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Question: Thanks for the info. One more question. When I replace the reaper_plugin.h with the newer one, and try to compile, I get these errors in the pcmsrc and pcmsink. cannot convert from 'const char *(__cdecl *)(int,char **)' to 'const char *(__cdecl *)(int,const char **)' reaper_extension_sdkjmdeexample_rawpcmsrc_raw.cpp and cannot convert from 'unsigned int
Asked by Wyatt (66.171.94.x) on March 18 2016, 4:34pm
Reply on March 19 2016, 3:15am:
    We changed a lot of prototypes (some years ago) to be more const-correct (e.g. char * to const char *, etc), so you'll need to update your prototypes as well.
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