 9:33pm in 5529:
    @Stefan - maybe check this thread: forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=...

  • Posted by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 8:50pm in 5529:
    Wow! Native support for drawing would be really killer feature!

  • Posted by Justin on January 7 2021, 3:30am in 5528:
    It's all documented in code?

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.8.x) on January 7 2021, 3:00am in 5528:
    Those cryptic abbreviations, have you written them down somewhere in case you forget one day or is it all in your (and schwa's) head? :)

  • Posted by Justin on January 5 2021, 10:46pm in 5526:
    No, just that the UI framework is win32. In many respects the other platforms are superior... :/

  • Posted by Musa Kurt (88.231.56.x) on January 5 2021, 1:09pm in 5527:
    Thanks for help. I have now created a new thread.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.107.x) on January 5 2021, 12:17pm in 5527:
    Best is to ask in the developer section of the Reaper Forum. There are plenty of people with a lot of experience bout that.

  • Posted by Musa Kurt (185.253.121.x) on January 5 2021, 11:49am in 5527:
    I made the DLL library into .dylib with g ++ CLI. I placed it in the folder you mentioned in macOS. But REAPER application does not install this plugin. When I run the REAPER application from the console, no output appears. Sorry I don't have enough control over both Mac and cpp.

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 5 2021, 8:40am in 5526:
    So is it right to say Reaper is Windows only and is emulated on other platforms? :)

  • Posted by Justin on January 4 2021, 9:21pm in 5525:
    hosting websites/dns/etc

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 4 2021, 7:29am in 5525:
    Interesting, what do you use EC2 for?

  • Posted by Make Music Again (27.58.13.x) on January 3 2021, 3:20pm in 5523:
    3rd one can do the job. Thank you!

  • Posted by Mommy (23.108.51.x) on January 3 2021, 2:17pm in 5524:
    OK. I tried. At least give me some credit for sneaking in an "inappropriate" question. I just hate using Kontakt or Serato sampler for vocal chops. We (electronic producers) need to trigger vocal samples with MIDI at different pitches without changing the duration of the sample. Every other DAW has this feature tightly integrated but those DAWs are nowhere near as powerful as REAPER. Anyway, thanks for responding to my original question.

  • Posted by Justin on December 24 2020, 3:01pm in 5517:
    They went through bankrupcy and stuff, not sure what happened exactly? Try googling "open labs neko" etc

  • Posted by DAWs are PAWs (27.58.81.x) on December 24 2020, 2:24pm in 5517:
    Any picture or video of that? I am curious how they look like :O why they discontinued that then? I actually meant a keyboard like DAW, which is in shape of a MIDI keyboard but can do everything which a DAW can do. Anyway haha, weird interest I know.

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 23 2020, 3:20pm in 5514:
    Ahh right- lol gotchya! have a fantastic chrimbo+ all the very best for this,and happier new years!!

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.116.x) on December 20 2020, 5:16am in 5509:
    I personally don't see the actual benefit here except of doing it for its own purpose. VR doesn't help you with audio actually. It's like putting 5G into a toaster. Possible and bleeding edge, but somehow useless. There must be a proper usecase for that, imho.

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 19 2020, 12:35am in 5509:
    cockos could cut edges here-- if it's unique that can be a seller? something different but familiar,interactive in new ways.

  • Posted by xytk (173.176.159.x) on December 18 2020, 8:43pm in 5427:
    lots of people don't realize that "free trial" =/= "free"; this is why you see reaper talked about as a "free daw" all over youtube etc. because you CAN use it without paying

  • Posted by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 15 2020, 1:42pm in 5500:
    lol,modesty and such witty charm.. seems to have got somewhere.. :)

  • Posted by Gio (79.130.163.x) on December 15 2020, 8:51am in 5503:
    I heard more than once ``the majority of the scientific community...'' and for some reason I was extremely interested to hear what the minority said... probably I will never know or it will be too late. :)

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 15 2020, 5:26am in 5503:
    i was wondering how they manufacture so many doses so quickly especially since it needs to be kept at super low temperature ? that has to be a huge challenge in itself.. great to see progress is being made..

  • Posted by Justin on December 15 2020, 2:44am in 5503:
    I'm not sure that's completely true, aren't these the first mRNA vaccines, too? Anyway it is indeed a great accomplishment and as soon as it's available and my fair turn I will look forward to it!

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.116.x) on December 15 2020, 1:13am in 5503:
    Funny thing it, that the development itself isn't that fast but rather in normal speed actually. It was mostly the bureaucracy that got fastened. Faster approvals for further clinical studies and tests, with some being held in parallel. With a lot of money involved and good will, all obstacles can be removed so professionals can finally do what they can do best: they're job. So the vaccine is as safe as a vaccine can be. It's just for once, we did it right&consequently.Actually a great human accomplishment.

  • Posted by Justin on December 14 2020, 8:58pm in 5503:
    The number of people in the trials is pretty large! Imagine if REAPER had 47,000 people testing development builds... :)

  • Posted by Vitali (195.191.163.x) on December 14 2020, 8:43pm in 5503:
    They obviously need dev builds. ;)

  • Posted by Luke (37.201.195.x) on December 14 2020, 5:33pm in 3779:
    I would also be extremely excited if the available midi Busses could be increased dramatically to at least 64 (currently only 16). Reason being using VEP and wanting to leave cubase. Question: is this on the cards?

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 14 2020, 1:01am in 5497:
    just noticed when i add 1/Volume5 for TRACK_VOLUME Reapers master fader controls channel 5 in Totalmix.. If i add 1/Volume4 the master then controls 4&5..everything is tied to master fader.. @ works well for all channels but it would mess with my workflow on some other things, i mainly just want to bind 4 or 5 specific channels together.. maybe OSCii bot would be good afterall ? i'll keep applying myself with that.. thanks for the help.

  • Posted by Justin on December 13 2020, 8:45pm in 5500:
    Ah yeah, I have a lot of things that I enjoy without being particularly good at...

  • Posted by The Skill (27.58.64.x) on December 13 2020, 3:27pm in 5500:
    oh sorry, I meant you are T-shaped, because you are master in coding and do music stuffs as hobby/passion, right?

  • Posted by Justin on December 13 2020, 1:31pm in 5497:
    Without the @ it applies to the "currently-selected" track which is defined by messages sent by DEVICE_TRACK_SELECT

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 13 2020, 4:55am in 5497:
    i renamed the ReaperOSC file before i started making changes.. what's odd is when i use 1/Volume@ the bindings work across all channels.. but when i specify 1/Volume5 next to TRACK_VOLUME to try and limit it to just channel 5 Reaper updates channel 5 in Totalmix on bootup but after that there is no further bidirectional control between the two faders ? you move them manually and nothing changes.. seems the only way that works is when using the @ wildcard ?

  • Posted by Justin on December 12 2020, 2:53pm in 5497:
    You should take Default.ReaperOSC and copy it to a new file to edit (If using the default name REAPER ignores changes, counterintuitively) -- You'll also want to increase DEVICE_TRACK_COUNT to 16 I think!

  • Posted by Antony (195.166.151.x) on December 12 2020, 12:05pm in 5488:
    I'd suggest something like this: adventofcode.com/

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 12 2020, 7:50am in 5497:
    my apologies.. i tried 1/Volume@ in reaper OSC config file again and that does work.. problem is though it's global and links every channel.. i only want 4 to 6 channels linked but if i specify 1/Volume15 in config file it doesnt work on per channel basis ?.. if you could offer any tips for OSCii bot that would be cool.. if not, i understand you get bombarded with lots of questions and requests so its no probs..

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on December 12 2020, 12:59am in 5497:
    I mainly just need the faders to control each other 1:1.. Reaper uses @ for track numbers and Totalmix uses 1/Volume1 or 1/Volume2 etc.. i didnt see anyway to modify Reaper.OSC file to use to the Totalmix patterns ? if i put 1/Volume@ next to the TRACK_VOLUME action should that work ? i believe i tried that and didnt seem to get anything..

  • Posted by Ethan (71.143.72.x) on December 11 2020, 3:34am in 5496:
    Thanks for these answers! The one about difficulty is insightful and definitely reflects some of my experiences with my own projects. And I have just recently started trying to stop sacrificing my health for no reason, so I can agree with that advice!

  • Posted by Justin on December 9 2020, 2:00am in 5383:
    Videos need audio though too

  • Posted by Blockbusta (80.187.108.x) on December 6 2020, 12:11am in 5383:
    Screw MIDI AND audio, video rocks!

  • Posted by 2220 (80.187.108.x) on December 6 2020, 12:05am in 5419:
    @2020...A few of the most cruel, sadistic and unscrupulous men in history were doctors, even M.D.s. A general advice commonly perceived as "sound" is listening to the doctors who obviously try to save lives, who tell you to be cautious etc. and not to the doctors who tell you the opposite and wrote a book about it...

  • Posted by Justin on December 5 2020, 6:50pm in 5488:
    Same -- just last night I needed to edit a .gpx file (downloaded from Strava) because it had a bunch of noise, so I made a little .gpx editor. Since it was some very basic graphics and text maniulation, I chose to use EEL2 + the gfx_*() functions to do that. One can compile the commandline eel2 (loose_eel) and run this script: 1014.org/_/gpx_edit.eelSo much fun!

  • Posted by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on December 5 2020, 2:07am in 5489:
    Since version 4 it has been four years between every major release. If it follows the same pattern, this means version 7 will arrive in ~2023-2024.

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.251.x) on December 4 2020, 8:54pm in 5488:
    What works for me: find a small(!!) problem and try to solve it programmatically. This is usually the best practice and learning experience, as you know, how it should be and try to find your way to the solution. Try a simple solution first and if you did it, move on up from there. Even if it's only a tool to find and return all names of all png-files bigger than 1MB in a certain path.

  • Posted by Justin on December 3 2020, 8:51pm in 5485:
    We'd definitely be interested in authorizing someone to do an official merch store, assuming they know what they're doing and won't make us look bad... have them email me, thanks!

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.249.x) on December 3 2020, 7:57pm in 5485:
    Hmm, if you're serious about that, I might know somebody ;)

  • Posted by 2020 (95.145.189.x) on December 1 2020, 9:55pm in 5483:
    ahhh >master< is indeed wise! also think that the commands are a way to making one feel constrained,self serving..in many senses....and of course all is subjective in the eyes of each beholder! .. i guess the yin/yang aspect is a crucial,fair+balanced way of looking and learning from all of natures greatest 'secrets'. (i have sinned as many do over a lifetime!!) +will look into some of vonnegut's thought processings=thanks_a_lot!

  • Posted by peterparker aka reporterx (95.145.189.x) on November 29 2020, 6:38pm in 5472:
    +would you mind if i fractalize that web image and return a link? be fun> please+thanks.

  • Posted by peterparker aka reporterx (95.145.189.x) on November 29 2020, 6:36pm in 5472:
    ahaaa-great stylin...the birdy is looking happy! #feedthebirds!?! (liked the early curly c cockos,but they are all fine art!)

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on November 29 2020, 3:52am in 5479:
    Yeah, designing such features is a nightmare. And epiphany, when it actually works out for and in the future :D

  • Posted by peterparker aka reporterx (95.145.189.x) on November 27 2020, 2:44pm in 5470:
    so the who knows what's what and who is who..ok,but who actually is who? Dr.Who? or,are they related to what,when and why? =) (i find bugs sometimes a few.) but who is who and you are you.sad but true.boo hoo,boo who?

  • Posted by 2020 (95.145.189.x) on November 25 2020, 2:45pm in 5466:
    ahh yes- rejoicing and singing songs of praise as all is good in this reaper hood! bless you and yours- great stuff with new updates! sir_thanks_a_lot.

  • Posted by R.Z.M. (185.220.100.x) on November 25 2020, 12:54am in 5452:
    That about page was fairly recently changed and before had a heavy focus on queer and gender issues. That's all fine and needed, but given the fact that the "black lives" the organization is built on the lives of dead black men I know a lot of black men who take issue with that along with expressions around disrupting the "nuclear family" which - while increasingly rare - is both highly regarded and the lack of which correlates much better with the outcomes usually pinned on white supremacy.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (79.246.83.x) on November 25 2020, 12:49am in 5465:
    Duh, thanks.

  • Posted by Jonas (84.62.157.x) on November 21 2020, 7:04pm in 5461:
    Thanks :)

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on November 21 2020, 6:57pm in 5459:
    I'm sorry, but I don't know about US scenario

  • Posted by Justin on November 21 2020, 2:44am in 5459:
    I understood, and that's what I meant!

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on November 20 2020, 1:25pm in 5459:
    I am asking only regarding coronavirus :)

  • Posted by Javi (84.76.39.x) on November 15 2020, 6:41pm in 5453:
    Thanks Justin. Now is more clear! Hugs from Spain!

  • Posted by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 15 2020, 8:52am in 5450:
    What about your relation to Peter P after that? I'm just curious...

  • Posted by 2020 (2.25.95.x) on November 13 2020, 12:38pm in 5449:
    your a very wise 1. very wise! bravo!!

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 10:48pm in 5446:
    I suppose extreme versions of anything are terrible -- extreme capitalism with no socialist elements would be terrible! Those with money would abuse the shit out of those without. Minimum wage, social security, medicare -- these are all things that are not capitalism.

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 8:36pm in 5446:
    (perhaps what I'm referring to is "democratic socialism" rather than straight-up socialism. Anyway, I don't think there's any chance of the state taking over all of the means of production in this country at any point in the near future!).

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 7:25pm in 5446:
    Just to be clear -- socialism can exist alongside capitalism! they are not mutually exclusive. It's about achieving a balance.

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 7:24pm in 5446:
    I think maybe "bad examples of socialism" usually are people pointing at communism or nazis or other fascist/authoritarian regemes. There are good examples of socialism, look at Denmark.

  • Posted by Poooony (198.16.66.x) on November 10 2020, 5:22pm in 5446:
    Capitalism also can use some sort of progressive taxes. I hope You're right, that it's only about healthcare for all and progressive taxes, because 20th century has only bad examples of socialism.

  • Posted by ruchira (123.231.123.x) on November 10 2020, 4:02am in 5441:
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  • Posted by Justin on November 10 2020, 3:30am in 5441:
    You can look at how the cracks end up being implemented, and then find ways to break them. Randomizing things at release-compile-time to make the pattern matching more difficult..

  • Posted by Jordan Eldredge (107.142.111.x) on November 10 2020, 12:57am in 5444:
    No worries. Thanks for replying!

  • Posted by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on November 9 2020, 4:41pm in 5441:
    AFAIK as ex-cracker, crackers could make generic binary pattern matching patcher, that's make possible to patch your another version (possibly next) without need manually re-crack again. You can alter for checking part (but essentially same algorithm) to avoid this generic patcher. Or you can use 'code scrambling' like CodeVirtualizer for checking routines only if you really paranoid.

  • Posted by ruchira (104.248.147.x) on November 9 2020, 2:57pm in 5441:
    So you mean that on every release I should change the security mechanism?

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on November 5 2020, 10:40am in 5437:
    love to you and yours.. you have a strong heart and mind.. grattitude for the attitude! =)

  • Posted by Rob The Questioner (185.130.156.x) on November 2 2020, 8:18am in 5433:
    Pastaferians unite against Russell's teapot heathens, destroy, destroy!!!

  • Posted by SomeCuriousBloke (110.54.151.x) on November 1 2020, 1:25am in 5433:
    We have the same god, sire.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 31 2020, 10:22pm in 5433:
    join the jedi's! such a laugh it is weilding all that power!! :p

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 31 2020, 10:20pm in 5432:
    lol...the ghosties come out and play! (not much 1 for horrors here tbh- i feel they pollute the minds of some..urggg heh)

  • Posted by David Roldan (108.21.102.x) on October 31 2020, 10:08pm in 5430:
    What about just 1 :D

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 31 2020, 7:55pm in 5433:
    All the religions are the same.

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 29 2020, 11:04am in 5427:
    @Strantrickt did you find any word on reaper.fm about its lack of price? Justin you could add this information somewhere, because I also saw some people say Reaper is free for some reason.

  • Posted by Strantrickt (78.183.237.x) on October 29 2020, 10:35am in 5427:

  • Posted by Justin on October 29 2020, 12:46am in 5425:
    Some more additions: The Verve - A Northern Soul, American Utopia (Broadway recording), TV on the Radio - Young Liars EP

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on October 28 2020, 7:47pm in 5425:
    @Wccwcc if you can't make it through Pablo Honey, look up "The New Generation" by them. It could have been much worse XD

  • Posted by Justin on October 28 2020, 12:36pm in 5425:
    Yeah "You" is good, live versions especially. Radiohead live is one of the best things -- Radiohead live in Berlin in 2000 is amazing.

  • Posted by Nate Wood (108.14.160.x) on October 28 2020, 4:57am in 5426:
    Oops my bad. Thanks

  • Posted by Wccwcc (75.57.24.x) on October 28 2020, 4:20am in 5425:
    I can’t make it thru Pablo honey but You is I think my favored Rh song

  • Posted by Justin on October 27 2020, 10:27pm in 5425:
    Oh maybe I forgot Portugal the Man - In the Mountain in the Cloud (and others too but that album is perfection)

  • Posted by Vitali (148.81.197.x) on October 27 2020, 8:45am in 5424:
    I was not talking about patent trolls in this case :) But they could be here too

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 27 2020, 2:52am in 5425:
    happy to see dj shadow on that list =) dj's have skills to share! (btw there's an incredible world class beatboxer named "napom"- lives just round the corner to your goodself.) if your interested in variety of tonage.

  • Posted by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on October 27 2020, 2:43am in 5424:
    lol justin..you know very well we come to earth with nothing and leave with nothing... patent is just another 'get rich quick scheme'? - life is simply not about money imo..music especially not.. they are both a celebration of living a life,or not.

  • Posted by Mespotine (2.247.250.x) on October 26 2020, 8:11pm in 5425:
    That's actually a great list :) To protect Pablo Honey a bit, Blow out and You are tracks that already start to show Radiohead's later potential. Though it's interesting to hear their early "On a Friday" material. Almost unbelievable that the same guys made Kid A....

  • Posted by Justin on October 26 2020, 7:42pm in 5424:
    Hmm are you thinking of patent trolls? I haven't really heard of "copyright trolls". Also "how can divine mathematics ever be claimed to a single individual?" sounds like patent...

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