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Question: Well, as one of the original four horsemen you know how cool p2p is, plus it would open the door to having a bunch of demos/whatever available without substantially increasing the numerals used in your S3 statements. We had a winter wonderland for two days here in Glasgow, it's all melted now but snowballs rock! :)
Asked by Paul (151.229.27.x) on January 19 2016, 11:37pm
Reply on January 20 2016, 2:00am:
    Well, keeping demos separate from our installers is important, why should every person downloading the installer (and updating) get a demo?

    As for distributing demos -- Amazon bandwidth, while expensive, just doesn't add up to that much. And when it does, we can move those things to cheaper pastures -- our videos page, for example, is hosted on cheaper bandwidth (but is still plenty fast!)
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