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Question: Is there any ways of banning an IP address, or configure anything else from Ninjam without interrupting a productive Ninjam server on a linux host machine? And while putting in the IP address to ban via ACL xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/yyy deny, what does the /yyy do? Because when I put it in as a range, it doesn't accept the line.
Asked by David (74.101.225.x) on February 22 2020, 6:08am
Reply on February 22 2020, 10:53pm:
    On the win32 version there's some code to allow reloading the configuration by hitting "R" at the console. You could enable this for non-win32 with a little tweaking. The /yyy is a subnet mask. /32 means the one IP only, /24 means only the first 24 bits of address are matched, etc. (This is common syntax when defining IP ranges)

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