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Question: If REAPER ever become open-source (as you said before that it may, right?), then what will be the pros and cons of it? Tbh, I find open source softwares less stable & buggier than the proprietary softwares
Asked by Abhi (117.197.7.x) on April 6 2019, 5:26pm
Reply on April 7 2019, 3:47am:
    It would become open-source before it would ever be abandoned ;)

  • Posted by Abhi (103.66.143.x) on April 7 2019, 8:16am:
    So, you have a plan for abandoning such a beautiful software? :( also, making REAPER open-source may introduce lots of bugs & the software would eventually become less stable than now. I tried lots of open-source DAWs, none of them are as good as proprietary softwares. It clearly shows that paid softwares are better than free softwares. Maybe, some are exceptions (GIMP, VLC etc.)

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.32.x) on April 12 2019, 3:03pm:
    It's a fallacy that open-source software has more bugs than proprietary software. :)

  • Posted by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on April 13 2019, 7:52pm:
    @ED especially if this software is made by Justin ;)

  • Posted by Justin on April 14 2019, 8:58pm:
    EvilDragon is right. Vitali I think you might have misunderstood him, though.

  • Posted by Vitali (193.0.77.x) on April 15 2019, 1:38pm:
    @Justin I understood him and added something from my own. ;) I agree a number of bugs doesn't depend on source code type.

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