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Question: 2 questions. First, is Waste still viable? 2nd. Did "Michael Bolton" really say "Cockos" in Office Space? lol. One of my fave movies, and that's the only word in it that made me think "huh?" I knew he mean "jackwad corporate tools" but I thought he said "cock hos. Tho online scripts (made by fans) do say "cockos." Oh, I talked up Reaper in this article: producelikeapro.com/blog/getting-s...
Asked by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on February 11 2019, 10:55pm
Reply on February 12 2019, 2:30pm:
    I'd imagine WASTE should still work, and if you can successfully exchange keys should be pretty safe to use (90% due to obscurity haha). As for the exact line in Office Space, it could be a number of things I guess.

  • Posted by Michael Dean (98.127.53.x) on February 12 2019, 9:15pm:
    Thank you.

  • Posted by hanna (174.81.121.x) on September 14 2019, 12:39am:
    yes, WASTE still works....have been on a WASTE mesh for many years now with a small group of people around the world. always wonder if there any others out rhere. wonder

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