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Question: Care to elaborate on what you think is "pretty much fucked up" about it? Blockchain is like a corporate intranet to Bitcoin's open internet.
Asked by JimmaJamma (173.63.50.x) on June 26 2017, 12:58am
Reply on June 26 2017, 2:21am (edited at June 26 2017, 2:24am):
    There are a million ways that it is fucked. Sending bitcoin is like sending cash in the mail -- yes, it probably works, but if something goes wrong and the recipient either doesn't receive it or just doesn't want to admit that they received it, you're fucked. If you get hacked and someone steals your bitcoin, you're fucked. The price is too volatile, you can't predict how much value you'll have in the future -- if the dollar or euro fluctuated in value so insanely nobody would take them seriously! At this point bitcoin is really about gambling, IMO. That and it has a built-in scarcity which results in this stupidly increasing value as people (unwisely, IMO) take it seriously. But I'm just a hater...

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