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Question: Hi, a question about dither...so lets say Reaper calculates 64 Bit float internally. If you render a 24 Bit wav file in your final export - is dithering needed or is this automatically applied inside Reaper? Or are things (Bit depth of audio and bit depth of Reaper calculation) not related at all?
Asked by Tobias (195.81.221.x) on December 12 2019, 1:40pm
Reply on December 12 2019, 4:57pm:
    Technically you do need a dither when rendering to 24-bit, and you can apply this in the render dialog.

    In reality though, given the state of noise in converters, etc, for 24-bit, dither is pretty pointless. Having some noise around -140dB is just never going to be an issue.

    In summary: dither is more important as the low end of the dynamic range becomes more audible. For 8-bit audio, dither makes a HUGE difference. For 16 bit, it makes a small difference. For 24 bit, it makes a VERY VERY small difference.

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