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Question: Could you explain to a noob like me what Win32 is responsible for in a 64 bit environment and especially in the coding of REAPER?
Asked by Albi (78.159.29.x) on August 5 2016, 9:36am
Reply on August 5 2016, 1:46pm:
    Disregard the "32" in Win32, it really should be "WinAPI" or "Windows API". AFAIK it was called Win32 initially to differentiate it from an earlier API which was 16-bit. On 64-bit it is pretty much the same API, though with many 32 bit values 64 bit.

    What is it responsible for? Pretty much anything you want to do on Windows (there are often other ways that are built on top of Win32, but they'll all use Win32 internally). Open a file, create a window, create a thread, draw to screen, etc.
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