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Question: I read that dvorak keyboard layout is better than qwerty because it is more comfortable and can give high speeds, even 200 wpm. Whereas relatively, qwerty is not that comfortable and also only 100 wpm, max 150 wpm with difficulties. Have you sometime thought of changing your keyboard layout? You use qwerty, right? Also, do you care about typing speed? Maybe dvorak might significantly reduce your coding time & also your hand won't feel that much tired?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.188.x) on July 3 2022, 9:59am
Reply on July 3 2022, 4:00pm:
    Typing speed is rarely a limiting factor for me these days
Question: Is it possible to set and get the value of action 999 in reaper with reascript?
Asked by Erwin (83.128.204.x) on July 2 2022, 8:37pm
Reply on July 3 2022, 3:12am:
    Hmm not sure! Guess not?
Question: For certain GIFs VLD indicates memory leak for LICE_GIF_UpdateFrame ! DGifGetImageDesc ! MakeMapObject. Known issue?
Asked by Gio (94.70.27.x) on July 2 2022, 2:52pm
Reply on July 3 2022, 2:52am (edited at July 3 2022, 3:05am):
    Ah heh looks like GifLib does some funky and unnecessary stuff, yeah.

    Does this fix?
    -        /*** FIXME: Why do we check both of these in order to do this?
    -         * Why do we have both Image and SavedImages? */
    -        if (GifFile->Image.ColorMap && GifFile->SavedImages == NULL)
    +        if (GifFile->Image.ColorMap)
Question: Were you a computer science (engineering) student in your college? If yes, do you think it helped you in someway in your computer & coding skills?
Asked by Abhi (122.176.10.x) on July 1 2022, 3:21pm
Reply on July 1 2022, 6:19pm:
    Very briefly but I don't think it mattered much
Question: Do you get into any courses ever? For either work or hobbies. If not, how do you normally learn new things things? :)
Asked by Beto (187.189.84.x) on June 30 2022, 3:47pm
Reply on June 30 2022, 8:37pm:
    I've taken various foreign language classes over the years... and figured things out on my own. and watched youtube videos (most recently kayak rolling heh).
Question: I'm trying to understand basic DSP stuff like changing audio playback speed. How the Playback Rate (without Preserve Pitch) works in REAPER, i.e. real-time sample rate conversion? Do you use polyphase filters or something like that? Thanks!
Asked by erick (45.133.245.x) on June 30 2022, 2:11pm
Reply on June 30 2022, 3:01pm:
    For that you change the samplerate, you can use anything from point sampling (very low quality), linear interpolation (slightly better but still horrible quality), to sinc interpolation (better quality). WDL has resampler.cpp which implements this.
Question: Is there anything you want, but you don't have (for now)?
Asked by Abhi (122.181.82.x) on June 28 2022, 9:15am
Reply on June 28 2022, 1:14pm:
    Oh sure, lots of things, but I also know the ideas of things are often (or usually even) better than their realities.
Question: LICE: What's the recommended framerate if I load a GIF with nframes? Thanks Gustin :)
Asked by Gio (79.130.186.x) on June 27 2022, 10:40pm
Reply on June 28 2022, 1:08pm:
    it should report the inter-frame delay
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Question: Does it really make sense to deprecate ReaJS? By doing that you're not making JSFX Reaper-only, but rather you're outsourcing a ReaJS replacement to others who may not get everything right. I've tried things like YSFX & Carla and functions/plugins don't translate 100% correctly. There's still a lot of value in maintaining the official ReaJS.
Asked by erin (75.15.159.x) on June 27 2022, 8:13pm
Reply on June 27 2022, 8:28pm:
    We'll be open sourcing JSFX at some point so people can make VST3/lv2/whatever versions of it
Question: tell me why not to live
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on June 26 2022, 4:34pm
Reply on June 27 2022, 8:28pm:
    Technically that wasn't a question
Question: tell me why to live
Asked by Reaper (78.162.10.x) on June 25 2022, 9:30am
Reply on June 25 2022, 12:56pm:
    If you’re feeling suicidal or anything then please call someone, eg 1-800-273-8255, for help! Otherwise: finding things that bring you pleasure and aren’t destructive are good things: trying to make things better for other people, trying to make things that you like, having enjoyable experiences, tasting new kinds of food, getting slightly too hot then cooling off, having to pee and then peeing?
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Question: Why you are stingy?
Asked by Reaper (78.162.10.x) on June 24 2022, 1:35pm
Reply on June 24 2022, 8:04pm:
    am I? I dunno
Question: the new winamp site doesnt have the latest version anymore. i know u guys sold the new one but i have no idea how to fucking use the new site... ffs... typical AOL fuck!
Asked by winamp (68.150.40.x) on June 24 2022, 6:44am
Reply on June 24 2022, 8:04pm:
    It's post-aol now, new guys making AOL look good!
Question: cheers from India, using winamp :)
Asked by Akhil francis (103.148.20.x) on June 23 2022, 6:30am
Reply on June 23 2022, 7:54pm:
Question: How do I get live tech support for Reaper?
Asked by pllampkin@gmail.com (96.28.99.x) on June 23 2022, 12:23am
Reply on June 23 2022, 7:55pm:
    We don't really offer that but you can email us at support at...
Question: how can i get the attitude of a true rockstar?
Asked by epep (185.252.223.x) on June 21 2022, 8:30pm
Reply on June 22 2022, 10:33pm (edited at June 22 2022, 10:34pm):
    Is there such a thing as a true rockstar, and if so is the attitude something that would be uniform across all true rockstars? Seems a bit far-fetched.
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Question: Do you believe in karma and things like that?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on June 21 2022, 8:19pm
Reply on June 22 2022, 10:33pm:
    The abstract concept is sound, but the implementation is iffy.
Question: Anyone ever talked with you without knowing you are the developer of Winamp & REAPER? If yes, what's their reaction when they later know about you? (thanks Nylon for suggestion)
Asked by Abhi (122.181.89.x) on June 21 2022, 10:43am
Reply on June 21 2022, 3:36pm (edited at June 24 2022, 8:05pm):
    Lots of people talk to me without knowing what I do ;) Sorry that's a too-literal way to answer. (Edited to add) Anyway I don't know if people know of REAPER, I usually don't bring it up. Last night I talked to a guy who played metal guitar and I didn't ask him what he used to record, instead I asked what kind of amp/pedals he used... Maybe back in the Winamp days, but I forget
Question: Where did you learn about pdf spec for REAPER's musical notation pdf export? I'm hoping there are better resources than the 800 page iso doc..
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on June 21 2022, 7:11am
Reply on June 21 2022, 3:36pm:
    schwa did that maybe he'll reply in the comments here
Question: Anyone ever talked with you about REAPER without knowing you are a developer?
Asked by Nylon (179.104.166.x) on June 21 2022, 1:35am
Reply on June 21 2022, 3:37pm:
    I don't think so
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