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Question: Just curious on GUID generation. Can REAPER guarantee at all times that take GUID won't repeat EVER in a project once it was generated for the take?
Asked by John (93.142.96.x) on November 11 2018, 9:18pm
Reply on November 12 2018, 12:31pm:
    It is very (very) unlikely that the same GUID would be generated twice, but it's possible that some extension or script or a bug in an in-built action could cause multiple takes to share a GUID, yes. If REAPER causes it it would be a bug, though.

  • Posted by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 4:01pm:
    But the number generation itself relies on date/time of import or something so the number itself should never be repeated? I find interest in this kind of stuff lately - can you recommend something from SWELL to see how these things work?

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2018, 4:18pm:
    On Windows and macOS we use the system-provided library for generating GUIDs, which are unique. On Linux we use the system random number generator which should be almost always unique :)

  • Posted by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 6:45pm:
    Now, that's a first...I usually see you writing your own implementation of anything. Awesome, thanks for the info!

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