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Question: Do you have experience with win virtual machines? Seeing how many plugins and other stuff are there to install etc...one wonders if it would be viable to have it all on virtual machine which would enable you to run it on any machine. Million dollar question is 'what's the overhead in term of CPU, latency etc...'. Do you think modern day technology is ready for this approach?
Asked by John (93.136.28.x) on March 25 2019, 6:48pm
Reply on March 25 2019, 7:31pm:
    I don't think a VM for plug-ins is a good idea

  • Posted by John (93.136.28.x) on March 25 2019, 11:45pm:
    I'm talking about VM of the whole DAW computer. So you can switch devices easily (laptop to desktop, machine upgrades, upgrading multiple machines etc...)

  • Posted by Justin on March 26 2019, 3:40am:
    OK -- if you care about latency, a VM isn't ideal.

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