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Question: Thanks for your response to my previous question on the 26th! I didn't expext to hear back, especially so soon. Thats amazing tyhat you take time to acrually go through this stuff. I appreciate the insight. Would you be willing to give me any advice on a solid place to start in writing a daw. Do you know of any open source projects that may help to sta
Asked by Marcus (104.169.25.x) on January 31 2016, 11:13pm
Reply on February 2 2016, 4:00pm:
    Hmm hard to say, I'm sure there are plenty out there (Ardour, for example), but there's probably so much code in there it would be overwhelming. Before I started REAPER I made a single-track effect processor called Jesusonic (or JSFX), then I made NINJAM which has much in common with a DAW (just a dynamic and synthesized arrange view, essentially), e.g. multi-track mixing. NINJAM is open source, you could look at it, might be helpful.
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