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Question: Is there something technical preventing Reaper's PDC from NOT rounding the latency to project buffer size? Would there be any way to have a mode where PDC doesn't do this but just respects the actual latency the plugin reports?
Asked by EvilDragon (141.136.195.x) on October 8 2015, 3:58pm
Reply on October 10 2015, 12:44pm:
    We could, in theory, though it would involve feeding silence through more plug-ins in the chain. It would be a big can of worms when it comes to plug-in compatibility, but not impossible, I guess. And of course it would still get rounded up to the project latency full the chain as a whole (but it would mean two plug-ins that have 10 samples of PDC in a row would use one block of latency rather than two). Mehr.
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