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Question: Hi Justin, have you and Schwa ever considered making a programming video course? There's a dearth of good C++ and Lua courses on Udemy and so many bad ones, the good ones seem to all be game focused...whereas you could do a gui/music/plugin focused course, maybe even scripting in REAPER. You'd be the highest rated course on Udemy! It's still your passion right? I believe Kenny makes some good videos...
Asked by bevo (101.164.130.x) on March 1 2020, 12:27pm
Reply on March 1 2020, 3:44pm:
    Not really my forte... also the way we do REAPER is one that most people would probably find incredibly tedious ;)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.64.73.x) on March 5 2020, 3:34pm:
    @Justin Interesting to know. Can you share with us how your and Schwa's day starts with REAPER development till the last hour of your job? :)

  • Posted by Justin on March 6 2020, 3:30am:
    I can't answer for Schwa but mine is basically: get up, have coffee, work on some stuff (whatever needs doing), have some lunch, work on stuff, go for a run/play some music/whatever, work on some more stuff, have dinner, maybe do stuff maybe not, go to sleep, repeat

  • Posted by Justin on March 6 2020, 3:31am:
    also: some days nothing needs to be done?

  • Posted by Abhi (117.97.128.x) on March 6 2020, 6:15am:
    Wow, interesting. Doesn't seem tedious to me at all. In fact, lots of people (including me) will love to do this kind of job. Also programming is both your hobby/passion and your job, you are very very lucky. Otherwise, most of the people have different hobbies/passions and they do completely different jobs.

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