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Question: (Whoops, character limit) ...Safe, correct code vs "it works"? Beard vs longer beard? Expertise level between "hello world" and "my toaster has root access to the NSA's mainframe"?
Asked by fmap (142.162.42.x) on August 15 2016, 8:05pm
Reply on August 15 2016, 11:11pm:
    To answer the other questions: raw programming ability is important. Being a daily REAPER user is important. Ins and outs of audio production less so. Efficiency in produced code is important, the right amount of design is important (not over, not under, though over is generally a bigger risk). We do minimalist C++, check out WDL (e.g. wdlstring.h, wdlcstring.h, ptrlist.h, lice/) if you want examples. No exceptions. Prefer code that gracefully handles failures. blah blah blah. Beards are overrated.
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