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Question: Hi Justin! If you want to do a serious recording with your band, What Sample Rate and bit depth you configure your REAPER? Thanks you in advance Justin!
Asked by Javier Ramallo (90.162.60.x) on November 19 2018, 12:52pm
Reply on November 19 2018, 2:33pm:
    Not sure if I ever do "serious" recording, but I usually record at 48khz, to 20 bit wavpack (converters are 24 bit but those lower bits are usually more noise than useful).

  • Posted by John (93.136.76.x) on November 20 2018, 1:09pm:
    Do you have a specific reason to record at 48kHz and not 44.1kHz?

  • Posted by Justin on November 21 2018, 3:00am:
    Not really, but I've been recording everything for 15 years at that rate, so why switch now?

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