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Question: Why movies are in 23.9 fps? Why not 24 fps? Or 30 fps (most common, I guess?) Or even 60 fps? Do you like to watch a movie in 60 fps?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.60.x) on March 28 2020, 6:59am
Reply on March 28 2020, 8:58pm:
    Film has traditionally been shot at 24fps. My understanding is that they set the framerate for films to 23.98fps because it makes converting to 29.97fps for NTSC easier. AFAICR, 29.97 exists because when they were adding color to NTSC (which was 30fps in black/white), they had to adjust the carrier frequency to avoid harmonics from the color signal from interfering. Fun fact: you can play 24fps content at 23.98 or 23.98fps content at 24 and it looks about the same! ;)

  • Posted by Abhi (182.68.97.x) on March 29 2020, 7:44am:
    Wow. You know everything. Do you always gain random knowledge beside developing REAPER? ;) also 23.98 = 24.. negligible difference. It would be better they just make movies at constant 30 fps. Why bothering 23.98 fps or 24 fps or 29.97 fps, lol. Why not in 27.76539 fps? XD 60 fps movies look weird to me. It's only good in video games.

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