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Question: Not a question but thanks for the latest update putting free item positioning back to how it was. It is so much appreciated.
Asked by Rob Townsend (90.240.196.x) on March 13 2019, 12:25pm
Reply on March 13 2019, 7:47pm:
    Happy it could be improved (it's not actually how it was, but better than both previous ways!)!

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on March 13 2019, 9:27pm:
    @Justin sorry, but what was the difference between two previous implementations?

  • Posted by schwa (68.172.209.x) on March 13 2019, 10:00pm:
    When enabling FIPM for the first time, before v5.78, overlapping items would be arranged vertically in a somewhat random order. As of v5.78, earlier-recorded items are arranged above later-recorded items, which is more predictable, but we also made a change so that if no items were overlapping at all, every item would use all of the available vertical space. This may have been confusing to users who did not realize that in FIPM, media items can be resized vertically with the mouse. As of v5.972, if there a

  • Posted by schwa (68.172.209.x) on March 13 2019, 10:01pm:
    ... As of v5.972, if there are no overlapping items, an extra blank lane is created anyway, so it's clear that items can be rearranged vertically. Also in v5.972, we improved the logic for how vertical space is used when many items overlap, which previously could result in extra unnecesary empty space in between items.

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on March 13 2019, 10:16pm:
    @schwa great! Thank you for the explanation!

  • Posted by Rob Townsend (90.240.196.x) on March 14 2019, 9:00am:
    I also appreciate the explanation. Suffice to say, it all works very well for me now.

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