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Question: When DAWs record audio to disk. Do they all link to the same predefined Low level code or is each Daw writing there owncode for the record/playback functions? The way I understood it is they all were linking to the same specific core functions but, if you used anything inline like a delay or eq from within the DAW itself. Then your going through an added layer of specialized code with all the functions of the daw?
Asked by Paul (23.17.82.x) on December 3 2018, 8:56am
Reply on December 3 2018, 6:36pm (edited at December 3 2018, 6:37pm):
    There are portions that are always done by the OS -- for example, writing bytes to a file on a disk is an OS job. The DAW is responsible for converting audio samples into bytes to be written to disk.

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