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Question: Who are your favourite authors/books? Any recommendations of a good read? Thanks!
Asked by asafonov (109.172.98.x) on March 19 2016, 7:07am
Reply on March 20 2016, 9:43am (edited at March 20 2016, 9:45am):
    I'm reading "All The Light We Cannot See" now, and enjoying it.

    The biggest impression made on me lately has been the Culture series by Iain M. Banks, totally awesome and nicely optimistic.

    Other suggestions: Philip K Dick (too many to list, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich being a notable classic, and the more highly rated ones), Kurt Vonnegut (the more obscure novels, the better), The City and The City by China Meiville, everything by Neal Stephenson...
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