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Question: Have you done any extensive modifications to vim? There's a plugin for Sublime called NeoVintageous which emulates Vim quite well. Sublime also has really great fuzzy searching out of the box with Ctrl-P. There are a few plugins using libclang for auto complete and linting as well. Why the older versions of VS? Less bloat? Backwards compatibility?
Asked by fmap (47.54.22.x) on August 11 2017, 9:56pm
Reply on August 12 2017, 1:40am:
    Nah just small mods to vim. VS2013 is pretty recent, when I last tried a newer version (2015) it would crash compiling our code, go figure. VS2013 and 2015 are really sluggish even on relatively capable systems. VC6 is nice and quick, despite its flaws.

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