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Question: Are you amazed that such things like these (link below)would be possible with JSFX or was it "expected" from you?
Asked by Dali (205.236.3.x) on January 6 2017, 6:06pm
Reply on January 7 2017, 12:11am (edited at January 7 2017, 12:15am):
    Link: forum.cockos.com/showpost.php?p=1780440

    That's pretty fancy, a level of flare I wouldn't expect.. I dig it! but doing that in JSFX is actually a lot easier than doing it elsewhere... e.g. my bigger graphical JSFX projects like super8 and General Dynamics, to write in C++ would be a huge pain, whereas in JSFX they are nice 1100 and 500 line (respectively) scripts... without flare. I guess super8 has a slight bit...

    Looking at the code now, heh those plug-ins are huge, 8000+ lines each... Pretty pretty though :)
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