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Question: have you followed the progress of autonomous vehicles ? if so when do you think we will see level 5 cars on the road ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on January 4 2020, 5:30pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:44pm:
    Some yes. Not sure when we will. I don't doubt they will get to be as (in)competent as people are, the question will be will we be able to trust machines with the same level of power and destruction as we trust people with now. People are (collectively) terrible at driving, and cars are incredibly dangerous. Anyway... it'll be a while. I'm also skeptical of the induced demand they will bring (if you don't have to actually do the driving, and gas/electricity is cheap, why not go do XYZ all the time).

  • Posted by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on January 9 2020, 6:40am:
    agreed.. its a fascinating engineering challenge IMO but when i stop and think of all the variables to navigate complex areas that are often poorly designed like certain carparks it makes you wonder about the timeline to accomplish.

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