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Question: Yesterday night, I saw a shooting star and I immediately made a wish, knew that it doesn't work and it's all just myth, but still I did. Surprisingly, today morning right after I woke up, I found out that my wish fulfilled perfectly. Is it a coincidence or.. miracles really exist? Do you believe in all these stuffs? Have you ever made a wish by seeing a meteor?
Asked by Abhi (45.127.71.x) on May 6 2019, 5:33am
Reply on May 6 2019, 1:24pm:
    Hah nice! Was the wish ridiculously unlikely? I do believe coincidences are more likely than a lot of people think... :)

  • Posted by Abhi (103.61.89.x) on May 7 2019, 2:19pm:
    Nah, not ridiculously unlikely. But yeah, I wished for that since past 1 month. Doesn't work. But I wish it after seeing that meteor, IT WORKS!!! Still, I believe that it is just a coincidence, because meteor is just a scientific thing. Related to astronomical stuffs. And people think it is lucky because it is hard to see for a meteor, you have to constantly stare the night sky, which I did yes :)

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