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Question: If you had to start Reaper from scratch today, would you still choose C? Why/why not?
Asked by Lokasenna (184.68.216.x) on May 29 2019, 4:56pm
Reply on May 29 2019, 6:23pm:
    C++, you mean? Absolutely. There are plenty of design decisions that I made that have aged poorly, however the choice of language is not one of those.

  • Posted by Abhi (59.99.116.x) on June 4 2019, 3:45am:
    Why not C#? Why people choose C++ over C#? I have heard that C# is a user-friendly and easier to understand language?

  • Posted by EvilDragon (141.138.45.x) on June 17 2019, 9:31am:
    Which design decisions you've made have aged poorly, by your admission? Inquiring minds want to know :)

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