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Question: Justin, i just watched an interview with you about Reaper and felt obliged to write on this board, that you are pure inspiration for a developer. You are like an icon for software developers(at least to me). You are the Jake Gyllenhaal of programming :) Seriously, seeing how down to earth and humble you are is very uplifting. The code bits you've published on 1014 have been very helpful and will continue to be to a lot of programmers(post more). Why aren't other high profile software developers like you?
Asked by cloverfield (89.215.248.x) on March 13 2019, 9:28pm
Reply on March 13 2019, 10:34pm:
    Thanks, I'll take that as I'm like JG from Nightcrawlers! Hah. Why aren't other software developers more like me? Maybe they are out there and we don't know about them? *shrug*

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