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Question: Hi! I'm attempting to code an audio mixer - (full question below)
Asked by Tommy G (94.2.105.x) on March 31 2016, 10:19am
Reply on March 31 2016, 1:35pm (edited at March 31 2016, 2:01pm):
      Hi! I'm attempting to code an audio mixer - I'm using C++ and SDL2, filling a buffer with a callback function. I can't seem to find an explaination of how to adjust gain over time - with * 1.0f being no change, * 0.5f being about -6dB, etc.. Doing it in one sample introduces a click, as I'd expect.. doing a linear interpolation over a number of samples also [truncated]
    Linear interpolation or some other curve is usually how it's done. If you're still getting a click then either the interval is too short or you have some some other bug...
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