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Question: Hey Justin, don't want to bother you with this Reaper question, but I'm in a pickle. I've been running Reason 5 with Reaper Rewire no problem. However, lately when I upgraded my Mac to Mojave I can't seem to find Rewire: Reason/32 anymore. It seems like the 32 bit rewire bridge has stopped working somewhere between Sierra and Mojave. Of course I can run Reason:Rewire with Reaper 32 bit, but it used to work with Reaper 64. Anyway thanks for your help
Asked by David (70.24.238.x) on November 22 2019, 4:36pm
Reply on November 22 2019, 7:02pm (edited at November 22 2019, 7:25pm):
    Hmm yeah we disabled 32-bit rewire on Mojave because it was causing tons of notifications that 32-bit rewire was deprecated. We'll add an .ini file setting for the next versions that you can re-enable it ([REAPER], rewire_allow32=1)...

  • Posted by David (70.24.238.x) on November 23 2019, 1:25am:
    Oh that'd be great! Thank you Justin!

  • Posted by bewired (2.26.240.x) on November 24 2019, 2:59am:
    as win user,knowing a little of rewire use- "will reaper continue full rewire support in future,as pheads show no more supporting that protocol from now on??" cheerz

  • Posted by Justin on December 1 2019, 12:25am:
    This is in 5.99 and will be in 6.0 too! bewired -- we have no intention of removing rewire support from REAPER any time in the near or distant future

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