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Question: www.cockos.com ...... Okay..... But why www.reaper.fm ......... Why not www.reaper.com ?? Or even better, why not www.cockos.com/reaper ?? Also, what does "fm" means in reaper.fm ?? Is the domain ".fm" cheaper than .com" ? Or any other reason why not reaper.com ?
Asked by Abhi (117.234.207.x) on March 7 2020, 3:37am
Reply on March 7 2020, 1:29pm:
    reaper.com is taken, so... cockos.com/reaper works, we also have reaperaudio.com and reaperdaw.com pointed there. but reaper.fm is short, also FM is (in the US at least) the name for the commonly-used 88MHz-108Mhz radio band.

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