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Question: If your wealth suddenly went away and you had to go back to regular apartment living with your wife on a 70k/yr income, do you think your happiness would significantly change, or have you learned money doesn't move the needle as most people expect?
Asked by Will (172.58.107.x) on September 2 2016, 2:49pm
Reply on September 2 2016, 10:52pm:
    How do you know I don't live in a "regular" apartment anyway? I don't think money makes much of a difference, once you get above a certain point. I'm not sure where that point is, and it varies a lot with geography, but yeah I'm sure I'd complain. Having said that, if I had to work a job that I didn't find interesting (vs getting to write music software), I would think that that would have a big effect (though maybe not what I think, since perhaps it would make the hobby time writing code that much more enjoyable).
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