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Question: Are you aware that you are indirectly responsible for educating some number of people about coding. Be it through releasing open source or just getting people to tinker with REAPER and try and follow professional development pace. I can honestly say that REAPER has teached me coding from the groups up and I use that knowledge for all sorts of cool things now...How do you feel about that? Are you even aware of this teacher role you (accidentally?) got assigned?
Asked by John (93.138.46.x) on November 12 2018, 6:49pm
Reply on November 12 2018, 9:07pm:
    Programming is a joy so I'm happy to encourage people to play with it! REAPER as a platform for programming (ReaScript, JSFX, Video Processors) is incredibly satisfying for me as much as anybody else...

  • Posted by Pooooooooooony (94.230.200.x) on November 12 2018, 9:17pm:
    Because REAPER always lacked things i need, i have learned some basics of EEL2, JSFX, WALTER, Lua and even made tiny C++ extension. It's laughable, because ~11 months ago i wasn't even able to place editcursor via script or to make simple 'for' loop :D Programming to me was always like Whooaa?! What all this symbols mean?! ))

  • Posted by Justin on November 12 2018, 9:37pm:
    Yeah, I always thought the hardest part of normal "traditional" programming was to figure out what you could do that would be useful.

  • Posted by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on November 13 2018, 1:24am:
    "Programming is a joy" - when the things one wants to program work out, otherwise maybe not always. :)

  • Posted by John (78.0.229.x) on November 13 2018, 1:08pm:
    I still remember that feeling when it took me like a month to actually start creating things and then one day you compile/run/whatever and THAT DIALOG is right there in front of you - little living and beautiful being - your own little program, alive and well, beating fast with enthusiasm wanting for you to use it, to play with it...oh the joy...

  • Posted by John (78.0.229.x) on November 13 2018, 1:15pm:
    "Quote: "to figure out what you could do that would be useful"...this is the reason I feel best coders are self-thought. Schooling feels completely irrelevant in this area...which is awesome because I think humanity had enough of schooling institutions, they are like jails anyway...it's good to see new technologies are pushing us to think outside of the box in every area of our lives.

  • Posted by Ivan (217.25.213.x) on November 23 2018, 5:16am:
    I still struggle with Lua, thank you Justin :)

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