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Question: Any hard sci fi you could recommend? I'm running out and have a 10h train + 16h plane ride ahead of me tomorrow...
Asked by Ian Dingwall (59.153.253.x) on December 30 2018, 3:13am
Reply on December 30 2018, 12:48pm (edited at December 31 2018, 2:06am):
    It’s not terribly hard but the Culture series by Iain M Banks is a favorite.

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (59.153.233.x) on December 30 2018, 4:39pm:
    Yes, I'll probably end up rereading him.

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (59.153.233.x) on December 30 2018, 4:41pm:
    Mais pas en Français!

  • Posted by Justin on December 31 2018, 2:07am:
    I think I'm going to reread them too now, mmmm. I also liked the Expanse series (though not as much, still good).

  • Posted by Ian Dingwall (103.199.23.x) on December 31 2018, 10:49am:
    ...always hoping for a new entry to the Vorkisigan Saga... Happy new year from Tan Son Nhat Airport! ...except I'll probably be back in Switzerland by the time you pop the corks.... ;)

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