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Question: What do you use as an editor? MSVS exclusively? Have you tried modal editors like vim or emacs? Sublime Text? How does your toolchain vary per platform?
Asked by fmap (47.54.22.x) on August 10 2017, 5:37pm
Reply on August 10 2017, 10:00pm (edited at August 12 2017, 1:39am):
    I mostly use vim, but also sometimes VC6 or xcode. VS2013 is fine but so incredibly slow, sometimes you hit Ctrl+F to find something and start typing the thing you're searching for, and the search box hasnt come up yet so instead it keeps editing the code, etc. Drives me nuts. I've tried sublime text at times, but generally prefer vim.

    Toolchains -- for testing on win32, I usually prefer the ancient VC6, but sometimes VS2012 (especially if I'm going to do some debugging, since VC6 on wow64 debugs roughly). On OS X it's the latest Xcode for development (older Xcode version + ICC for release builds). On Linux, make/gcc/gdb/etc.

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