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Question: What's the git workflow for the cockos' team? And how you effectively use merge and rebase? Thanks.
Asked by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 21 2016, 12:07am
Reply on July 21 2016, 12:25am:
    We put releases on master, and almost never rewrite master.

    For prerelease builds we have a dev-pub branch, which gets pre_* feature branches (and master) merged, and if all of the pre_* branches graduate, the whole thing gets merged back to master (though sometimes we will rewrite dev-pub to remove branches, or revert the merge of a feature branch to remove it).

    Typically pre_* (or wip_) branches have an implied owner, which doesn't prevent others from committing on those branches, but they do so at the pleasure of the owner.

    If we want to do a maintenance release, we can always do one from master (ideally).

    We keep a central repository which we use to synchronize.
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